Amazon makes entire 100 Million track music library free without ads for Prime Members, but with one important caveat

Amazon has announced that the entire Amazon Music library of over 100 million tracks is now free to stream ad-free for Prime members. That’s a massive increase from the 2 million tracks that Prime members had access to prior to this change. Before you go canceling your music subscriptions, the catch is that you can’t request songs individually, but must, instead, request artists, albums, or playlists in shuffle mode to hear the expanded library without an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Read more ›

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Amazon now offers free ad-supported music to all Echo owners

Amazon has just announced a new free music service for Echo owners. If you’re not a Prime member with access to Prime Music and are not an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber, you can now stream music from Amazon on your Echo device without paying anything. Read more ›

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Amazon Music app is coming to Android TV

A new Amazon Music app for Android TV has just popped up in the Google Play Store, as first spotted by Android Police. Judging by the screenshots, the app appears to be very similar to the one available on Fire TV devices. The app is not available to install just yet, but you can pre-register for it, which will notify you when it’s available. It’s unknown if the app will only be available for NVIDIA Shield TVs, like the Prime Video app for Android TV, or if other Android TV devices will also be able to install the app once it’s released. This new Amazon Music app will give Android TV users access to both Prime Music, which is the 2 million song service that is included for free with a Prime membership, and Amazon Music Unlimited, which is the 50 million song service that requires a separate paid subscription.

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Amazon Echos, Alexa, and Prime Music launch in Canada

About a week after adding Japan as the fifth country to receive Alexa and Echo devices, Amazon has now launched their voice assistant and smart speakers in Canada. In addition to Alexa and Echo devices, Amazon is also simultaneously launching Prime Music for all Canadian Prime members. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Prime Music library just gained 400,000 new songs overnight


One great side effect of Amazon’s new Music Unlimited streaming service is that it has considerably increased the number of songs available to Prime members through Amazon Prime Music. Yesterday, there were around 1.8 million songs in the Prime Music library that Prime Members can access for free. Now there are just over 2.2 million songs available in Prime Music. To make Amazon Music Unlimited a reality, Amazon must have made numerous new deals with record labels. It looks like those deals included Prime Music negotiations as well, so if there’s a song you’ve wanted to listen to that hasn’t been in Prime Music, you may want to take a second look.

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Amazon reportedly looking to release a new paid music service in addition to Prime Music


Prime Music was released about a year and a half ago and has been a great extra free perk for Prime members, but its approximate 1 million song library can’t really compare to services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, which each offer access to over 30 million songs for a monthly fee. For Amazon to play in the same league as the top streaming music services, they would have to charge a separate subscription fee for streaming music. According to a report by The New York Post, they’re looking to do just that. The report says Amazon is in talks to launch a Spotify-like streaming music service to be offered in addition to Prime Music. The service would cost $9.99 per month for unlimited access to streaming music. Interestingly, sources tell The Post that Amazon is considering a reduced bundled price of $3 to $4 a month if purchased with the Amazon Echo.

Amazon will be airing their first Super bowl ad in a few weeks to advertise the Echo. The Post says plans for a new music service are in early stages, but perhaps a new music announcement will be part of the ad. My money’s on new Alexa features and a new Echo coming in conjunction with the ad.

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Prime Music Stations added to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick under your nose


This one slipped under my radar, but I figured I should mention it anyway for those unaware. At some point in September, Amazon flipped a switch that enabled Prime Music Stations on the current software version of Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. This was not added in conjunction with a software update, but rather just turned on later. My Fire TV running version does not have Prime Music Stations, but my Fire TV running version does, so at some point in between those two version it was added but left disabled until later. Prime Music Stations are similar to radio stations, but you can vote songs up or down to tailor the station to your liking. You can learn more from my overview of the feature when it was added to the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview a few months ago.

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Amazon Prime Music comes to Sonos devices


Amazon Prime members can now stream Prime Music to Sonos’ great line of wireless speakers. Sonos makes some of the best wireless speakers and receivers on the market. You can now stream Prime Music, including Prime Playlists and Prime Stations, directly through the Sonos app. The feature is technically in beta, but easily accessible.

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Amazon Prime Music expands with artists like Taylor Swift, Kanye, Katy Perry, and many others


Amazon has announced that, starting today, Prime Music will now include select albums from Universal Music Group. This deal with UMG fills a large gap in Amazon’s Prime music library. Some of the artists coming to Prime music through the UMG deal are Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, Of Monsters and Men, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Drake, Lorde, Jessie J and Eminem. Other new content coming to Prime music includes music from Kanye West, The Rolling Stones, and Lady Antebellum. Only select songs and Albums from the newly added artists will be available. Amazon’s 6 month delay between an album’s release and its appearance on Prime music still applies to these newly added artists.

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Prime Music Stations added to Fire OS 5 Preview for the Fire TV


Amazon has been regularly expanding the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick’s music capabilities. A music section was added to the Fire TV a couple months after the device’s launch, giving users access to their uploaded and purchased music. Coinciding with the release of the Fire TV Stick, we saw the addition of Prime Music on both devices, but you initially could only play Prime music which you first explicitly added to your music library via Amazon’s website. It wasn’t until the addition of Prime Music Playlists that users gained access to a wider selection of Prime Music through the Fire TV. Now Amazon is adding even more music options with the addition of Prime Music Stations, which let you select an artist or genre from which you want to hear related music. Read more ›

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