Fire TV 2 with software version and older can now be rooted with KingRoot

The KingRoot rooting utility is now capable of rooting the Amazon Fire TV 2 running software version Software update blocked the previous rooting method used by KingRoot, but now the app has been updated and is capable of rooting software version Several people on XDA have confirmed that v4.9.6 and v5.0.1 of KingRoot was able to root their Fire TV 2 running Read more ›

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Software update reportedly blocks KingRoot rooting on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


It looks like the new version software update has blocked the ability to root the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick using the KingRoot utility. I have not received the update myself to confirm it, but IanMoz has commented that he was unable to root his 1st-gen Fire TV with KingRoot 4.1 after updating to the new software version. If you want to root your Fire TV, or keep root, be sure you have software updates blocked on the device itself and remain on software version 5.0.5 or older. There is also a report that Fire TV software updates are now being distributed via SSL. I have not confirmed this yet, but if true, it means blocking updates via your router or OpenDNS will no longer work. I will update this post once I receive the update and can confirm this information myself.

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KingRoot causing Kodi to crash after 25 minutes of streaming

XDA forum members tobenary and Ewle have both confirmed that KingRoot seems to be the cause for their Kodi installation to crash, 25 minutes into watching a video stream, on their Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. After uninstalling Kinguser, the SU permission handler that KingRoot installs, both have reported the crashing has stopped. If you’ve rooted with KingRoot and are experiencing Kodi crashes, try uninstalling KingRoot and KingUser to resolve the issue. It’s not being rooted that is causing the crash, but something about Kinguser specifically being present. Read more ›

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