Amazon Shopping app for the Fire TV is back in the appstore

About a month ago, Amazon’s shopping app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick leaked on their website. The listing was removed within a few hours, but those who added the app to their account have been able to use it ahead of its official release. The shopping app has now reappeared in the appstore, it is either being mistakenly listed again, or Amazon is ready for everyone to use it. Read more ›

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Overview of the new Amazon Shopping app for the Fire TV

Amazon has been working on bringing a full-fledged shopping app to the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and soon the Fire TV Edition televisions, for some time. They recently leaked details of the app and now it seems like a functional version is starting to quietly roll out to devices in preparation of an official reveal. Here’s how the app will look and work. Read more ›

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Amazon leaks their upcoming shopping app for the Fire TV

It would appear that Amazon will be adding a full-fledged shopping app to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. A nonfunctional version of the upcoming shopping app has just leaked on the Amazon appstore (screenshot). The app description states that “with the Amazon TV app, you will be able to enjoy a lean back shopping experience on the largest screen in your house, using just your Fire TV remote.” Read more ›

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Amazon offering $5 future credit for using Alexa to order from Prime Now [Expired]

Amazon just added the ability to place Prime Now orders using Alexa. To promote the feature, they’ll send you a $5 promo code, to use on a future Amazon order, just for trying it out. Place any Prime Now order using Alexa before April 30 and you’ll be emailed a $5 promo code in about seven days. This a new different promotion from the one from last week that gave you $5 for reordering something with Alexa, which, by the way, has been extended until March 24.

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Alexa can now order items from Prime Now with 2-hour delivery

If you live in an area with Prime Now, you can now use Alexa to place your orders. When placing a voice order, just add …from Prime Now to the end of the request. The voice assistant will automatically choose the next available 2-hour delivery window. When confirming the order, Alexa will ask “what else can I get you” so you can add additional items to the same order. Additionally, starting today, Prime Now in select cities has made cold beer and wine available for order.

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Amazon Fire TV apps can now directly sell you products sold by Amazon


The Amazon Fire TV’s shopping capabilities have slowly been expanding over time. It all started when an inert shopping app was added through a software update about a year ago. That app remained dormant for months due to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sending the feature back into development for not having the ability to manage the app’s shopping cart. Instead, it relied on 1-click buying for everything. A few months later, we saw the first appearance of banner ads that allowed Fire TV owners to purchase physical items through the Fire TV for the first time. The arrival of Alexa on the Fire TV allowed customers to re-order products from Amazon using their Fire TV voice remote and that capability was expanded last week to allow ordering any Prime-eligible products. Today, the shopping features of the Fire TV expand once again with the arrival of new apps from HGTV and Food Network which have the ability to directly sell products sold by Amazon. Read more ›

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Amazon expands shopping on the Fire TV to physical Music CDs


Back in October, Amazon opened up the ability to purchase physical items, to a limited extent, directly through the Fire TV. This was just a small taste of a full fledged shopping feature for the Fire TV that Amazon is currently working on. Back then, you could only purchase toys, Halloween candy, and a few electronics. Amazon has now expanded that limited selection of products you can buy through the Fire TV to physical music CDs. Read more ›

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Amazon shopping partially available on Fire TV, with full shopping feature postponed


The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have had the ability to shop products for some time, but the feature has been sitting dormant. A trusted source within Amazon, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells me a full-fledged shopping feature was nearly complete and ready to be tested in the wild, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pulled the feature after receiving a demo. His biggest complaint was the limited shopping cart functionality. The Fire TV shopping feature demoed to Bezos allowed customers to either buy products immediately via Amazon’s 1-Click feature or add items to your Amazon shopping cart to then be purchased later through the website. Bezos insisted on the ability to manage your shopping cart and checkout on the Fire TV itself, so the shopping feature has been postponed. I’m told it’s not uncommon for a team within Amazon to work on something, get it mostly done, and then have the feature/project pulled or cancelled by Bezos. While the Fire TV’s full-fledged shopping feature likely won’t be released in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Amazon has started using parts of the shopping feature to allow Fire TV owners to buy select products through banner ads on the Fire TV’s home screen. Read on for a spotlight of this new limited shopping ability which gives us a good indication of what the full shopping experience will be like once it arrives on Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Shopping Amazon coming to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


Watch out QVC, because the largest online retailer is moving into TV based shopping. Amazon is adding the ability to shop their massive selection of products using the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Anyone familiar with Amazon probably saw this coming, but now it’s finally being added to Fire TV devices via the new software update that is currently being deployed, and yes, you will be able to shop using voice search. A trusted source at Amazon, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me about the new feature months ago and I have been able to confirm its presence in the latest software update by decompiling and examining the source code. Also included in the new update, which is a necessity to effectively shop Amazon’s massive product selection, is the addition of filtering and sorting options to the Fire TV’s search functionality. Read more ›

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