Amazon blows eFuse on Fire TV Stick to prevent downgrading to old interface

The new Fire TV interface is currently rolling out to most Fire TV models via the latest operating system update. While there has never been an official way to roll back a Fire TV software update, Amazon seems to especially want the new interface update to be a one-way path. It seems as though Amazon has decided to blow an eFuse, at least with the Fire TV Stick 4K, when the software update with the new interface is installed. This makes it impossible to downgrade back to the old interface, even if the device is rooted. Read more ›

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What it means to ‘Jailbreak’ a Fire TV or Firestick and how it relates to Rooting, Sideloading, and the law

There are many terms, such as Jailbreaking, Rooting, Sideloading, and Unlocking, that are used to describe the state of an Amazon Fire TV device and the changes made to it. While each term has a unique definition, they are often incorrectly interchanged and used to describe some type of software modification done to a Fire TV. Questions often arise regarding the legality of each term and each type of software modification. Since Jailbreaking arrests are in the news this week and a new bill may make illegal streaming a felony, it’s as good a time as ever to break down what these terms mean and, more importantly, how they’re used. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV 2 box running latest software version has been Rooted

Depending on how you look at it, it has either been a great or really bad couple of weeks for Amazon devices with MediaTek processors. First, the Fire HD 8 tablet was rooted and then the Fire 7 tablet was rooted. Just a few days ago, the Fire TV Stick 2 was rooted for the first time and now the 2nd-generation Fire TV box is the latest device to fall. Surprisingly, the rooting method that has just been discovered for the Fire TV 2 is unrelated to the method used to root the other Amazon devices. This new method is actually much easier, as it does not require opening the device or shorting circuit board points, like the Fire TV Stick 2 and Fire tablet rooting methods. There’s also the potential for this new rooting method to work on other Fire TV devices with MediaTek processors, like the Fire TV Stick 4K, which has yet to be rooted, and even the Fire TV Stick 2, to serve as a simpler rooting method than the one that already exists. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 has been Rooted for the first time

The 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick, which is the current model that is being sold by Amazon, has been rooted. As expected, the MediaTek CPU exploit that was used to root the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and then used to root the Amazon Fire 7 tablet has now been used to root one of the three Fire TV models that use a MediaTek CPU. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire 7 tablet has been Rooted with Unlocked Bootloader, TWRP Custom Recovery, and Custom ROM

Just a few weeks after the Fire HD 8 had been rooted, that procedure has been applied to the Amazon Fire 7 tablet to give it the full rooting treatment, as first spotted by Liliputing. Amazon’s least expensive tablet has had its bootloader unlocked, TWRP custom recovery created for it, and there’s already even a custom ROM available to install. Read more ›

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New MediaTek rooting method for Fire HD 8 tablet may lead to rooting the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 2, and Fire TV 2

A new rooting method for the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet has been released this week that has the potential sweep across multiple Amazon devices, include the fire TV line. That’s because exploit used to achieve root access, and unlock the tablet’s bootloader, relies on a bug in the MediaTek CPU. The creator of the rooting method says the bug can only be fixed by changing the hardware and that it exists on all MediaTek CPUs. If that’s accurate, all Fire TV Stick 4Ks, Fire TV 2s, Fire TV Stick 2s, which all use MediaTek CPUs, may all technically be rootable. Read more ›

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Latest 2018 version of Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet has been Rooted with Unlocked Bootloader

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, released only a few months ago, has been rooted, as spotted by Liliputing. Better yet, the rooting method was achieved by unlocking the bootloader through a chip exploit that the creator of the rooting method claims can only be patched by changing the hardware of the tablet. Read more ›

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Xposed Framework is causing Alexa on Fire TV 2 to continuously crash in a never ending loop

An issue has popped up that is causing the Alexa system app on rooted 2nd-gen Fire TVs that have the Xposed Framework installed to repeatedly crash and restart in a never-ending cycle. The issue seems to only affect devices running the pre-rooted ROM that have also installed Xposed. The result is a loss of all Alexa voice remote functionality and a hit to performance. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3 have been Rooted

A group that goes by the name is claiming to have rooted the Amazon Fire TV Cube and Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant). The exploit, colorfully named FireFU, has not yet been verified to work by anyone outside of the group, but their explanation of the exploit and their instructions are quite thorough, so there isn’t any reason to believe that their claims aren’t genuine. Unfortunately, the rooting method they’ve come up with is unlikely to be performed by many people because it relies on using a microcontroller, such as an Arduino or Teensy board, to force the Fire TV Cube or Fire TV 3 to enter a firmware upgrade mode by communicating over their HDMI connection. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 1 running software version has been rooted

As the title states, the 1st-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick running software version has been rooted for the first time. XDA forum member tehlers, along with the help of forum member Spider1996, have successfully used the Dirty COW vulnerability to root that specific Fire TV Stick model running that specific software version. The reason this rooting procedure only works on that specific device and software is because unlike most rooting methods which inject the SU binary into the existing operating system, this rooting procedure overwrites the entire system partition, which contains the operating system, with one that is pre-rooted. So the files used must be tailored made for each device model and software version. Read more ›

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