Fire TV Stick 3 and Fire TV Stick Lite have been rooted — Custom TWRP Recovery and Custom LineageOS Android 11 ROM available

The 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick Lite have been rooted. XDA forum user k4y0z has posted instructions for how to root either device, which currently requires the Firestick be on Fire OS version or older. They’ve also provided a build of TWRP custom recovery to allow for the installation of custom ROMs. XDA forum user Rortiz2 has already created a custom ROM for the latest Fire TV Sticks based on LineageOS and Android 11. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 has been Rooted for the first time

The 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick, which is the current model that is being sold by Amazon, has been rooted. As expected, the MediaTek CPU exploit that was used to root the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and then used to root the Amazon Fire 7 tablet has now been used to root one of the three Fire TV models that use a MediaTek CPU. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire 7 tablet has been Rooted with Unlocked Bootloader, TWRP Custom Recovery, and Custom ROM

Just a few weeks after the Fire HD 8 had been rooted, that procedure has been applied to the Amazon Fire 7 tablet to give it the full rooting treatment, as first spotted by Liliputing. Amazon’s least expensive tablet has had its bootloader unlocked, TWRP custom recovery created for it, and there’s already even a custom ROM available to install. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Cube supports Safe Mode, Shutdown, Fastboot, and ADB over USB

I spent some time poking and prodding the Amazon Fire TV Cube today and discovered a few undocumented capabilities that I figured I’d share. None of the things I found are terribly exciting or lead to anything significant at this point, but they may interest those of you who might like to tinker with the underlying Android roots of the Fire TV Cube. Read more ›

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How to enter Fastboot and Recovery Mode on the Amazon Echo Show

Since the Amazon Echo Show runs a modified version of Android, it comes with several things common to Android devices, like hidden developer options. Something else it has is Fastboot and Recovery mode, which are used to manipulate the operating system. It’s still unknown what use these modes have for modding purposes, or how locked down they are, but here’s how to boot into Fastboot and Recovery, as well as the available options. Read more ›

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TWRP and Fire OS 5 Pre-Rooted ROM released for 1st-gen Fire TV


The day many of you have been patiently waiting for has arrived. Rbox has finally released TWRP custom recovery, as well as a pre-rooted ROM of software version 5.0.5 and, for the 1st generation Amazon Fire TV. This will allow those of you still on the or older pre-rooted ROM with ClockworkMod installed to upgrade to Fire OS 5 without losing root. This will also allow those of you that rooted a 5.0.0 or newer Fire TV 1 with KingRoot to install TWRP custom recovery and update your device without losing root. Read more ›

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Custom Recovery and 5.0.4 Pre-Rooted ROM for Fire TV 2 released by rbox


As promised, rbox has released a custom recovery, based on TWRP, as well as a pre-rooted ROM of software version 5.0.4 for the Fire TV 2. Using these files, along with the recovery installer, Fire TV 2 owners running software version 5.0.4 or older will be able to root their device in a much easier and safer method than previously existed. I received early access to these files and method and can say installation is a breeze. We don’t know yet if software version 5.0.5 is rootable, so be sure you’ve blocked updates in the meantime and stay on version 5.0.4 or older. A 5.0.5 pre-rooted ROM will be released later once we acquire the download URL.

The instructions to use these files is laid out in rbox’s posts, but I’ll have my step-by-step guide out very soon if you prefer more detailed instructions. First generation Fire TV owners should not use these files on their device. Once we received the 5.0.5 software update URL, rbox will work on a new custom recovery, as well as a pre-rooted 5.0.5 ROM specifically for the 1st-gen Fire TV, so that those of you with rooted 1st-gen Fire TVs can update to 5.0.5 without losing root.

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TWRP Custom Recovery in the works for rooted Fire TV 2


The 2nd-gen Fire TV was rooted a little over a month ago and thanks to the great AFTVnews community for chipping in to buy rbox a 2nd-gen Fire TV, he is well on his way to getting a custom recovery, based on TWRP, working on the new device. Rbox tells me he has TWRP starting on boot and displaying the curtain splash screen. There is still a long way to go, but he’s confident he’ll have a functioning custom recovery ready for the Fire TV 2 soon. Read more ›

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ClockworkMod Custom Recovery update released


A new version,, of ClockworkMod Custom Recovery for the Amazon Fire TV has been released by rbox. This new version adds a few features of ClockworkMod that were previously incompatible with the Fire TV. The most useful feature is support for USB drives. Now you can install custom ROMs off a USB drive instead of having to transfer the ROM to the Fire TV via ADB. More importantly, USB drive support means you can backup your entire Fire TV without having to worry about the limited internal storage holding you back. Look for a backup guide coming very soon.

This update also makes ClockworkMod more TV friendly by increasing the font size and by adding empty space along the edges of the display to ensure TVs with overscan don’t cut off the onscreen text. Lastly, this update fixes sideloading files over the network to ClockworkMod.

Download the latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery from and check out my new guide on how to update ClockworkMod for full update instructions.

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How to update ClockworkMod Custom Recovery on the Amazon Fire TV


Now that an update to ClockworkMod Custom Recovery for the Fire TV has been released, I thought it’d be a good idea to write a guide for installing it. The update process is nearly identical to the installation procedure. The main difference is that it does not matter what software version your Fire TV is running, as long as you’re rooted and already have ClockworkMod installed. Read more ›

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