Remote detection message running amok on Fire TVs since recent software update

If you use anything other than the original remote to control your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you may have run into a new annoying message appearing since the most recent software update. The message, seen above, informs you that the Fire TV cannot detect your remote and provides suggestions on how to resolve the issue. The problem is that the message seems to now be appearing when Fire TV owners are controlling their device through HDMI-CEC, an Echo, or a universal remote and have no intention of using the original remote that isn’t being detected. Read more ›

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New Fire TV remote app buttons can be remapped with my Remapper app

My own order of the new Fire TV remote with app buttons has, unfortunately, been delayed so I haven’t been able to test things out myself yet, but several of you have already told me that my Remapper app does work to remap the app buttons on the new remote. That certainly makes the new remote a more compelling purchase since it means you can customize which apps get opened when you press one of its app buttons. Read more ›

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How to remap the App Buttons on Fire TV Remotes with Remapper (Updated April 2021)

The app buttons at the bottom of the newest Fire TV Remote and Fire TV Edition remotes can either be fantastic or useless. They’re great if it’s an app that you use often, but they’re a complete waste if you don’t even have the app that they’re for installed. This guide will show you how to reassign the app buttons to open any app you want. This method uses my Remapper app and works for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, PS Vue, Disney+, CTV, Crave, DAZN, TVNOW, and other buttons. It works on the new remote paired to a Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Firestick, as well as Fire TV Edition devices from Element, Toshiba, Insignia, Onida, Grundig, JVC, and more. Read more ›

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How to switch TV inputs with the Fire TV or Firestick remote

Among the discussions of the new Fire TV remote that was just released, several people said they wished that Amazon added an input button for changing their TV’s input. While it’s not as convenient as a dedicated button, both the existing and the new Fire TV Voice Remote are actually capable of switching inputs on your TV and it works regardless of whether you have a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Cube. In case those people, or you, aren’t aware of how to do it, here are instructions for how to change TV inputs using a Fire TV remote. Read more ›

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Are the app buttons on the new Fire TV remote an upgrade or a downgrade?

Amazon has released a new Fire TV remote and the most significant change, compared to the older remote, is the addition of four app shortcut buttons. The question of whether app buttons are good or bad often leads to a heated debate among streaming device owners. On one hand, they’re great because they give you a quicker and easier way to open apps by utilizing otherwise unused space on a remote. On the other hand, they act as a persistent advertisement for the apps they launch, which you may never use. I’d love to hear your thoughts as we understand these buttons further. Read more ›

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New Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV released with added Guide and App buttons

Amazon has released a new Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV devices. This remote has unofficially appeared in a few places already but now it is officially available for purchase. Amazon has also chosen to swap out the remote that comes with the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick for this new remote in many regions, including the US, Canada, Germany, and others. This new remote preserves all the features of the existing Alexa Voice Remote and adds a few extras like a Live Guide button and four app buttons. Read more ›

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Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick 4K with New Alexa Remote released in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico

Amazon has released the 3rd generation Fire TV Stick and 1st generation Fire TV Stick 4K in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico for the first time. These firesticks are the same exact hardware that has already been available in other regions since 2020 and 2018, respectively, but what is new is the Alexa Voice Remote included with these Fire TV models. We’ve already seen this remote pass through FCC approval and now it’s officially available. Compared to the existing Alexa Voice Remote, this new remote adds a Live Guide button, four app buttons, and a blue microphone button with the Alexa logo in place of the black microphone button. Read more ›

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Apparent new Amazon Fire TV remote receives FCC approval

A remote that closely resembles the one currently included with Fire TV devices has just popped up in a new FCC filing. Janko Roettgers, a reporter at Protocol, first spotted the remote’s FCC listing and determined it to be a Fire TV remote. Brazilian blogger Everton Favretto actually spotted the same remote in a filling with the Brazilian regulatory office at the end of last year. It wasn’t until earlier this month that he found the same remote in a listing with Japan’s regulatory office, found here, which included the image seen above. Read more ›

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Roku is reportedly testing a new rechargeable remote with hands-free voice

It seems like Roku’s answer to the Fire TV Cube’s hands-free voice capabilities is building the functionality into their remote. Roku is reportedly selling a new flagship remote called the Roku Voice Remote Pro, via Zatz Not Funny. A photo of the new remote being offered for sale through an early access program on a Roku device has been posted to Reddit. It seems identical to Roku’s current top-end remote that is included with the Roku Ultra, except it ditches the two AA batteries for a rechargable battery and offers hands-free voice capabilities. Read more ›

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HBO has been dropped from Amazon’s Fire TV Edition television remotes

Fire TV Edition televisions from Toshiba and Insignia now have a new remote that includes one small but noteworthy change. The HBO app button that used to take up the bottom left-most spot on the remote has been swapped out for an IMDb TV button. An HBO button has been on Amazon’s Fire TV Edition television remotes ever since the 2nd-generation models debuted in 2018. That 3 year run now ends, possibly due to the disagreement between Amazon and HBO that kept HBO Max out of the Amazon Appstore for 6 months. Read more ›

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