Plex releases all-new interface update for Roku — Coming to Fire TV soon

Plex has announced the release of an all-new user interface for their media app. The new interface provides quicker ways to get to your content through the use of a vertical menu along the left side of the screen. You can pin your favorite media sources to the sidebar and turn off media sources you don’t use to customize the menu items. The new interface is currently available for Roku users and is available as a beta for Apple TV users. Fire TV users will have to wait a bit longer to get the new interface in the Plex app.

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Plex is shutting down Plex Cloud in November

Plex will be shutting down their Plex Cloud service on November 30th, as first reported on by Variety. After halting the creation of new cloud servers in February due to performance and quality issues, Plex has decided to stop supporting the service for good. Plex Cloud allowed Plex users to run a virtual Plex server in the cloud by uploading their media to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive. When Plex Cloud first launched, it supported Amazon Drive, which offered unlimited storage for $59.99 a year. Plex dropped support for Amazon Drive shortly after launching Plex Cloud and Amazon dropped their unlimited plan soon after. Plex Cloud was a compelling option while paired with an affordable unlimited cloud storage plan, but it likely became less attractive to many when support for Amazon Drive was lost. Plex Cloud was a great concept and good when it worked correctly, but it seems like it was a service that was ahead of its time.

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MrMC v3.6 update includes the Plex add-on with more add-ons coming soon

The media center app MrMC has recently been updated to version 3.6 and with the update comes the return of add-on support. It’s still not possible for users to install their own add-ons in MrMC, but the app’s developers will be adding highly requested add-ons to the app. The first add-on being added is the official Plex add-on. Selectively allowing add-ons in this manner is the only way for MrMC to remain in the Amazon appstore. Read more ›

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Plex introduces Hardware-Accelerated Streaming and makes Auto Quality available for free

Plex, the popular media player for streaming your own media collection to all of your devices including the Fire TV, has made a couple of announcements that should make for a better experience. First off, all customers can now use the “Automatically Adjust Quality” setting for their streams without needing to be a Plex Pass subscriber. If you are a subscriber, then you now get access to a new hardware-accelerated streaming option that uses dedicated hardware, that your server probably already has, to more efficiently transcode your media. Read more ›

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Plex News adds aggregated news clips to the popular media player app

Plex now offers local and national on-demand news videos directly within their app for free to all customers. The media player maker acquired Watchup earlier this year to promised to integrate it’s stand-alone newscast aggregator capabilities into Plex. Read more ›

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Plex updates Fire TV app with new UI and support for Live TV and DVR

Plex has just updated their Amazon Fire TV app with a significant interface overhaul. In doing so they’ve also added support for Live TV and DVR capabilities to Fire TV devices. This means you can now connect a TV tuner to your Plex server and stream live programming to all of your Fire TV devices with recording and time shifting capabilities. Read more ›

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Plex’s add-on for Kodi is now free for everyone — Plex Pass no longer required

One of the best things about Plex, the popular media center app, is that it has always supported a huge range of devices and platforms. That support even includes a Kodi add-on, which you can install directly from within Kodi by navigating to the Video Add-ons section. To use Plex’s Kodi add-on, however, you historically had to be a Plex Pass subscriber, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. That changes today because Plex has announced that their Kodi add-on is now available for anyone to use for free. So if you’re running a Plex server, you can now get the full Plex experience right from within Kodi, without having to switch apps or pay anything.

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Plex DVR now available for all with support for additional tuners and live TV

Plex first launched their DVR service in beta late last year and today the feature is being made available to all Plex Pass subscribers. When the service first launched, it only supported HDHomeRuns’s networked tuners, but now Plex has added support for additional USB and PCI tuners from Hauppauge and AverMedia. Additionally, the DVR feature now allows users to view live TV on select devices, which unfortunately does not yet include the Fire TV. Read more ›

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Plex Cloud exits beta and is now available to all Plex Pass subscribers

Plex Cloud has exited beta and ready for all users to use. You still need to be a Plex Pass subscriber to use the service, but if you are, you can host all or part of your personal media library in the cloud without needing to run a local Plex server. The service first debuted last year with support for Amazon Drive, but now only supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Read more ›

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All the voice commands understood by the Plex Alexa Skill

The newly released Plex Alexa Skill is a great way to control the Plex app with your voice using a voice remote on the Amazon Fire TV or through an Amazon Echo. Here’s the full list of available voice commands that Plex understands. Read more ›

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