Fire TV Stick 4K was the most popular Prime Day purchase while Echos may have flopped

As has become customary after the big sale, Amazon released some figures about Prime Day purchases. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K claimed the title as the most popular item purchased during Prime Day. During the last Prime Day in October of 2020, that title went to the Amazon Echo Dot. As for Echo devices, it seems like their sales figures may have dropped quite a bit compared to previous Prime Days. Amazon also said that more Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV televisions we purchased this Prime Day than the last one, which was already more than the one before that. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV leads Roku with “well over” 30 million active users

I’ve been going through news that I didn’t get a chance to cover while I was at CES (and during the miserable week that followed while I was sick with a nasty cold I caught at CES,) so forgive me if some of the next few articles I write aren’t timely. One thing that was revealed last week was the fact that there are “well over” 30 million active Fire TV users. This was told to CNET by Amazon’s head of Fire TV, Marc Whitten. The news is significant because Roku, thought by many to still be the most popular streaming media player platform, announced a few days prior that they had 27 million active users. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick retakes the throne as the best selling product during Prime Day

As Amazon does every year, they’ve released some info highlighting how successful Prime Day was for them this year. Sales figures this Prime Day surpassed all other days in the past for Amazon, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last year’s Prime Day. On top of it all was the Amazon Fire TV Stick as the single best selling product of the day. The Fire TV Stick reached this same achievement during Prime Day in 2016, but was dethroned during last year’s Prime Day by the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon never reveals exactly how many units were sold but has said that “millions” of Fire TV devices were sold, with July 16th being “the best day ever for Fire TV devices.” Another Fire TV related milestone is that Prime Day’s sale on the Toshiba Fire TV Edition television made it “the best-selling TV deal in Amazon history.” Amazon says that they sold over six times as many Fire TV Edition televisions during this Prime Day as they did during last year’s record-setting Fire TV Edition sale on Prime Day.

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Amazon sold over half a million Fire TV devices globally during Prime Day


Now that Prime Day is over, Amazon has released some figures for the big sales event. Comparing this year’s announcement to last year’s announcement reveals that over 500 thousand Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks were sold globaly yesterday. Amazon is notorious for not divulging sales numbers for any of their products, but last year they said “hundreds of thousands of Fire TV Sticks” were ordered during Prime Day and this year they said they “sold over 2.5x more Amazon Fire TV devices compared to Prime Day last year.” Assuming “Fire TV devices” includes all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick types, and “hundreds of thousands” means at least 200,000, multiplying that base figure by 2.5 translates to at least half a million Fire TV devices sold this Prime Day. Amazon said the Fire TV Stick specifically was the best-selling device globally on Prime Day, which is a repeat of the same accomplishment from last year’s Prime Day.

Amazon also said that the Amazon Echo had its “biggest day ever” and sales were “up over 2.5x compared to [the] previous record day.” That’s impressive since, presumably, the previous record day was Black friday last year, when the Echo “was the #1 best seller across all $100+ products on” As a whole, orders during Prime Day this year “surpassed Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S.,” so it’s probably safe to say Prime Day will continue being an annual event for years to come.

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Amazon Fire TV sales this Black Friday up more than 6x year over year


As Amazon often does after Black Friday / Cyber Monday, they’ve released some stats on their device sales during the big shopping weekend. For starters, Amazon says that Fire TV sales are up more than 6x year over year this holiday shopping weekend. This comes at no surprise since last year the Fire TV went on sale for only a few hours on Cyber Monday, whereas this year, it remained on sale for a full 5 days, from the start of Thanksgiving day on Thursday, to the end of Cyber Monday. They also say the Fire TV has been the #1 streaming media player in the US , across all retailers, from July through October. The Fire TV Stick was the second best selling product “across all of the products available on this Black Friday.” It was second only to the 7″ Fire Tablet, which Amazon says they’ve now sold over 2 million of since its launch, making it their fastest selling tablet ever. Last but not least, the Amazon Echo was the best selling product over $100 on all of during Black Friday.

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