Fire TV Stick 3 & Stick Lite share the same model number and are the same size as the Fire TV Stick 2

If there was any doubt that the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick Lite share the exact same hardware, the fact that they both use the same model number of S3L46N and the same FCC ID of 2AUQI-7436 should put that to rest. The two are physically indistinguishable from one another on the outside. There is a slight chance that internal components like the memory chips differ, based on my benchmark findings, but components like that can actually vary slightly on the same device model depending on what was available during a particular manufacturing run. So, if they do differ inside, there’s no way to know if that is deliberate or just luck of the draw. Read more ›

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Non-Voice Remote for Fire TV & Fire TV Stick on sale for $10.49 [Expired]


The Non-Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick has just gone on sale for $10.49. This is the first time this remote has ever dropped below its regular price of $14.99. Even though the item title says it’s for the Fire TV Stick, this remote works perfectly fine with the Fire TV as well. It also works with both 1st and 2nd-gen models. If you’re looking to replace a lost remote, or add a remote to the Fire TV Gaming Edition, this is a great deal. You can also use this as an additional remote, since Fire TV devices accept multiple remotes to be synced with the device simultaneously. It can be used as a secondary game controller for simple games, or as a standby remote when your primary remote inevitably falls into the black hole that is the crack between your couch cushions.

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List of all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Remote and Game Controller Specs

With the addition of a new voice remote and the switch from bluetooth to wifi based connectivity, there seems to be some confusion about the various Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick remotes and game controllers. Here’s a list of all the different remotes and controllers that exist, along with their specifications to help clear up the confusion. Read more ›

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Fire TV Stick Non-Voice Remote Compatible with Fire TV

Amazon has made it abundantly clear that the Fire TV’s Voice Remote is compatible with the upcoming Fire TV Stick. We always suspected that the Fire TV Stick’s Non-Voice Remote would, in turn, also be compatible with the Amazon Fire TV. We now have confirmation that both remotes will work on either system. So if you need a replacement or second remote for your Fire TV and can live without voice search, the Fire TV Stick’s Non-Voice Remote is a great buy at half the price of the Fire TV’s Voice Remote.

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