Fire TV Stick 4K Max supports Sideloading, Downloader app, and Kodi just fine

With each new Fire TV model, the question is always asked if Amazon has done anything to deter sideloading apps. The new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is no different, but, rest assured, that it’s all business as usual. The latest Firestick does support sideloading just fine. You can use my Downloader app on it just fine and I’ve used it to install Kodi without any issues.

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YouTube is age-restricting Kodi videos as being inappropriate for young viewers

It appears that YouTube has it out for videos about Kodi, the streaming media player software. Earlier this week, I randomly received a notice from YouTube that they’ve just now determined my 5-year-old video about sideloading Kodi on a Fire TV is against their community guidelines and must be age-restricted for viewers that are under 18 years old. I assumed it was a mistake and appealed the decision, but the appeal was denied. Overnight, my 4-year-old video about a custom Kodi boot animation on a Fire TV was also age-restricted. Given that this second video shows nothing more than a Fire TV restarting and displaying an animated Kodi logo, it seems that YouTube is on the attack against videos that are even remotely related to Kodi. Read more ›

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Kodi 18.1 Leia has been released with numerous bug fixes

Just a few weeks after releasing Kodi 18 Leia, the Kodi team has already released a new version that fixes numerous unexpected bugs that have emerged with the new major update to Kodi. To install the update on any Fire TV model, use my Downloader app and enter If you have connection issues, you can also try as an alternative. Read more ›

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Kodi version 18 “Leia” has been released

After a long development period, the final version of Kodi 18 “Leia” has now been released across all platforms. The changes are too numerous to list, but you can skim through Kodi’s past beta and release candidate announcements to get a feel for what has changed. To install the app on a Fire TV device, use my Downloader app and enter into the URL field. If you have connection/server issues, you can try instead. For those who need more detailed installation instructions, you can follow this guide.

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Sony is actively blocking Kodi on their Bravia televisions running Android TV

Sony has blacklisted the media center app Kodi on some models of their Bravia televisions that run Google’s Android TV operating system, according to a tweet on Kodi’s official Twitter account which CordCuttersNews has spotted. By blacklisting Kodi’s package name, they’re blocking the perfectly legal app from running on their TVs. Read more ›

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First beta version of Kodi v18.0 “Leia” has been released

An official announcement has not been made yet, but the Kodi team has just released the first Beta version of Kodi v18.0 Leia. For those of you who want to try the latest version of Kodi early, the Android APK is already available from Kodi’s download servers. The easiest way to install it on a Fire TV device is to use my Downloader app and enter into the URL field. If you have download issues, you can try the mirror instead. The beta release of Kodi will usually still have issues, but generally tends to be stable enough for most people to use. Be sure to mention any issues you run into in the comments below, to help others decide if they should wait for a more stable version to be released.

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How to install sideloaded apps like Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Box, or Stick

This guide is out of date. Follow THIS updated guide instead.

Since many will be looking for a fresh guide on installing 3rd-party apps like Kodi on Amazon Fire TV devices, now that the new Fire TV Cube has been released, here is a new 2018 all-in-one guide for sideloading apps on any Fire TV device, including the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV boxes 1 and 2, 4K Fire TV pendant, Firestick, and both Element or Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions. Read more ›

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SPMC creator ends the app’s development and joins the MrMC team

Chris Browet, the creator of SPMC, a popular forked version of Kodi, has announced that he is joining the team behind MrMC, another popular forked version of Kodi. As a result, development of SPMC is coming to an end so that Browet, also commonly known by the handle koying, can concentrate on his new role of maintaining MrMC’s development for Android and Fire OS devices. Read more ›

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Kodi addon developers quit after coordinated legal threats from Hollywood Studios

Popular piracy-linked Kodi repositories and addons Colossus, Covenant, Ares Wizard, URLResolver, and MetaHandler have been taken down or abandoned by their developers as a result of what appears to be a coordinated effort by an anti-piracy alliance composed of major United States film studios. Developers jsergio123, The_Alpha, and possibly others have called it quits after The_Alpha reportedly received a hand-delivered letter to their UK home threatening legal actions. Read more ›

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Kodi version 17.6 has just been released as the last version of “Krypton”

Kodi version 17.6 has just been released. The team says this will be the final update for v17 “Krypton” that they will release. The Kodi team has been working on the next major version of Kodi, which is v18 “Leia,” for several months and have been backporting important fixes to Kodi v17 as they come up, but now they will concentrate solely on v18 moving forward. Read more ›

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