Downloader app incompatible with Amazon Fire TV 3 – Fix has already been submitted and is pending Amazon approval

The current 1.1.3 version of my Downloader app in the Amazon appstore is not compatible with the new Amazon Fire TV 3. When you try to install an APK file within Downloader, the APK does not install and a message saying “No app found to handle this file” appears. I have fixed the issue and have already submitted an updated 1.1.4 version of Downloader to the appstore. The update just needs to be approved by Amazon first, which usually takes about 24 hours, so the update should be live tomorrow. In the meantime, you can use Downloader to download files as usual and then switch to the free app Total Commander in order to install APKs. Simply navigate to the “Internal shared storage” > “Downloader” directory inside Total Commander and select the APKs you want to install.

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Please excuse this week’s temporary slow down

If you’re a regular of AFTVnews, you may notice that there will likely be fewer and shorter posts this week than you may be used to from me. That’s because my wife and I welcomed our second son this morning, so I won’t be able to give the site my usual attention. I’ll try to cover major topics as soon as I can, but please excuse my delay and brevity for the time being. I appreciate your support and understanding.

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Browser Plugin now available for Downloader app on Android TV

When I released my Downloader app on the Google Play Store for Android TV devices, I was forced to remove the built-in browser because Google would otherwise not approve the app. I’m happy to say that I have come up with a solution that allows Android TV users to restore the browser part of the app back in by sideloading a browser plugin that I am releasing today. Read more ›

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Downloader app now available in Google Play Store for Android TV

Many of you have asked for this for a while and now it’s here. My Downloader app is now available in the Google Play Store for Android TV devices. It took much more work than I originally expected to make the app work on Android TV and get accepted into the Android TV appstore. This is mostly because Google would not accept the app for Android TV if it had a built-in web browser, which is pretty ridiculous because there are already approved browsers for Android TV in the Google Play Store. I was unfortunately forced to disable the browser in the app to get it accepted, but it is finally available for the NVIDIA Sheild TV, Mi Box, Nexus Player, and all other Android TV devices. Read more ›

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Keeping in touch with AFTVnews on Twitter, Facebook, and beyond

Apart from the links in the footer of the site, I’ve never posted anything about my social media accounts. I’ve always just let people stumble across them on their own. Since news has been a bit slow this week, I figured now would be a good time to post about the various ways you can keep in touch if you’d like.

Twitter: @AFTVnews is the main account for the site where I post every article I write, for those who want them in their Twitter feed. I’m most responsive on Twitter of all social media accounts, but I’ll usually reply from my personal Twitter account, which is @Elias. I also recently created @AFTVnewsApps where I’ve been posting weird/dumb/strange reviews of my app for those interested in face-palm inducing chuckles.

Facebook: The main account is which is where I post all articles for those who want AFTVnews in their Facebook news feed. There is also an AFTVnews Community Facebook Group where people are free to discuss anything. Everyone who asks to join is approved and anyone can approve others. I keep my personal Facebook account private, but I do have a public profile at that I occasionally post on.

Other: Twitter and Facebook are the main ways to keep in touch outside of the site, but there is also an Email List if you want to receive new articles in your inbox. There’s also of course an RSS Feed for those wanting to use an external reader. I’ve also considered adding browser notifications for new posts, so let me know in the comments if that’s something you would use.

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Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV passes 5 Million Users

My Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition television has just passed 5 million users. There were 1 million new users that tried the app last month alone. The app has also just passed 7,000 reviews while maintaining a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and has held the #1 free app spot in the entire Amazon appstore for most of the last few months. Thank you to everyone who has supported the app through in-app donations and through Patreon. It’s only through your generosity that I have been able to keep the app 100% free without any ads, while continuing to pay my awesome developer Johannes Bramauer to add new features and improve the app. Read more ›

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New site navigation menu

I just spent some time redesigning the site’s navigation menu (that gray thing at the top). Please let me know (preferably with screenshots/photos) in the comments if it looks or acts strange on any of your devices.

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Downloader v1.1.3 is now live with fullscreen browsing, zoom in the browser, and game controller support

Version 1.1.3 of my Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and upcoming Fire TV Edition televisions has just gone live in the Amazon appstore. The main new features are a fullscreen mode for the built-in web browser, zooming capabilities in the browser, and full support for the Fire TV Game Controller.

Read more ›

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Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV reaches 2.5 Million Users

It was just a short while ago that my Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick reached the unimaginable milestone of 1 million users. Now, just 2 months later, the app has been installed by over 2.5 million users. The recent exponential growth is in no small part due to the Kodi team declaring that my app is “the only correct way of installing Kodi on Amazon devices.” Thank you to everyone who has kept development of the app going by donating through the app and/or becoming patrons through Patreon. The next update with new features should be out very soon. Read more ›

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AFTVnews turns 3 years old

Once upon a time, I was a laid off software engineer who thought it’d be fun to write about the silly things I was doing with my new TV gadget. Now, 3 years later, there are over half a million of you interested in what I’m writing about. My son just turned 2 last week and his little brother is scheduled to arrive later this year. It means the world to me that all of you make it possible for me to spend so much time with my family while I run this site from home. Thank you so much for enabling me to turn a hobby into a means to support my family.

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