Amazon announces redesigned Fire TV Interface

Along with the all-new 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite, Amazon has announced that Fire TV’s will be getting a completely new redesigned interface. This will be only the second time that the Fire TV interface gets overhauled and the first time since the last one in 2016. The new interface will first come to the new Fire TV Stick later this year and other existing Fire TV models soon after. Read more ›

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Amazon is working on a new Prime Video interface for mobile devices

Amazon is internally testing a new Prime Video interface for phones, according to Jen Salke, the head of Amazon Studios. She told reporters that she has a phone in her office running the improved prototype interface and invited them to come by and see it. Her remarks were initially thought to be about a new Fire Phone, since she referred to a “prototype phone,” when she meant to say a prototype user interface for Prime Video. Salke said the new interface was “in the middle of being developed and coming soon,” but did not give a more specific timeframe for release. Read more ›

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First look at the Apps section of the upcoming new Amazon Fire TV interface


Amazon has just updated their Fire TV developer documentation with more specifications for devlopers to follow to ensure their apps display properly on the upcoming new Fire TV interface. In doing so, they’ve added new screenshots of the upcoming interface which give us our first look at what the new Apps section looks like. Read more ›

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Additional shots of the new Amazon Fire TV interface


Here are two more shots of the new Fire TV interface coming later this year. Big thanks to Janko Roettgers from Variety for responding to my request and providing these additional screenshots which were’nt included in his preview article. Read more ›

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Here is what the new Amazon Fire TV Home screen interface looks like


Amazon has given Variety a preview of the new Fire TV interface, in the form of the image you see above. This is our first clear look at the new interface, if you don’t count the screen grabs from earlier this month. You can see the vertical navigation menu from the existing interface has been replaced by a horizontal menu along the top of the Home screen. The separate Apps and Games section appears to be replaced by a single Apps section. Also missing are the Music and Photos sections. Those sections will be replaced with standalone apps from Amazon, as we’ve already seen with the new Music app. Read more ›

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First look at new Amazon Fire TV user interface


We now know that Amazon will be releasing a brand new interface for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, but thanks to some eagle eyes and a comment from Bacon, it looks like shots of the new interface managed to slip into Amazon’s promotional video for the all-new Fire TV Stick 2. Read more ›

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Amazon to release new refreshed Fire TV interface


The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick interface hasn’t changed much since we first saw it over 2 years ago when the original Fire TV was released in April of 2014. There have been small refinements to the interface here and there, but it’s due for a bigger refresh and it looks like it’s happening soon. After noticing that the new Fire TV Stick 2’s product page was notably lacking images of the device’s interface, I did some digging and found a note on Amazon’s developer portal that states the Fire TV image guidelines have been updated “for [an] upcoming Fire TV UI refresh.” Read more ›

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The Amazon Fire TV interface that could have been

The Amazon Fire TV’s user interface is beautiful in its simplicity. The clean lines, simple grid, and flat interface leave no room for complaints. However, a flat design wasn’t the only UI considered. Panos Vassiliadis, interface designer of the Fire TV, has posted several screenshots of a bolder, more three-dimensional alternate Fire TV user interface which he himself is more fond of than the interface which shipped on the Fire TV. Read more ›

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