Apple TV app is now available on most Android TV devices

Nvidia has announced that the Apple TV app is now available on Shield TV devices. Taking a look through my assortment of Android TV devices shows that it’s available on all of them, including the Tivo Stream 4K, Walmart Onn UHD Streaming Device, and Mi Box, so, it seems like the app is now widely available on most Android TV devices. Google announced last year that the Apple TV app would be coming to Android TV devices, starting with the 2020 Chromecast. The Chromecast received the app in February and now others have received it. Read more ›

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Google’s G10 Android TV remote works with the Chromecast and Shield TV, but not with Fire TVs

The Google-designed G10 remote is going to quickly become ubiquitous with Android TV as more and more streaming device manufacturers are choosing to include this remote with their streamers, and for good reason. In a sea of pretty horrible Android TV remotes, the G10 easily stands out as one of the best, thanks to a plentiful selection of buttons and a very close resemblance to the Fire TV remote in both size and button layout. Unfortunately, the G10 does not work with Fire TVs, Firesticks, or Fire TV Cubes, but it does work with the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV as well as the Nvidia Shield TV. However, if you’re thinking of using the G10 remote with either of those devices, there are some important shortcomings to be aware of. Read more ›

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Android TV benchmarks compared to every Fire TV — 2020 Chromecast, Shield TV, Tivo Stream 4K, and Mi Box

After benchmarking every Fire TV model ever released last week and posting the results, several of you asked for a similar post comparing Android TV devices. Now that the new 2020 Chromecast with Google TV has arrived, here’s a benchmark comparison of the Chromecast, two generations of Nvidia Shield TVs, the Tivo Stream 4K, and the Mi Box (for good measure) compared to every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube model. Read more ›

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New NVIDIA Shield TV Remote and Controller in code suggest new hardware is coming

XDA Developers has discovered new remote and controller codenames in the NVIDIA Shield TV’s software source code that could mean new hardware is in the works. NVIDIA has confirmed that the codenames “stormcaster” and “friday,” which are explicitly referenced in the code as a controller and remote, refer to products that have not launched publicly. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV can now stream 4K content from Google Play

It took a while, but the NVIDIA Shield TV is now able to stream 4K movies and TV shows from Google Play. Google added 4K content to their marketplace when the Chromecast Ultra debuted last year, but strangley, the new Shield TV didn’t launch with access to that library. That misstep has now been corrected, which adds another 4K source to NVIDIA’s lineup. You can also now cast 4K content to the Shield TV.

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NVIDIA Shield TV update v5.0 rolling out to 1st-gen devices

Older 1st-gen NVIDIA Shield TVs are finally starting to receive the 5.0 software update. This update adds some of the new capabilities that come with the new NVIDIA Shield TV to the older hardware. Included in the update is the new Amazon Video app, 4K HDR streaming, and much more. Thanks Pawel for the heads up and the image!

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Partial teardown of 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV

Since the new 2nd-generation NVIDIA Shield TV is physically much smaller than the previous model, yet has the same processor, I was curious what the fan setup looked like inside. Here is a partial teardown of the new 16GB model, along with instructions on how to get in yourself if you want to clean out the dust that will inevitably collect inside. Read more ›

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Physical comparison of the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV to the Amazon Fire TV

The new 2nd-generation NVIDIA Shield TV was released yesterday and it’s a solid alternative to the Amazon Fire TV, especially now that it has a fully functional Amazon Video app. I’ve picked one up and will occasionally write about it to round out my coverage of Android based streaming media boxes. Here’s a comparison of the physical aspects of the new Shield TV versus the Amazon Fire TV, including comparisons of the Shield TV’s remote and game controller with Amazon’s remote and game controller. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV update v5.0 adds Amazon Video and more to first-gen hardware

The first-generation NVIDIA Shield TV is starting to receive software update 5.0 that adds many of the new features announced for the 2nd-gen Shield TV to the older hardware. Top on the list of additions is an Amazon Video app that, for the first time, brings all of Amazon’s streaming content to set-top box running Android TV. Read more ›

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Hands on with the new 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV and new Spot microphone

I got a chance to see and play around with the new NVIDIA Shield TV that was announced at CES. Here’s initial hands on impressions of the first Android TV streaming device that comes with an Amazon Video app. Read more ›

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Hands on with the Amazon Video app on the new NVIDIA Shield TV

I just had some hands on time with the new 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV that was just revealed last night at CES. Seeing how it’s the first Android TV streaming box to have an official Amazon Video app, I jumped immediately into the app to have a look around. Read more ›

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NVIDIA announces new Shield TV with Amazon Video and Google Voice Assistant

At their CES keynote, NVIDIA has just announced the next generation Shield TV streaming box running Android TV. Specific hardware specs were not revealed, but NVIDIA says it has three times the performance of any other streaming box on the market. The device’s biggest new features are support for 4K HDR, Amazon Video, and Google’s Voice Assistant. Read more ›

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First images of the new NVIDIA Shield TV, remote, and controller

Image credit: Android Police

Android Police has published images of what is very likely the new NVIDIA Shield TV that is expected to be announced at CES next month. The silhouette of the box, remote, and controller match the FCC documents I discovered earlier this year. Android Police has images showing two different sizes for the Shield TV itself. It’s unknown if this means there will be two new models released or if one of the images is of the existing 1st-gen SHield TV, indicating the new remote and controller will also be bundled with the existing hardware.

It is likely that the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV will be less powerful than the existing model, in order to come in at a lower price point and compete with the Fire TV and Mi Box. NVIDIA has repackaged older hardware before, so my money is on there being a single all-new budget Shield TV and a new bundle that includes the old box but with the new peripherals.

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NVIDIA will reportedly reveal their new Shield TV in January at CES 2017

Ever since discovering FCC documents for a new NVIDIA Shield TV earlier this year, it has been evident that a next generation device was in the works. Now a source tells SlashGear that the new device will be announced during NVIDIA’s keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 4th at 6:30pm PT. From the FCC documents, we already know the new game controller and new remote control will make the switch from WiFi direct connectivity to Bluetooth, and SlashGear’s source has confirmed that change. NVIDIA will also reportedly announce new 4K streaming partners, including Google Play Movies.

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Plex’s new beta DVR functionality now available on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV


Earlier this month, Plex announced that its server software could now function as a DVR to record content from networked HDHomeRun tuners. NVIDIA has now announced that its SHIELD Android TV box has received an updated Plex app that allows it to take advantage of the new DVR functionality. Unlike every other streaming box on the market, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV can function not only as a Plex client for content playback, but also as a Plex server which sends media to other devices. This unique capability, along with the updated Plex app, now allows it to also record content using Plex’s new DVR feature.

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New NVIDIA Shield TV passes through the FCC


We saw a new NVIDIA Shield Game Controller and a new NVIDIA Shield Remote appear in the FCC last week, and now it’s the main device’s turn. Appearing in the FCC this morning is a new NVIDIA Shield TV carrying model number P2897 abd FCC ID VOB-P2897. The device is described as an “Android TV Game Console,” so from that alone, it seems NVIDIA will still be pushing the Shield TV as a gaming device first and a streaming media box second. As usual, the FCC filing doesn’t reveal much about the device due to confidentiality requests submitted by NVIDIA, but we do know it’s still an 802.11ac WiFi device and it appears to have the same general rectangular shape as the current model. Now that a new Shield TV is confirmed, it shouldn’t be long before we hear about what it packs inside.

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New NVIDIA Shield remote passes through the FCC


Just one day after a new NVIDIA Shield Game Controller made an appearance at the FCC, there is now a new NVIDIA Shield Remote to go with it. The game controller could be dismissed as not enough evidence of a new Shield TV, since NVIDIA’s tablets and other devices can use game controllers, but a Shield remote is really only intended to be used with a Shield TV, so seeing a new one emerge is pretty strong evidence a new Shield TV is on the way. As mentioned in my article about the game controller, there’s a decent chance a new Shield TV might not be much different hardware wise from the existing Shield TV, since the current model likely still has enough power to be on par with whatever the new generation of streaming boxes have to offer. Read more ›

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New NVIDIA Shield Controller passes through the FCC

The “FCC Season” that precedes the holiday shopping seasons seems to be in full swing. Yesterday we saw the first of Amazon’s new tablets appear in the FCC’s filings, and now a new NVIDIA Shield Controller has made an appearance. This new controller carries model number P2920 and FCC ID number VOB-P2920. These values are very similar to the current NVIDIA Shield TV Controller, which has a model number of P2570, so this may be the new controller for a new NVIDIA Shield TV. The FCC filing doesn’t reveal much, but it does indicate the new controller uses Bluetooth instead of Wifi direct, like the existing model does. This is likely because the new controller does not appear to have a headphone jack anymore. Read more ›

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NVIDIA launches GeForce Now cloud gaming and brings NVIDIA Shield TV to the UK and Europe

If you’re looking for a device with similar specs to the Amazon Fire TV but with more PC gaming options, then the NVIDIA Shield is a great choice. The device is now even more attractive to gamers with NVIDIA’s new cloud gaming service called GeForce Now. Similar to to the GameFly service available on the Fire TV, GeForce Now will give Shield TV, Shield Tablet, and Shield Portable owners access to streaming games for a monthly subscription. The service will run you $8 per month for access to all 50 games in its catalogue and will be available in the US on October 1st. As with all of these cloud gaming services, a fast and low latency internet connection is required to achieve an enjoyable gaming experience. Nvidia recommends a connection speed of at least 50 Mbps to achieve 1080p gaming at 60 fps. You’ll be able to try the service before committing to subscribe with NVIDIA’s generous 3 month trial period.

Also announced today by NVIDIA is the new availability of the Shield TV in the UK, France, Germany, and Scandinavia. The 16GB model will be priced £150/€200 with the 500GB Shield Pro priced at£230/€300. Both will be available in the UK and Europe starting October 1st.

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Nvidia Shield Pro partially recalled due to hard drive issues

When the Nvidia Shield first became available, it was iniitially only going to be offered with 16GB of internal storage. After a developer version with a 500GB internal hard drive began stirring up positive hype, Nvidia decided to release it to the general public as their “Pro” version. Perhaps they rushed the Pro model into production too quickly because now some Nvidia Shield Pro units are suffering from hard drive issues and are being recalled. Nvidia says only a small number of Shield Pro units are having issues and that the non-Pro 16GB models are uneffected.

If you were tired of waiting for Amazon to refresh the Fire TV and picked up an Nvidia Shield Pro, pay close attention when installing upgrade 1.4. If you see the fastboot menu while upgrading, then your Shield Pro is effected, even if it eventually updates successfully. Another sign of a faulty unit is severe pixelation of the top row on the home screen. If your Nvidia Shield Pro has experienced either of these symptoms, you should contact Nvidia for a replacement.

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