Sideclick reaches Kickstarter funding goal — Fire TV orders will come with clips for both models


Sideclick, the minimalistic remote attachment that turns your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote into a universal remote, has reached their Kickstarter funding goal. It’s been an up and down trek getting to this point for the husband and wife team behind the invention set out to reduce your remote clutter without having to give up your primary remote. The initial campaign failed but Brett Epstein, the mechanical engineer behind the project, took what he learned from the first campaign back to the drawing board and reluanched with an improved design that rocketed past their new campaign goal in just a week. I had the opportunity to talk with Brett, as well as his wife Jenn, about the Sideclick remote and where things go from here. Read more ›

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Sideclick Relaunching Kickstarter Tonight 7/15 at 10pm ET


Sideclick, the unsuccessful Kickstart project that set out to reduce your remote control clutter by attaching a set of 8 programmable buttons to any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote, will be relaunching their campaign tonight, July 15th, at 10pm Eastern. There will be a limited number of “Super Early Bird” and “Early Bird” discounted units offered, so mark your calendar or yell at Alexa/Siri/Google/Cortana to remind you to be online tonight when the doors open. You’ll be able to find the new campaign here once it goes live.

The improved Sideclick design now has 8 programmable buttons instead of 6. It also uses a new clipping mechanism which lets you use the exact same Sideclick remote with Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Apple TV, and Nexus Player remotes. Each streaming box remote now has its own custom clip, instead of an entirely unique Sideclick remote.

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Sideclick remote gearing up to relaunch with new design within 2 weeks

Sideclick is a KickStarter project which set out to simplify your remote clutter by attaching a column of universally programmable buttons to the side of your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote. The project failed to meet its funding goal, but its creators vowed to learn from their mistakes and relaunch the project in the future with an improved design. The husband and wife team behind the project have just announced that they’ll be ready to relaunch the campaign within the next 2 weeks. Read more ›

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Sideclick plans to relaunch campaign with improved design

Sideclick, the Kickstarter project that wants to reduce your remote clutter by attaching a strip of universally programmable buttons to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, is expecting to fall just short of their campaign goal, but is already planning to relaunch in June with an improved design. Sideclick’s creators have been especially open to feedback from their over 2,500 backers and will be using that feedback to relaunch their campaign in with an improved product while also managing to lower the product’s price. Read more ›

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Sideclick remote attachment adds more buttons, sees campaign goal within reach


Sideclick is an elegant solution to the remote clutter that plagues your living room. If you missed my first post about this Kickstarter campaign, it’s a device that attaches to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote which adds several programable buttons that allow you to control your TV and other devices without ever putting down your Fire TV remote. Since launching the campaign last month, the Sideclick folks have been listening to their backer’s feedback and have decided to increase the button count of the original design from 6 buttons to 7 or 8. They’ve also gotten in touch to let me know that AFTVnews readers are their 4th highest source of backers. Way to go! They’ve thrown in a pair of extra Sidelclicks to my original order as a thanks, which I will give away to AFTVnews readers if/when the campaign gets funded. The campaign is now two-thirds of the way to it’s goal with just 17 days to go. Tell your Fire TV (or Roku/Apple TV) owning friends about the campaign and lets help push them over the edge.

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Sideclick Kickstarter project adds programable IR buttons to Fire TV remotes

Sideclick is a newly launched Kickstarter project that is set out to simplify your home’s remote situation. The devices snaps onto the side of a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote and has 6 IR programable buttons. There are also models for Roku and Apple TV remotes. Each of the 6 buttons can be taught to replicate any number of functions from an existing IR remote by pointing your remote at the Sideclick.

The first 500 backers can buy the device for $20. The next 1,000 backers will pay $25, at which point the price will go up to $30. Of course, being a Kisckstarter campaign, the device will only ship if it meets its goal of $150,000 in 45 days.

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