Amazon Fire TV Stick was the most popular item purchased during Prime Day 2022

Amazon always boasts about how successful Prime Day was after the big sale event ends, and this year was no different. Amazon says this year’s event was “the biggest Prime Day” ever with “more than 300 million items” purchased and more Amazon devices sold than any other Prime Day. What was different, however, was not mentioning the top-selling item in Amazon’s US press release, as has been the case most years. Thankfully, the UK press release does mention the top-selling item as the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, so it’s probably safe to assume it was the top-selling item in the US and other regions as well. Read more ›

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Prime Day 2022: What did you buy? What surprised you? What disapointed you?

With Prime Day 2022 winding down, let’s hear what you all bought in the comments. What did you think about the deals overall? Did anything surprise you or disappoint you about the sale? Here is my take on the day and I’d love to hear yours. Read more ›

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Fire 7 Kids Tablet just dropped to $64.99 for Prime Day — New 2022 model’s first sale ever!

Prime Day is practically over, but Amazon has decided to kick off one last lightning deal on one of its devices and it’s for the all-new Fire 7 Kids tablet for $64.99. That’s 50% off its regular price of $109.99. This deal is noteworthy because this is the brand spanking new 2022 model that was just released a few weeks ago. The non-kids version of the new Fire 7 tablet didn’t get discounted at all for Prime Day this year, so this kids tablet is the only way to get the new hardware at any kind of discount. It’s worth noting that the Fire 8 Kids tablet is still available for $69.99 if you want a bigger screen with similar specs. As always, these tablets come with a 2-year worry-free guarantee and a free 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

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Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor on sale for $41.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has just put its Alexa-compatible Smart Air Quality Monitor on sale for $41.99 for Prime Day, which is 40% off the regular price of $69.99. This is a lightning deal, which means only a certain number of units are going to be available at this price before it sells out. This is only the second time the Amazon Air Quality Monitor has ever been on sale, with the first sale being $14 higher than the deal today. This air monitor was released this past November and can keep track of particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity, and temperature. An LED on top shines green, yellow, and red to indicate the current air quality. For historical or more detailed info about your air quality, you can check the available reports in the Alexa app or you can just ask Alexa through a paired Echo device.

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[UPDATED 7/13] Full list of every Fire TV Smart TV on sale for Prime Day — Continuously being updated

Originally posted: 6/21, Last updated: 7/13

As announced last week, Amazon has kicked off Early Prime Day Deals today with nearly all Fire TV Smart TVs being discounted at fantastic prices. Don’t let these being “early” deals turn you off because these are legitimately great prices with most of these TV prices being lower than they ever have been in the past. Highlights include the 43in Pioneer 4K for $199.99, which is the cheapest a Fire TV Smart TV with Dolby Vision has ever been, the 55in Amazon 4K Omni Fire TV Smart TV for $299.99, which is a full $70 less than it has ever been in the past, and the 75in Insignia 4K Fire TV for $599.99, which is the first time a 75 inch Fire TV has dropped below $600. Here is the full list of Fire TV Smart TV deals that are now live, with each deal compared to its lowest previous price. Read more ›

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Ethernet Adapter w/ USB OTG Hub for Fire TV Sticks & Cubes on sale for $10.39 — This is the dongle to get!

On sale for Prime Day is the Smays Ethernet Adapter w/ built-in USB OTG Hub for $10.39. While this isn’t a particularly spectacular deal, I know a lot of you just picked up new Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cubes during Prime Day and this is easily the best accessory to get for your new or existing Fire TVs. This simple adapter adds a 100 Mbps Ethernet port and 3 full-sized USB-A ports to your Fire TV. It comes with a separate power cable so that it can power a Fire TV Stick while it’s being used. The Ethernet portion is great for a more stable network connection if you have a nearby router. The USB port allows you to expand your device’s internal storage, either for additional apps or for accessing external media, and lets you connect USB peripherals like mice, keyboards, gamepads, and more. The adapter is compatible with all Fire TV Stick models (Standard, Lite, 4K, and 4K Max) except for the original 1st-gen Fire TV Stick from 2014. It’s also compatible with all Fire TV Cube models and the 3rd-gen Fire TV pendant. That said, read this article to understand how external data access differs among Fire TV model, especially if you have a Fire TV Stick 4K. Amazon’s own Fire TV Ethernet adapter is fine, but its biggest flaw is that it doesn’t also pass data through its micro USB connection, so you can use it if you also want to connect something else to the Fire TV. This Smays adapter solves that in a single compact device and that’s why it’s my go-to recommendation for Fire TV Ethernet adapters.

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Amazon’s lightning deal on its 50″ 4K Fire TV Smart TV sold out in 5 minutes

Amazon has a lot of great deals on its devices during Prime Day this year, many of which are at all-time low prices, but none were better than the 50″ Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K Smart TV for $99.99. At an impressive 78% off its regular price of $469.99, it was certainly the deal to get. However, as a lightning deal with limited stock allocated for the rock bottom price, it was pretty obvious that the deal would sell out fast. The sale went live at 6:00 am PT today, as expected, and within 3 minutes the real-time purchase tally indicated that 50% of the TVs were accounted for. Around 6:05 am, just 5 minutes after the deal went live, the purchase count indicated 100% and the deal was sold out. Read more ›

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[SOLD OUT] 50″ Amazon 4-Series 4K Fire TV Smart TV is on sale for $99.99 — Lightning deal will sell out in minutes!

The 50-inch Amazon 4-Series 4K Fire TV is now on sale for $99.99 as a Prime Day lightning deal. This is a “doorbuster” deal that will surely sell out fast, so if you’re at all interested in this TV, stop reading and go place your order! This ridiculously low price is 78% off the regular price of $469.99, which easily makes it the best deal for Prime Day 2022. This TV originally dropped to $259.99 when early Prime Day deals kicked off a few weeks ago, which was already a great deal that was $40 lower than it had ever been in the past. Read more about this TV here, when I first posted about it going on sale.


7/13/22 Sold Out! The deal went live at 6:00 am PT and, as expected, it sold out in record speed. Around 6:03 am PT it reched 50% sold and around 6:05 am PT it was completely sold out. Congrats to everyone that got in on this fantastic deal!

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All the best Fire TV Prime Day Deals in one place — Fire TV Sticks, Cubes, TVs, Accessories, and more

Prime Day this year is turning out to be a good one for Fire TV buyers with great deals on Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Smart TVs, and Fire TV accessories that are significantly lower than they have ever been in the past. Here is a full list of all Fire TV related deals for Prime Day that I will keep pinned to the top of the site and constantly keep updating as new deals go live. Read more ›

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[SOLD OUT] Buy a $50 Amazon eGift Card and get $12.50 in Free Credit

If you buy a $50 Amazon eGift Card you will earn $12.50 in free credit applied to your account. To qualify, you simply need to add $50 or more in Amazon eGift Cards to your cart and enter promo code EGCPRIME22 at checkout. After entering the code, you should see a “Qualifying offers” message appear on the checkout screen informing you of the $12.50 credit that will be applied to your account within 2 days of purchasing the Amazon eGift Card. You may enter the email address associated with your Amazon account as the recipient of the eGift Card and still receive the free $12.50 credit. If you shop on Amazon regularly enough to spend $50 anyway, this is essentially free money. If for some reason the promo code does not work, you can alternatively try clicking the yellow “Apply code to your account” button on this page before purchasing the $50 eGift Card. This offer ends July 13, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PT or when enough people have redeemed the offer.


Amazon has reached the limit of free credits it’s willing to give out and has marked this promotion as sold out.

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