Kasa Smart Plug is on sale for $8.99 or $31.49 for a 4-Pack — Lowest Price Ever

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Kasa by TP-Link is currently having a sale on their Alexa-compatible smart plugs. A single Kasa Smart Plug is $8.99 with promocode 40KASAPLUG, which is entered at checkout. Even better is the Kasa Smart Plug 4-Pack for $31.49 with no promocode needed. Both of these are the lowest prices that these smart plugs have ever been. These Kasa smart plugs are my go-to recommendation because they’re inexpensive, well made, and reliable. I’ve personally tried Amazon’s own smart plug, Wemo plugs, Lenovo plugs, and a few “no name” brands and the Kasa plugs have given me the least issues. These Kasa plugs don’t require a hub and work immediately through Alexa or their phone app. Do note that this deal is for the HS103 model, which has a 12 Amp limit. That should be plenty for most applications, but if you plan to plug in a high-draw item (over 1,400 Watts), like a portable AC unit or space heater, then you’re better off getting the HS105 model with a 15 Amp limit, but those are not currently on sale.

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Echo Dot w/ Amazon Smart Plug is on sale for $39.99 — That’s 47% off

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Amazon has sweetened the deal that they began offering last week. You can now get the 3rd-Gen Echo Dot + Amazon Smart Plug for just $39.99. That’s an extra $10 off the price from last week. The all-new Echo Dot is normally $49.99 on its own, so you’re essentially saving $10 on the Echo Dot and getting the smart plug for free, which regularly costs $24.99 on its own. That’s a total of $34.99 off of the pair. Also on sale is the Amazon Echo Show w/ Free Smart Bulb for $189.99, which is $40 off of its regular price.

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Generic Alexa-compatible mini smart plugs are on sale for $5.99 or less

Amazon currently has various packs of Alexa-compatible ISELECTOR mini smart plugs on sale for $5.25 to $5.99 per plug, depending on how large of a pack you buy. The 1-pack is $5.99 with promo code YQSSDV6F, the 2-pack is $10.99 with promo code SBHZKZBK, the 3-pack is $15.99 with promo code RX8USF9I, and the 4-pack is $20.99 with promo code DKVNPHV6. I have no experience with these plugs or this brand, but expect to be giving up something, since you’re essentially getting 4 plugs for the price of 1 name-brand plug. Usually, the worst aspect of these plugs is the software/app, but once you set them up, you’ll be able to use the Alexa app and voice commands from then on, so you shouldn’t need to use their own software much.

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Dozens of Alexa compatible smart home plugs, bulbs, cameras and more are 20% off

Amazon is currently having a sale on dozens of Alexa-compatible smart home devices that are 20% off using promo code SMARTHOME20. Included are Kasa/TP-Link plugs, switches, cameras, and bulbs. There are also Sengled bulbs, both with and without hubs. Several Arlo Pro cameras and security lights are included, as are several camera products from Ring. Continue on for the full list of products on sale. Read more ›

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TP-Link Smart Plug Mini and LIFXSmart Bulb are just $10 — Lowest Prices Ever

Amazon has started a new large promotion on several Alexa compatible smart home devices. Most devices are 20% off with the promo code SMARTHOME20, but two special sales are easily the best deals of the bunch. If you use promo code SMART10 at checkout, you can buy either the TP-Link Smart Plug Mini or the LIFX White Smart Bulb for $10. You are limited to one purchase at a discount, so you cannot buy each for $10. The TP-Link plug is among the most popular Alexa compatible smart plugs. The lowest price it has ever been in the past was $19.99, so this is a fantastic deal. The lowest price the LIFX bulb has been is $21.49, so it too is a great deal at $10. Both of these smart home gadgets do not require any kind of hub. Simply plug/screw them in, set them up on your WiFi network, and you’ll be able to control them through Alexa or through their smartphone apps. Offer is only good for “owners of Echo Family and 3rd party Alexa-enabled devices.”

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Get a TP-Link Smart Plug Mini for $10 with most Echo device purchase

Amazon currently has great deals on their various Echo models, but what makes those deals better is the ability to add a TP-Link Smart Plug Mini to any Echo purchase for just $10 more. The smart plug being offer currently costs $24.99 on its own. It has been as low as $19.99 in the past, so getting it for $10 is a great price. The smart plug allows you to control whatever you plug into it through an app and through Alexa. The bundle is available to purchase with the Amazon Echo for $79.99, Echo Dot for $39.99, Echo Spot for $109.99, and the Echo Show for $139.99. If you’ve already purchased an Echo but didn’t get the smart plug bundle, you may still have time to cancel the original order and place a new one.

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4-Pack of Alexa compatible smart plugs are on sale for as low as $29.99 [Expired]

There are a couple of good deals on Alexa compatible Smart Plugs. You can currently get a 4-Pack of iSelector Mini Smart Plugs for $29.99 using promo code TDGBHGUJ or get a 4-Pack of Gosund mini Smart Plugs for $35.99 using promo code 9A4LR7C7. I personally don’t have any experience with either of these plugs or brands, but reviews seem to be pretty good for both. The iSelector plugs have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with 184 reviews and the Gosund plugs have a 4.2 star rating with over 200 reviews. Both of these plugs can be controlled by Alexa through an Echo device or the Fire TV voice remote.

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