Roku to follow Fire TV and Google TV by also displaying video ads and more on its home screen

While it’s not particularly popular among Fire TV and Google TV enthusiasts, the one thing Roku has always had going for it is its simplistic home screen that mainly consists of a grid of apps and one large static image banner ad. That’s going to change because Roku is following in Amazon and Google’s footsteps by soon adding video ads to its home screen for the first time. Read more ›

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Streaming Sticks and Boxes have taken a backseat to Smart TVs for Roku

Roku has been indicating that Smart TVs are more important than streaming sticks and streaming boxes with its hardware releases over recent years. The streaming juggernaut didn’t release any new standalone streaming sticks or boxes in 2023, which was a first for the company, but it did release its first home-grown smart TVs and countless 3rd-party smart TVs last year. Even though 2022 saw the release of a new Roku Express, it wasn’t much different from the model it replaced. There hasn’t been any significant non-TV hardware from Roku since 2021, which is when it released its Express 4K, Streambar Pro, Voice Remote Pro, Streaming Stick 4K, and Ultra LT. Roku is now further indicating that streaming sticks and streaming boxes aren’t as important as smart TVs with the announcement of a new line of first-party Roku Pro Series Smart TVs. Read more ›

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Roku announces its own line of branded smart TVs

Roku has announced its own TV line. While Roku Smart TVs have existed for many years, these new TVs are the first ones branded as Roku TVs, instead of carrying the manufacturer’s branding with Roku’s operating system. Read more ›

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Comparison of Roku’s new Smart Home devices with Wyze’s identical lineup

After leaking a couple of days ago, Roku has now officially announced its new line of smart home lights, plugs, and cameras. Unlike Roku’s home theater products, which I presume the company makes itself to some degree, these smart home devices are “developed in partnership with Wyze,” which appears to just mean that Roku put its name on Wyze’s hardware and, possibly, add it’s own spin through software. Here’s what Roku has to offer and how they compare to the Wyze equivalent. Read more ›

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Roku is repackaging Wyze cameras, lights, and plugs as its own branded smart home products

It appears that Roku is getting into the smart home business by branding white-label products from Wyze, according to ZatzNotFunny who has acquired several photos of the unannounced products. Shown in the images are what appear to be the Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Smart Bulb, Wyze Smart Plug, and Wyze Light Strip all packaged in Roku boxes without any mention of these being Wyze products. Read more ›

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Roku announces new Roku Express, Subwoofer, and Roku OS 11.5 updates

Roku has announced updates to its hardware lineup and updates to its Roku OS software. The new hardware is pretty mediocre and just includes a new Roku Express with better WiFi and a new cheaper subwoofer. The software updates are a bit more interesting as they add more ways to find and resume content, which makes Roku OS more closely resemble the OSes running on Fire TV, Google TV, and Apple TV devices. Read more ›

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Nvidia Shield TV, Chromecast w/ Google TV, Apple TV, and Roku devices are all on sale

There are loads of great Fire TV deals for Prime Day, but if you’re thinking of seeing what the competition has to offer, there are deals for all major streaming devices available today. None are quite as good as the Fire TV deals, and these aren’t all strictly Prime-only deals, but here are deals on Google TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku devices. Read more ›

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Roku now bundles the Voice Remote Pro with the Roku Ultra

A year after the remote was initially released, Roku is now bundling its Voice Remote Pro with the existing Roku Ultra, which was released in 2020. The new bundle costs the same $99.99 price as the old Roku Ultra bundle. Compared to the previous remote that was included with the Roku Ultra, the Voice Remote Pro adds hands-free voice capabilities and a built-in rechargable battery. You can still buy the Voice Remote Pro for $29.99 on its own, but now it also comes with the Roku Ultra.

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Google and Roku reach agreement to keep YouTube and YouTube TV available on Roku devices

A day before Google was scheduled to remove YouTube from the Roku appstore, Google and Roku have reached an agreement that will keep YouTube accessible on Roku devices and will return the YouTube TV app to Roku’s channel store. The deal is said to be a multi-year agreement between the two companies, but nothing else has been said about the specifics of the arrangement. Read more ›

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Google to remove YouTube from new Roku devices on December 9th

History repeats itself, only this time it’s not Google leveraging the popularity of YouTube against Amazon and Fire TVs, but against Roku and new Roku devices. Google has stated that it will be removing the YouTube app from the Roku channel store on December 9th, which will prevent new and factory reset Roku devices from accessing the video service, according to Variety. This is a result of negotiations between Google and Roku regarding app distribution terms going nowhere for the past 6 months, which has already resulted in the removal of YouTube TV from the Roku channel store. Read more ›

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