Netflix is now available on Google’s Nest Hub smart display — Beating out Echo Show

The Nest Hub, and larger Nest Hub Max, smart displays from Google are the first of their kind to receive official support for Netflix streaming. Despite entering the smart display market over a year after Amazon, Google has beat out all of Amazon’s Echo Show models in supporting the largest streaming service. To watch Netflix on a Nest Hub, just say “Hey Google, open Netflix.” Read more ›

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Amazon is not banning all Google Nest products

A new article by Business Insider is being reported by numerous news outlets under sensational headlines that make it seem as though Amazon will be pulling all Nest products from their website and that tension between Google and Amazon has escalated. In reality, the article simply sheds a bit of light on events that transpired last year which contributed to Google announcing that YouTube would be blocked on Fire TV devices. Nothing new that we didn’t already know about has transpired between Amazon and Google. Read more ›

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Nest Smart Thermostat w/ Alexa compatibility on sale for $169.15 — New Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

The Nest Smart Thermostat is on sale for $169.15 as part of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals. This is the new lowest price that this thermostat has ever been. I own this thermostat and have been very happy with it. You can control it with Alexa or through the mobile app. I’d probably buy the ecobee4 Smart Thermostat, which is still on sale for $199.00, if I were in the market for a new thermostat, but you can’t beat this price for the Nest.

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Amazon’s Alexa can now control Nest, and other, smart thermostats


As promised when Amazon revealed the new Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, Alexa can now control additional smart thermostats, including ones from Nest, Honeywell, Emerson, and Insteon. All Alexa capable devices, including the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, have gained the new ability. Once configured, you can use Alexa to set a specific temperature by saying “Alexa, set the temperature to [value] degrees.” If you just want it a little warmer or cooler, but don’t know the exact temperature you want, you can say “Alexa, lower/raise the temperature by [value] degrees” to change the temperature relative to what it’s current at. If you don’t specify a value and just say “Alexa, lower/raise the temperature,” it will change the temperature by two degrees. Unfortunately, for the Nest thermostat at least, Alexa can only control the thermostat if it’s already on and can’t switch it out of Away mode. If the new built-in Nest abilities aren’t enough, there are several Alexa Skills, like Reflect Connect, Thermostat Controller, and Thermostat for Echo, that give you more control.

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