Now you can load websites directly from the Fire TV Home Screen

Amazon recently updated its Silk Web Browser for Fire TV devices to make it quicker and easier to jump directly to a specific website right from the Fire TV home screen. Silk, which comes pre-installed on all Fire TV devices, now takes advantage of the Fire TV’s app content preview panel that loads below the highlighted app on the home screen. In Silk’s preview panel are now buttons for direct access to your most recently visited website, most commonly visited website, and all your bookmarks. Read more ›

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Fire TV devices can now load select websites directly from Universal Search Results

Amazon has started to add specific websites to the Universal Search results on Fire TV devices. Searching for a URL, either by voice search or using the onscreen keyboard search, will now display a new search result format for select websites that will load the website directly through Amazon’s Silk web browser. Read more ›

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You can now switch which default browser you use for YouTube directly from the Fire TV settings menu

A new option to select your default browser has been added to the Fire TV’s settings menu with the new and software updates that are rolling out to all models. The new option, located at the bottom of the Preferences menu, allows you to change which browser is used when launching the YouTube shortcut app, without needing to clear the app’s data. Read more ›

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Autocomplete will soon be coming to Amazon Silk browser for Fire TVs

A new upcoming feature for Amazon’s Silk browser on Fire TV devices should make entering URLs a lot easier. The release notes for the app have been updated to say that autocomplete suggestions for the search/URL field are being added. As you can probably guess, the field will populate a list of suggestions that you can select from, as you type something out, to save you from having to type out an entire URL. While the feature is included in the current release notes, I’ve learned that it’s not yet available and will soon be rolling out slowly. Only certain Fire TV models, such as the Fire TV 3, are currently receiving the new version 71 of Silk at first. Other models will receive the update soon. Once all Fire TV models have access to version 71 of Silk, the autocomplete feature will be remotely enabled for everyone to use.

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Silk browser for Amazon Fire TV is likely gaining Private Browsing Mode

Private browsing mode, a.k.a Incognito mode, appears to be coming to Amazon’s Silk Browser for Fire TV devices. The unfinished feature has been added to the browser’s code with one of the recent updates. As you’d expect, the feature will allow you to browse the internet on the Fire TV without saving a history of the pages you visit and without saving any cookies. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon Silk and Firefox browsers are coming to the Amazon Echo Show

It appears as though Amazon is working on bringing not one, but two fully functional web browsers to their touchscreen-equipped Echo Show smart speaker. A member of a Facebook Group has posted images of new browser options that have appeared in the device settings of their Echo Show. I have also individually discovered code in a recent release of Amazon Silk for Fire TV devices that suggests that support for Amazon Echo devices is being built into the browser. Read more ›

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Amazon rebrands their Silk browser for the Fire TV

Amazon has pushed out a new update to their Silk browser for Fire TV devices that doesn’t appear to change anything other than rebrand the browser. The app, which was formerly named “Silk Browser for Fire TV,” has been renamed to “Amazon Silk – Web Browser.” The browser has also received a new bright teal icon that emphasizes the word “internet” above the name of the app. While this could be nothing more than a quick spruce up for the app, it could also be a hint of something bigger to come. Read more ›

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How would you want the Silk Browser for the Fire TV improved?

Amazon’s Silk Browser for Fire TV devices will be turning 1-year-old soon. In that time it has become a crucial component of the Fire TV since it, along with Firefox, is the main way to access YouTube. Amazon has continued to improve Silk with the addition of things like voice search, voice media control, YouTube casting, and support for 4K video playback. While Silk for Fire TV is arguably one of the best web browsing experiences you can have on a TV, it still has plenty of room for improvement. I would love, for example, for Amazon to put my generic Bookmarker apps out of business by supporting native Silk bookmarks on the Fire TV home screen. What other features would you like to see come to Silk for the Fire TV? I know Amazon employees read this site, so here’s your chance to make your voice heard. Comment below with how you’d like Silk improved.

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Firefox and Silk Browser now let you control media playback by voice on Fire TVs — Works with YouTube

In the most recent updates to Firefox and the Silk Browser, both apps have added support for media playback control by voice. This allows customers to use voice commands to play videos, pause videos, and more while watching something, like YouTube, in a web browser on a Fire TV device. Read more ›

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Silk Browser for Fire TV updated with support for 4K YouTube

Amazon has updated the Silk Browser for Fire TV devices to support 4K video playback on YouTube. The new update, carrying version number, is starting to roll, but the new version appears to only be rolling out to select devices, as it’s not yet available to all Fire TV models. Read more ›

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