Ring Video Doorbell on sale for $74.99 as Early Prime Day deal — New Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has trickled out a few new Early Prime Day Deals today, including the Ring Video Doorbell for $74.99. With a regular price of $99.99, this deal, available for Prime members only, saves you 25% off the regular price. This sale is the new lowest price that this doorbell has ever been, beating out the previous low during Back Friday 2021 by $5. This is the 2nd-generation of Ring’s entry-level doorbell with an improved resolution of 1080p, which is up from 720p on the previous model.

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Don’t be fooled by the current fake Prime Day deals on Fire TVs

If you head over to Amazon’s Prime Day deals page and scroll through the “Deals on Amazon Devices” section, you’ll notice that all Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Recast models are listed as on sale. Despite what Amazon, and many news sites, want you to think, these are not Prime Day deals. These current discounts are just an extension of the Father’s Day sale that started in mid-June and never ended. While Amazon hasn’t revealed Prime Day prices for Fire TV devices, it’s safe to assume when they actually do go on sale for Prime Day, they will be less than they are now, so you’re better off waiting. Despite early Prime Day deals starting on June 21, actual Prime Day is officially on July 12 and I expect Fire TVs to go live with their actual Prime Day discounts a day or two before that. The current deals on Fire TV Smart TVs, however, are legitimate Prime Day prices that likely won’t change between now and mid-July.

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Amazon Luna Controller for Fire TV on sale now for $39.99 for Prime Day — New Lowest Price Ever

In addition to a slew of Fire TV Smart TVs going on sale as Early Prime Day Deals, Amazon has also put the Luna Controller on sale for $39.99. At 43% off its regular price of $69.99, this is the new lowest price that this controller has ever been. It beats out its previous best price, which was $49.99 during Black Friday, by a significant amount. Even if you have zero interest in ever subscribing to Luna Cloud Gaming, you should seriously consider this deal. For starters, if you like to game and are a Prime member, then picking up this controller gives you the best way to play all the free monthly Luna games that Prime members get access to each month. Paying just $39.99 to have an ongoing great experience for those free games is worth it in my book. Apart from Luna, this is just generally a great controller and easily the best one for Fire TV gaming of any kind. Yes, it connects to Luna directly over WiFi for the lowest latency possible, but it also connects to Fire TVs, Android phones/tablets, and Windows PCs over Bluetooth for non-Luna gaming. It can also connect over its USB-C port if you prefer to go wired, which comes with the advantage of not needing batteries since it can be powered over the USB connection. I’m just a big fan of this controller in general, so it’s great to see it finally drop to a reasonable price. There’s also a Phone Clip for $12.99, if you’re interested, that can attach a phone to the controller, but I personally never use mine because I don’t like the extra weight hanging off of the controller and can usually find a place to prop up the phone separately when needed.

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My Picks for the Best Fire TV Smart TV Deals for Prime Day — All Deals Are Now Live

Amazon has kicked off its Early Prime Day Deals today with dozens of great deals on Fire TV Smart TVs. I’ve already posted the Full List of all Fire TV Smart TV Deals, but, with more TV options to choose from than ever before, I thought it was worth picking out my choices for the best TV deals in various categories. Whether you’re looking for the best small TV, the best large TV, the best budget 4K TV, or the best premium 4k TV, this list of my picks for best deals should help you weed out deals that are just alright from the ones that are truly great. Read more ›

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Breaking down how good Prime Day Fire TV Smart TV Prices will be this year

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2022 will be on July 12 & 13. Along with the announcement, Amazon has revealed a few of the Fire TV Smart TV deals that we’ll see this year for Prime Day. Some of these TV deals are quite impressive and are significantly lower than these TVs have ever been in the past. However, some of the TVs in the revealed deal list have actually been cheaper in the past. Here is a breakdown of each Fire TV Smart TV deal revealed for Prime Day and how it compares to past deals. Read more ›

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Prime Day 2022 will be July 12 & 13, with deals starting as early as June 21

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2022 will be held on July 12 & 13, however, with each Prime Day, Amazon has been going live with early Prime Day deals on select products earlier and earlier. Amazon says that this year’s early Prime Day deals will start next week on June 21 and has revealed a few of the Fire TV Smart TV prices we’ll see during Prime Day. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be in July this year

Amazon has revealed that its big Prime Day sale will be in July this year. Prime Day has historically been in July every year since it debuted in 2015, but the pandemic pushed it to October in 2020. Last year Amazon kicked Prime Day off in June but now it is returning to its usual month of July this year. The exact dates for Prime Day 2022 have not yet been announced, but, whenever they are, you can surely expect to find the best deals on Amazon devices during the big sales event. I’ll be finding and posting all the best deals when it happens, as I do each year.

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Fire TV Stick 4K was the most popular Prime Day purchase while Echos may have flopped

As has become customary after the big sale, Amazon released some figures about Prime Day purchases. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K claimed the title as the most popular item purchased during Prime Day. During the last Prime Day in October of 2020, that title went to the Amazon Echo Dot. As for Echo devices, it seems like their sales figures may have dropped quite a bit compared to previous Prime Days. Amazon also said that more Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV televisions we purchased this Prime Day than the last one, which was already more than the one before that. Read more ›

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These are all the Fire TV related deals still available for Prime Day

Prime Day is just a few hours from ending and most of the deals are still available, especially for Amazon devices. You can look back through all the deals I’ve been highlighting but if you just want to see all the Fire TV related deals on one page, here you go. Read more ›

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[UPDATED: 3 SOLD OUT] Nearly all Fire TV Edition television are on sale for Prime Day — Including 2021 models that have never been on sale before

Amazon has put nearly every Fire TV Edition television it sells from Toshiba and Insignia on sale for Prime Day. Surprisingly, this even includes most of the 2021 models that were just released within the last few weeks. TV sizes include 24, 32, 39, 42, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 70 inches. Here is a full list of all the TVs on sale and a breakdown of the main differences between 2020 vs 2021 models and Toshiba vs Insignia models. Read more ›

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