Amazon sold over half a million Fire TV devices globally during Prime Day


Now that Prime Day is over, Amazon has released some figures for the big sales event. Comparing this year’s announcement to last year’s announcement reveals that over 500 thousand Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks were sold globaly yesterday. Amazon is notorious for not divulging sales numbers for any of their products, but last year they said “hundreds of thousands of Fire TV Sticks” were ordered during Prime Day and this year they said they “sold over 2.5x more Amazon Fire TV devices compared to Prime Day last year.” Assuming “Fire TV devices” includes all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick types, and “hundreds of thousands” means at least 200,000, multiplying that base figure by 2.5 translates to at least half a million Fire TV devices sold this Prime Day. Amazon said the Fire TV Stick specifically was the best-selling device globally on Prime Day, which is a repeat of the same accomplishment from last year’s Prime Day.

Amazon also said that the Amazon Echo had its “biggest day ever” and sales were “up over 2.5x compared to [the] previous record day.” That’s impressive since, presumably, the previous record day was Black friday last year, when the Echo “was the #1 best seller across all $100+ products on” As a whole, orders during Prime Day this year “surpassed Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S.,” so it’s probably safe to say Prime Day will continue being an annual event for years to come.

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Refurbished Amazon Echo is $119.99 and Refurbished Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote is $29.99 [Expired]


If you’re still on the fence about buying an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick today, perhaps an extra $5 to $10 savings will help you decide. As an alternative to the new devices that are on sale today, you can also get a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo for $119.99 and a Certified Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $29.99. That’s $10 and $5 less than their new counterparts, respectively.

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Fire Tablet “variety pack” includes 3 tablets for $89.97 — $29.99 each tablet [Expired]


Amazon just went live with a Prime Day deal where you can buy a Fire Tablet Variety Pack for $89.97. The pack includes 3 Fire 7″ Tablets. Two of which are 8GB models, which Amazon is still selling seperatley for $33.33 each, and one is a 16GB model, which is going for $53.33 today. Buying those three tablets individually would cost $119.99, making this viriety pack a savings of $30. This deal is going very quickly, so put your order in immediatly if you’re interested.

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New batch of Alexa Exclusive Deals just added — Echo Voice Remote for $22 and more [Expired]


Amazon has just added 8 new Alexa Exclusive Deals. Among them is the Voice Remote for the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for $22. This is the first time you have ever been able to buy that voice remote for less than its regular price of $29.99. Additionally, if you haven’t purchased anything through Alexa yet, you can still get an extra $10 off any of these exclusive deals. Unfortunately, it seems Amazon has fixed the loophole that was allowing some people, including myself, to purchase Alexa exclusive deals through the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. To purchase an item at the Alexa exclusive price, you must use Alexa on an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap to place the order. Read more ›

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These 33 movies are available to rent for $0.99 today only [Expired]


Now that Prime Day is winding down, you should reward yourself for a job well done saving so much money today. Kick your feet up and enjoy a $0.99 movie rental. Of the hundreds of movies and shows on sale for Prime Day, these 33 movies are available to rent in HD for just $0.99. Most will increase in price at the end of the day, so rent them now and enjoy them within the next 30 days. Click through to see them listed on Amazon, or read on to see them in a grid below. Read more ›

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PNY MicroSD cards are on sale for Prime Day — 128GB for $27.99 and 64GB for $13.99 [Expired]


If you picked up a discounted Amazon Fire TV today, or a Fire Tablet, or any other device with a microSD card slot that was on sale today, you may want to pick up a microSD card while they’re on sale, to supplement your device’s internals storage. The new PNY Elite microSD cards are on sale today for Prime Day. The 128GB card is $27.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB card is $13.99, which is down from $17.99. If you prefer your external storage in a USB form factor, the PNY Elite USB flash drives are also on sale. The 256GB drive is $52.99, which is down from $69.99, the 128GB drive is $26.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB drive is $13.99, which is down from $19.99. Just remember that, with the Fire TV 2, you can only move apps onto a microSD card. The Fire TV 1 is the one that can store apps on USB drives, but both devices can read media and files off of a USB drive. Note that, like with the Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard deal, the discounted Prime Day price will not appear until you begin the checkout process.

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How to Prime Day


Theoretically, one could sign up for Audible to get the $10 credit, buy $50 in gift cards to get another $10 credit, add an Amazon Fire TV to your cart, use Alexa to add an Amazon Echo to your cart so you get the $10 Alexa discount, check out using an Amazon Visa to get $30 off, and end up with my two favorite Amazon products, which retail for $279.98, and end up only paying $139.98. I have no idea if all of those discounts and credits would stack together, but if someone does it, they should immediately stand up from their computer, drop the mouse, and walk away.

Lets hear about your best deals, and flaunt your Prime Day ninja skills, in the comments.

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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard w/ Touchpad on sale for $17.99 [Expired]

The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard w/ Touchpad is currently on sale for $17.99 for Prime members. The sale price will not appear on the product page, but a discount will be applied at checkout which brings the price down to $17.99. This is one of the best wireless keyboards to use with the Fire TV and any other streaming media player with a USB port. I’ve owned one for years and love it. It’s the perfect size to use on the couch when needed and to tuck away when done. This keyboard does not have Bluetooth, so it will not work with a Fire TV Stick unless you root it and use an OTG cable.

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Round up of Streaming Media Device deals for Prime Day [Expired]


Here’s a list of all the streaming media device deals going on right now for Prime Day. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield w/ 2 Controllers is $149.99 and 500GB Pro is $249.99 [Expired]


The NVIDIA Shield Bundle with 2 Game Controllers just went on sale for $149.99. Alternately, the NVIDIA Shield Pro Bundle with 2 Game Controllers is on sale for $249.99. That’s the lowest price either of these bundles have ever been. The NVIDIA Shield is easily the best box that runs Android TV. It’s pricier than the Fire TV because it has a console gaming focused processor under the hood with some serious power. You won’t find Amazon Video on the NVIDIA Shield, but you will find the Google PLay Store. If you’ve been thinking of giving Android TV a try, here’s an opportunity to save $50 off the retail price and get an extra controller for free.

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