Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro Review — Everything there is to know about the best Fire TV remote

Amazon’s new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro has arrived and it’s packed with features that Fire TV owners have been wanting for years. Here is an overview of how everything works and if it holds up to being called the best Fire TV remote available. Read more ›

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Review of the Show Mode Dock for Amazon Fire HD 8 & HD 10 Tablets

Amazon’s new Show Mode feature for their Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets does a great job of replicating most of the Echo Show’s capabilities, as I discussed in my earlier article about the feature. The Show Mode Dock for those tablets is an optional accessory that adds a level of convenience to the Show Mode feature by holding the tablet at a viewable angle and seamlessly automating the transition between Show Mode and regular tablet mode. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Review

When the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo was announced, I (somewhat reluctantly) placed my order, even though I had more Alexa devices than I have rooms in my house. Here are my thoughts on the new smart speaker, what you need to know about it, and how it compares to the original Echo. Read more ›

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Eufy Genie Review: How it compares to the Amazon Echo Dot

Anker is a company best known for their highly reviewed portable powerbanks and charging cables but they’ve been expanding into numerous other consumer electronics lately. They launched Eufy, a smart home brand, late last year with products like a robotic vacuum and a smart scale. Now they’ve released the Eufy Genie, an Alexa powered smart speaker that closely resembles the Amazon Echo Dot in both form and function. At $34.99, the Genie undercuts the Echo Dot by $15 and claims to have a better speaker, so I picked one up to see if it’s a good budget alternative to Amazon’s own smart speaker. Read more ›

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Amazon Dash Wand Review — What Alexa can and can’t do

When Amazon added Alexa capabilities to the Dash Wand, they instantly made a mostly forgotten device interesting again. At just $20, the Dash Wand is now the least expensive Alexa-enabled device Amazon makes, and it’s even more affordable for Prime members since they get a $20 credit when activating the device, making it essentially free. Since it wasn’t originally designed to be an Alexa device, there are limitations to its voice capabilities, compared to something like the Echo Dot. Here’s an overview of the Dash Wand, as well as a detailed look into what Alexa on it can and can’t do. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Look Review

The Amazon Echo Look is one of the most peculiar devices to be released by Amazon. The general reaction to it reminds me a lot of the initial reaction to the Amazon Echo when it was revealed. Like many, I didn’t think I’d have much use for a voice controlled speaker, but have since really enjoyed having one. So, while I don’t think I have much use for a voice controlled camera or a “style assistant,” as the Echo Look is being called, I picked one up to see if it had a place in my lineup of Alexa devices. Read more ›

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1byone Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad Review


TheLogitech K400 keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards among Fire TV owners, and home theater enthusiasts in general, but its biggest omission is its lack of Bluetooth support, which makes it incompatible with the Fire TV Stick. In my search to find a Bluetooth equivalent to the Logitech K400, I came across the 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad. It looks very similar to the Logitech K400, connects via Bluetooth, and is compatible with Android devices. Here’s my review after using it with both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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Sideclick Clip-on Universal Remote Review


Sideclick is an attachment for any model Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote, that provides eight universally programable buttons which allow you to control your TV and other A/V equipment using one remote. The device came to be through a successful Kickstarter project and is now starting to ship to the thousands of backers that contributed to the campaign. I had a chance to review the prototype last year, but now that I’ve used the final product, I can pleasently say it’s the best purchase a Fire TV owner can make, if they want to reduce the number of remotes they use, without losing any Fire TV functionality. Read on for my full review as well as how you can enter to win one of two Sideclick remotes that I’m giving away. Read more ›

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PiggyBack Remote add-on for Fire TV Stick — Review and Giveaway

Reducing the number of remotes one uses is a difficult task for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners because, apart from the pricey Logitech Harmony remotes, most unisversal remotes can’t even communicate with these streaming devices, yet alone replicate all of the included remote’s functionality. Instead of replacing your Fire TV Stick remote, the PiggyBack Remote by Mission Cables adds universal remote functionality to your exsiting remote. This allows you to control common functions like turning on/off your TV, changing the selected input, and adjusting the volume directly from your Fire TV Stick remote. I picked one up to see if it can effectively reduce the clutter of keeping multiple remotes around and was pleasantly surprised to find that it does a great job at an affordable price. Read more ›

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Nyko Cygnus Game Controller Review


Last week, Nyko released their brand new Cygnus Android Game Controller. At half the price of the official Fire TV Game Controller, I bought one to see if it was a good alternative to Amazon’s official gamepad for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners. Read on for my full review. Read more ›

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