Amazon drops the word “Edition” from its Fire TV television branding

Amazon appears to have dropped the word “Edition” from a lot of the branding for 3rd-party products running the Fire TV operating system. TVs that were once labeled as “Fire TV Edition” televisions are now simply labeled as “Fire TV” televisions. There are plenty of places that still use the word “Edition,” but it has gone missing from a lot of key areas and is entirely absent in Amazon’s announcement of the latest Fire TV televisions from Toshiba. While this is a small change in the grand scheme of things, it does pull Fire TV devices that are not made by Amazon closer into being equal citizens with Amazon’s own standalone Fire TV devices. Just do your best not to call them “Fire TV TVs.”

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Amazon rebrands their Silk browser for the Fire TV

Amazon has pushed out a new update to their Silk browser for Fire TV devices that doesn’t appear to change anything other than rebrand the browser. The app, which was formerly named “Silk Browser for Fire TV,” has been renamed to “Amazon Silk – Web Browser.” The browser has also received a new bright teal icon that emphasizes the word “internet” above the name of the app. While this could be nothing more than a quick spruce up for the app, it could also be a hint of something bigger to come. Read more ›

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