Amazon’s next lineup of pilots includes shows from Sacha Baron Cohen, Louis CK, and Tig Notaro

It’s time for another round of pilots from Amazon. Coming off of their Emmy win, Amazon has announced the lineup of shows for their fall pilot season. This round will include 6 new pilots for customers to watch for free and rate to help Amazon determine which ones will be turned into a full series. The half-hour pilots include One Mississippi, which is a dark comedy executive produced by Louis C.K. and stars Tig Notaro, Highston, which is executive produced by Sacha Baron Cohen and is a comedy about a 19-year old with a wide range of celebrity friends only he can see, and Z which is a bio-series based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the original 20’s flapper. The hour-long pilots include Good Girls Revolt, which is set in 1969 and is about a group of young women that spark changes to marriages and careers, Edge which is a violent western set in 1868, and Patriot which is a political thriller that follows the life of a CIA officer. These new pilots will be available later this year. Read on for full descriptions of each show. Read more ›

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Amazon has Two New Pilots to Watch for Free


Amazon has just put up two new pilot episodes that you can watch for free. When you’re done, like with all of their pilots, they ask that you let them know what you thought of the shows, to help them determine if the pilot will become a full series.

Results for the the previous round of pilots consisting of 6 new kids shows is still undetermined, but 5 new series have been approved from the batch that became available in January. The 5 shows that will get a full season run are: The Man in the High Castle, Mad Dogs, and The New Yorker Presents, as well as two kids shows The Stinky & Dirty Show and Just Add Magic.

The first of the two new pilots is Sneaky Pete, staring Giovanni Ribisi as an ex-con who takes on the identity of his cellmate after leaving prison. Second is Casanova, starring Diego Luna as Giacomo Casanova who flees to Paris in hopes of putting his reputation as a playboy behind him. Continue on for the trailers and synopsis of these two new pilots. Read more ›

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Six New Kids Pilots are Now Available to Watch for Free


Amazon is continuing to beef up their Instant Video offerings with more original content in the form of six new kids pilots. If you’re unfamiliar with how Amazon pilots work, they’re made available for a short time to gauge the popularity of each new show. Viewers are encouraged to take a survey which helps Amazon determine which of the new pilots will receive a full season order.

Up for consideration this round are The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop, an animated show for preschool-aged children, and several shows for children ages 6 thru 11 including Lost in Oz, an animated action-adventure comedy, Lily the Unicorn, an animated show based on the hit children’s book An Awesome Book! and produced by the Jim Henson Company. Rounding off the animated shows is Bear in Underwear which is based on books written by Todd Goldman. Lastly are two live-action kids shows, A History of Radness, from the writers and producers of Hannah Montana, and The Kicks, which is based on a book series by US Olympic Gold Medalist and current US Women’s National Team soccer player Alex Morgan.

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Amazon’s 13 new pilot episodes are now available

Amazon’s 4th pilot season is now live. All 13 new pilot episodes are now available to stream for free; Prime membership is not required. Amazon uses these pilot seasons to determine which new pilot will be turned into a full series. This new pilot season includes 7 comedies & dramas, and 6 childrens shows.

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Amazon Studio’s 4th pilot season will air January 15th with 13 new shows

Amazon announced today that their 4th pilot season will air January 15th. Pilot seasons are when Amazon Studio’s releases pilot episodes of new shows and ask for feedback to determine which shows they’ll turn into full series. Amazon previously announced the 7 comedies and dramas set to air this month, but has also added an additional 6 original kids pilots.

The latest Amazon original series to graduate from a pilot season, Mozart in the Jungle, went live last month and has managed an impressive 8.2 out of 10 star rating on IMDB. Read on for the full list of 13 pilot shows and descriptions from Amazon. Read more ›

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Amazon Announces Seven New Pilot Shows for Next Year

Amazon is working on seven new pilot shows set to debut early next year on Amazon Instant video in the US, UK, and Germany. These new show releases, dubbed “pilot seasons” by Amazon, have been occurring more often as Amazon works to strengthen it’s home grown lineup of exclusive content to compete with shows like Netflix’s House of Cards. Included in this new lineup of pilots is four hour-long shows: Cocked, Mad Dogs, The Man in the High Castle, and Point of Honor, along with three half hour shows: Down Dog, Salem Rogers, and Amazon’s first docu-series The New Yorker Presents. The pilots will be available on the Fire TV and, as always, customers will be invited to provide feedback to help Amazon determine which, if any, of the new shows will be turned into full series. Read on for a description of each show along with the talent involved. Read more ›

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Amazon’s 5 New Pilots Now Live


As I mentioned earlier this month, Amazon’s production company has today released 5 new pilot episodes for shows they’re considering making into full series. All 5 shows are available on the Fire TV, so if you need something to watch tonight give one or more a shot. And if you like what you see, head on over to Amazon and let them know which shows you liked best.

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Amazon will premiere 5 pilot shows August 28


Amazon Studios will debut what they call their third “pilot season” on August 28th. Three half hour comedies and two hour-long dramas will be available on Amazon Instant Video devices, including the Fire TV. After watching the shows, Amazon invites viewers to comment and give feedback to help them determine which shows will be turned into full series. Read on for a description of the 5 shows. Read more ›

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