Samsung 64GB microSD card capable of fast 100MB/s speeds for $22.99 [Expired]

Amazon is selling the Samsung 64GB microSD card for $22.99. This is a good deal considering the blazing fast 100 MB/s read speeds this card is capable of. I don’t know if the improved speeds that this UHS 3 rated card is capable of would make a difference on the Fire TV 2, compared to an average microSD card, but if you’re storing apps on external storage, it’s always best to use as fast of a card as you can to reduce load times and improve app responsiveness. That’s why Amazon recommends USB 3.0 drives for the Fire TV, even though it only has a USB 2.0 port. This microSD card also comes in a 128GB version for $44.99, but those are in very high demand so are backordered for 1 to 2 months. If you’re interested in the 64GB version, get your order in quick before they too get backordered.

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Sony 32GB MicroSD Card on sale for $7.49 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


The Sony 32GB microSD card is currently on sale for $7.49 on Amazon with free shipping. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for a 32GB microSD card. The card is a class 10 card with up to 70 MB/s read speeds which makes it perfect for use as external storage in a 2nd-gen Fire TV.

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Confirmed: App storage only supported on MicroSD card, not USB drive, for 2nd-Gen Fire TV


When Amazon thankfully corrected their device specification page and changed the USB port from being for “Accessories Only” to being for “Accessories and media storage”, it seemed to indicate that a USB drive connected to the 2nd-gen Fire TV would not accept app transfers as is the case with the 1st-gen Fire TV. I have confirm that that is in fact the case. Apps on the new Fire TV can only be moved to a microSD card, not a USB drive. A connected USB drive does not appear anywhere in the new Fire TVs settings menu. It does, however, get mounted and its contents are fully accessible at /storage/usbotg by any app, such as Kodi, so the media storage capability is accurate. Limiting app storage to the microSD card was likely done to simplify the interface since you can have both a microSD card and a USB drive connected and mounted simultaneously. Amazon likely didn’t want customers juggling apps between various external storage devices. The microSD card can also be accessed by any app at the directory /storage/sdcard1.

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2nd-Gen Fire TV also only supports FAT32 — No NTFS or exFAT support for either USB or MicroSD


This was fully expected, but much like the 1st generation Fire TV, I’ve confirmed that the new Fire TV running the latest Fire OS at version only supports FAT32 drives. I tested NTFS and exFAT for both USB drives and microSD drives and neither one was mounted by the operating system. When inserting a non-FAT32 microSD card, the above message is displayed prompting you to format the card. Connecting a USB drive of any format, be it FAT32 or other, will not display any indication that the card was connected. It’s as if USB drive support is a hidden feature. When you connect a FAT32 USB drive, the drive will be mounted and accessible at /storage/usbotg. Connecting any other type of USB drive does not prompt you to format the drive. It simply does not get mounted and is inaccessible.

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SanDisk releases official “Made for Amazon” microSD cards for the new Fire TV

Amazon has partnered up with SanDisk to release official microSD cards for the new Fire TV. These cards come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (currently unavailable), and 128GB sizes and are class 10 performance with speeds up to 48 MB/s. These microSD cards state that they are “the only ones tested and certified to work with your Fire Tablet and Fire TV.” Of course, that doesn’t mean these are the only brand microSD cards that will work. Just that these are the official ones and will likely be the brand of 32GB card that is included with the new Fire TV Gaming Bundle. The cards can be pre-ordered now and will be released September 30th.

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USB port on new Fire TV for “Accessories Only” — External storage only through MicroSD

The device specifications page on Amazon’s developer portal states that the USB port on the back of the new Fire TV is for “Accessories Only”, while the USB port on the 1st generation Fire TV is listed as being for “Accessories and storage.” Similarly, the specs for external storage for the new device say “MicroSD up to 128GB”, while the old Fire TV says “USB up to 128GB.” This is pretty damning evidence that you will not be able to connect and access a USB drive with the new Fire TV like you can with the existing Fire TV.

It’s possible Amazon made it so that inserting a microSD card into the new Fire TV will completely replace the /sdcard directory on the device’s internal storage. If that’s the case, it will solve the limitation on the 1st generation Fire TV which prevents some games and apps from being moved entirely to external storage. This would explain not wanting to implement the inferior USB storage system with a better method provided by the new microSD card slot.


Amazon says the “Accessories Only” specification was an error and that the new Fire TV does support external USB drives.

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