2023 Onn 1080p Stick and 2023 Onn 4K Box Benchmarks — Compared to all Fire TV Sticks, 2021 Onn Models, Chromecast, Shield TV, and more

Walmart just released its all-new 2nd-generation Onn Streaming Stick for 2023 as the successor to the first stick it released in 2021. Earlier this year, the retailer updated its first 4K streamer with the release of its new 2nd-gen Onn 4K Box, but that device disappointed many with worse performance than the 2021 model it replaced. Here is a rundown of benchmark scores for both of Walmart’s new 2023 streaming devices to see how they stack up against the devices they replace and all Amazon Firesticks, Google Chromecasts, Nvidia Shield TVs, and other streaming devices running Fire OS, Android TV, and Google TV. Read more ›

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Walmart releases new 2023 Onn 1080p Streaming Stick running Google TV for just $14.88

Walmart has unceremoniously released its 2nd-generation Onn Streaming Stick with a staggeringly low price of $14.88. This new 1080p streamer is a replacement to the first Onn Streaming Stick which debuted in 2021 for just under $25 but quickly dropped to just under $15, which is where it spent most of its availability. While the Onn 4K Streaming Box for $19.88 released earlier this year is certainly the better buy for not much more money, the new Onn Streaming Stick is a worthy upgrade over the previous model. Read more ›

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Give Fire TV Ads the finger with these Google/Android TV Streaming Device Black Friday Deals — Chromecast, Shield TV, & Onn

There’s no better way to show Amazon what you think of its full-screen autoplaying Fire TV video ads than to jump ship and replace your Fire TV with a Google TV or Android TV streaming device. Black Friday is the best time to do it with great prices across the board. A good alternative to the 1080p Fire TV Stick is the 1080p Chromecast HD for $19.95, which is 33% off its regular price, or the 4K Walmart Onn Streaming Box for $19.88. An Alternative to the Fire TV Stick 4K or 4K Max would be the Chromecast 4K for $37.98, which is 24% off its regular price of $49.99. If you want the best of the best and an alternative to the Fire TV Cube, you can’t go wrong with either the Shield TV for $124.99, which is 17% off its regular price of $149.99, or the Shield TV Pro for $169.99, which is 15% off its regular price of $199.99. There are also countless deals on Google TV Smart TVs from Sony, TCL, Vizio, Hisense, and others that, frankly, put the Fire TV Smart TV selection to shame when it comes to high-end TVs.

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Walmart’s next 1080p Onn Streaming Device passes through FCC approval

With the recent release of its 2nd-gen Onn 4K Streaming Box, Walmart appears to be ready to replace its first 1080p Onn Streaming Stick with a new non-4K device. A new “onn. Full HD Streaming Device” has just passed through FCC approval, as spotted by Zatz Not Funny!. While the new device will probably function identically to the existing 1080p Onn Streaming Stick, it appears as though Walmart is going with a box form factor this time. Read more ›

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Walmart releases new Onn 4K Streaming Box with Google TV for $19.88

Walmart has just released its new Onn 4K Streaming Box with Google TV. This is the successor to its first Onn 4K streamer released in 2021. The new model looks identical to the old one on the outside but comes with some internal improvements and maintains its killer pricing of $19.88. Read more ›

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New Walmart Onn 4K Android/Google TV Streamer makes its first appearance

Nearly two years ago, Walmart began selling its first 4K Android TV streaming device, the Onn 4K Streaming Box. While it was as generic of a streamer as you could get, it offered unmatched value with a retail price under $30. The Onn 4K box and matching Onn 1080p Stick quietly began to disappear from both Walmart’s website and retail shelves, suggesting the models were being discontinued. Now, the first indication of a successor to the Onn 4K Streaming Box has made an appearance. Read more ›

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Walmart may be discontinuing its Onn Streaming Stick and 4K Streaming Box

Walmart released its Android-based Onn Streaming Stick and Onn 4K Streaming Box about a year and a half ago. The devices are relatively popular, thanks to their very low everyday prices. However, it seems as though Walmart might be discontinuing both devices, as spotted by 9To5Google, because both models are no longer available for purchase online or at most stores. Read more ›

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2022 Google Chromecast HD Benchmark Scores — Compared to Chromecast 4K, Firesticks, Fire TV Cube, Nvidia Shield TV, Onn, MECOOL, Tivo, and more

Google released its 2022 Chromecast with Google TV HD this morning and I picked one up to see how it stacks up against all the popular Google TV, Android TV, and Fire TV streaming sticks and boxes from Amazon, Walmart, Nvidia, Tivo, MECOOL, and more. First and foremost, here are Geekbench CPU and GFXBench GPU benchmark scores to see how much raw performance power the new Chromecast HD has compared to its big brother, the Chromecast 4K, and all the other streaming devices I could get my hands on. Read more ›

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Android/Google TV News Rundown: 16GB storage minimums, Nest/Fitbit Integration, Tivo TVs, & Software Updates

Over the last few weeks, there have been several newsworthy bits of information about Android TV and Google TV devices. Here’s a roundup of that news, which includes insight into new internal storage minimums, Nest, Fitbit, and Wear OS hardware integration, Tivo’s more into Smart TVs, and various software updates. Read more ›

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Android TV News Roundup: Chromecast & Walmart Onn get updates, Shield TV may get Android 11, TCL pulls its Google TVs from shelves, and more

In the past week, there have been a few noteworthy pieces of news regarding Android TV and Google TV devices. Google’s Chromecast with Google TV and Walmart’s Onn 4K Streaming Box have both received minor software updates. Nvidia’s Shield TV has dropped a hint that it may be getting updated to Android 11 in the future. TCL and Best Buy have pulled TCL 6-Series TVs running Google TV off of shelves due to performance issues. Read on for more details about all of these things and more. Read more ›

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