New NVIDIA Shield TV Remote and Controller in code suggest new hardware is coming

XDA Developers has discovered new remote and controller codenames in the NVIDIA Shield TV’s software source code that could mean new hardware is in the works. NVIDIA has confirmed that the codenames “stormcaster” and “friday,” which are explicitly referenced in the code as a controller and remote, refer to products that have not launched publicly. Read more ›

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NVIDIA’s first 65-inch gaming TV with a built-in Shield TV will be released next month for $4,999

NVIDIA showed off their big format gaming display (BFGD) a year ago at CES 2018 with the expectation that it would be released in the summer. The summer came and went but now HP has announced that it will be released in February for $4,999. While NVIDIA’s tech will power the display, multiple manufacturers are expected to create their own versions of the BFGD. HP’s Omen X Emperium 65 will be the first and it features a 144 Hz high refresh-rate 65-inch HDR panel with what is essentially a Shield TV built-in. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV receives Amazon Music app and more in latest v7.2 software updated

NVIDIA has rolled out software update 7.2 for their Shield TV this week. This updated adds the new Amazon Music app that popped up in the Google Play Store earlier this month. The update also adds customizable quick settings, support for 5.1 surround sound on YouTube, and more. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV can now be controlled by Alexa and Amazon Echo devices

NVIDIA has announced that the Shield TV can now be controlled using Alexa through an Amazon Echo device. Once you have the Shield TV Alexa Skill enabled and paired to your device, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to turn the Shield TV on/off, open apps, change volume, control media playback, and more. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $139.99 at Best Buy — Lowest Price Ever

The NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $139.99 at Best Buy. This price pretty much matches the lowest price the Shield TV has ever been, which is $139.00 during Prime Day. This is for the bundle that includes only the remote control. If you also want the game controller, that bundle is currently on sale for $179.99 at Amazon. The NVIDIA Shield TV is easily the best streaming device that runs Google’s official Android TV operating system. It has a powerful CPU that can breeze through any task you throw at it and a GPU that is unrivaled by any other streaming device for great gaming capabilities.

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NVIDIA Shield TV will be on sale for $139 during Prime Day

UPDATE: Deal is now live! Get it HERE!

NVIDIA has informed me that they’ll be taking part in Amazon’s Prime Day sale by discounting their Android TV boxes. The NVIDIA Shield TV will be on sale for $139 on Amazon during Prime Day. That is $40 off the regular price and will be the new lowest price that it has ever been. The previous lowest it has ever been on Amazon is $149, but it was briefly available for $143 at B&H just before Christmas of last year. The $139 price will be for the bundle that comes with only a remote control and not the game controller. The NVIDIA Shield TV with Remote & Game Controller will also be going on sale. Starting this Sunday, July 15th, and lasting all of next week, it will be $179.99, which is $20 off the regular price. The game controller bundle has been as low as $169.99 in the past. Amazon has not yet revealed whether the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick will be on sale during Prime Day.


7/15/18 The $179.99 Shield TV w/ Remote & Game Controller sale is now live. I’ll update again once the $139 remote-only price is live.
7/16/18 NVIDIA has told me the $139 price for the Shield TV w/ Remote Only will be a Lightning Deal that starts “around noon (PDT)” on July 17th.
7/17/2018 @ 11:57am The Shield TV is now on sale for $139.

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Android Oreo update is now rolling out to the NVIDIA Shield TV

The NVIDIA Shield TV, the most popular Android TV set-top box, is now starting to receive the Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0 which updates the device to use Android 8.0 Oreo. Even though this version of Android TV has been available since August of last year, NVIDIA chose to not update their devices until now because there weren’t enough apps that supported the new home screen launcher layout. Now that enough apps have finally added support, NVIDIA feels it’s ready to release the update to users. Read more ›

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NVIDIA now offers the Shield TV with only a remote for $179

NVIDIA is now making their Shield TV available without a game controller for $179. That’s $20 less than the original $199.99 bundle that includes both a game controller and remote control. This is new bundle includes the same 16GB model that was released in January of this year. Considering the Shield game controller costs $59.99 on its own, you’re going to want to be pretty certain that you don’t want a game controller before buying the new bundle. The game controller is also required for the hands-free “Ok Google” capabilities that were promised in January of this year but have still not arrived. Pre-orders for the new bundle begin today and ship on October 18.

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NVIDIA Shield TV can now stream 4K content from Google Play

It took a while, but the NVIDIA Shield TV is now able to stream 4K movies and TV shows from Google Play. Google added 4K content to their marketplace when the Chromecast Ultra debuted last year, but strangley, the new Shield TV didn’t launch with access to that library. That misstep has now been corrected, which adds another 4K source to NVIDIA’s lineup. You can also now cast 4K content to the Shield TV.

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Hands on with the new 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV and new Spot microphone

I got a chance to see and play around with the new NVIDIA Shield TV that was announced at CES. Here’s initial hands on impressions of the first Android TV streaming device that comes with an Amazon Video app. Read more ›

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