Overview of new Sling TV interface now available on Fire TV devices

Sling TV, the streaming television service with plans that start at $35 month for 30+ channels, has launched an entirely new app interface that has come first to Fire TV devices. While Sling TV’s old app interface could be commended for taking a unique approach to streaming TV, it certainly took some getting used to. The new interface has greatly simplified things and is more aligned with what most people tend to expect in a streaming app. Here is an overview of the new interface. Read more ›

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Sling TV is raising prices for new subscribers now and existing subscribers later this year

Sling TV has announced that they are raising prices by $5 per month for new subscribers, making their Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans $35 per month. The cost of Sling TV’s various extra add-on packages are also increasing by $1 per month. When YouTube TV and Fubo TV both raised prices last year, Sling TV took the opportunity for some good publicity by announcing that they would not be raising prices for existing customers for a full year. That means existing Sling TV customers won’t be paying the new higher prices until July 2021. To help soften the price increase a little, Sling TV has also announced that they’re upping their Free DVR offering from 10 to 50 hours, and increasing the paid DVR package, which still costs $5 per month, from 50 to 200 hours.

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Sling TV is offering a Free Tivo Stream 4K or a Free Month for new subscribers

Get a Free Tivo Stream 4K w/ Sling TV Subscription
Get 1-Month Free w/ Sling TV Subscription

Sling TV is offering a few Black Friday deals of their own for new subscribers. If you pre-pay for 2 months of service, they’ll give you a Tivo Stream 4K for Free. Since Sling TV costs $30/month, it’s like getting 2 months for $10 if you were already thinking of getting a $50 Tivo Stream 4K. If you’re not interested in the Android TV media player, you can instead get 1 month Free of Sling TV after paying for the first month. For that offer, just scroll down the page and look for the deal button listed under the “BOGO” offer. You’re free to cancel your subscription after the included 2 months of service with either of these offers. If neither of those offers sounds appealing, you can also just get 1 month for $20, which is a savings of $10. That offer is at the very bottom of this page.

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YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV are integrating into the Fire TV’s Live tab and Channel Guide

YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV are the newest streaming services that are integrating their channels into the Amazon Fire TV’s various live TV interfaces. Sling TV started to roll out this intebgration a few months ago, but now it and YouTube TV’s integration is available to everyone, joining streaming services Philo and Pluto TV, which were already integrated. Hulu’s integration will be available in the coming weeks. Read more ›

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Sling TV guarantees they won’t raise prices for a year

In response to YouTube TV raising prices and Fubo TV raising prices this week, Sling TV has announced a 1-Year Price Gurantee. Existing customers and anyone who signs up by August 1st, 2020 will automatically guarantee their current service price through August 1st. 2021. Read more ›

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NBA League Pass arrives on Sling TV as its 2.2M subscribers make it the largest internet-based live TV service

Sling TV has, for the first time, revealed how many subscribers pay for the streaming live TV service. With 2.21 million subscribers, it is, as most probably suspected, the largest internet-based TV provider by a large margin. DirecTV Now is second with 1.2 million subscribers, followed by PlayStation Vue with around half a million. Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV round out the ranking with about 450K and 300K subscribers, respectively. Read more ›

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AirTV announces network OTA tuner with Sling TV compatibility and Fire TV app

AirTV has just released their AirTV network OTA tuner box and accompanying Fire TV app that I wrote about yesterday. The tuner connects to an HD antenna and your network to stream free OTA to all of your devices. You can watch the channels through their new Fire TV app or, if you are a Sling TV subscriber, through the Sling TV app alongside your paid content. Read more ›

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AirTV to release a new network OTA tuner that streams local channels to a stand-alone app or the Sling TV app

AirTV, like its sister company Sling TV, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dish Network. A few weeks shy of one year ago, at CES 2017, they revealed the AirTV Player which is a set-top box running Android TV. Combined with an optional AirTV Adapter, which is a USB over-the-air tuner that plugs into the back of the AirTV Player, the two devices promised to merge free local OTA channels with the Sling TV subscription service and 3rd-party streaming apps, like Netflix, into a single product. The devices received lackluster reviews, so now it looks like AirTV will be reverting back to what it seemed like they originally planned to release prior to the set-top box. AirTV looks to be ready to release a new network tuner box that will stream OTA channels to a stand-alone AirTV app, as well as to the Sling TV app so that customers can have local broadcast channels mixed in with subscription channels. Read more ›

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Sling TV unveils their AirTV Player with Android TV and an OTA tuner onboard

Sling TV has officially announced their new AirTV streaming box that leaked last week. It’s based on Android TV and is capable of streaming 4K content from services like Netflix, but its biggest trick is the optional built-in OTA tuner for live local broadcast TV watching. Read more ›

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Sling TV to release android-powered set-top box with Netflix and OTA channels

Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny has uncovered Sling TV’s unannounced set-top box, the AirTV Player. The device appears to be running a modified version of Android TV. Where it differs from most streaming boxes is it also integrates an OTA tuner to watch local broadcast television by connecting an HD antenna. The box also supports Netflix, as indicated by the Netflix button on the remote, but it’s unclear if it supports other apps or the Google Play Store. Having “a single platform for watching Sling TV, Netflix, local channels,” as Sling TV puts it, should be quite compelling for those who just want a bit of cable TV, a bit of local channels, Netflix, and not much more.

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