[UPDATED] All Fire TV Smart TV Prime Day Deals Compared — TCL, Hisense, Pioneer, Amazon, Toshiba, & Insignia

Prime Day has arrived and nearly every Fire TV Smart TV has gone on sale. From the tiny 24in Insignia Fire TV on sale at a new all-time low of $64, all the way up to the massive brand-new 75in TCL Fire TV on sale for the first time for $749.99, and everything in between. Here is the full list of all Fire TV Smart TV sales and, most importantly, how today’s prices compare to previous sales so you know if it’s actually a good deal or not. Read more ›

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58-inch Insignia 4K HDR10 Fire TV Smart TV on sale for $279.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

I just posted a roundup of all Fire TV Smart TV deals already live for Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, but it’s worth separately highlighting the 58″ Insignia F30 Series 4K Fire TV for $279.99 as the current best deal in the bunch. At 42% off the regular price of $479.99, this sale price is $40 lower than this TV has ever been in the past. There aren’t too many frills with this TV, but if you just want a big screen for as little as possible, this is the TV for you. The TV is 4K and supports HDR-10, so it isn’t void of all perks, and the slightly uncommon 58-inch size gives you a screen that is 11% larger than 55-inch models and 34% larger than 50-inch models, which are the sizes you usually get for this price. If you are planning to pick up one of the doorbuster TV deals coming up but miss out, then seriously consider picking up this TV instead.

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Best Buy’s Insignia releases new 2022 model budget Fire TV Smart TVs with 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions

Best Buy has released a new set of budget Fire TV Smart TVs under its Insignia house brand for 2022. These TVs include 720p and 1080p resolution F20 Series TVs and 4K resolution F30 Series TVs. So far the released sizes include 24, 32, 42, 65, and 70 inch TVs, but there’s evidence of additional sizes yet to be released. Unlike Insignia’s more premium F50 Series TVs with QLED screens, these TVs offer basic features but, as a result, are usually the least expensive Fire TV Smart TVs available. Read more ›

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[UPDATED 7/13] Full list of every Fire TV Smart TV on sale for Prime Day — Continuously being updated

Originally posted: 6/21, Last updated: 7/13

As announced last week, Amazon has kicked off Early Prime Day Deals today with nearly all Fire TV Smart TVs being discounted at fantastic prices. Don’t let these being “early” deals turn you off because these are legitimately great prices with most of these TV prices being lower than they ever have been in the past. Highlights include the 43in Pioneer 4K for $199.99, which is the cheapest a Fire TV Smart TV with Dolby Vision has ever been, the 55in Amazon 4K Omni Fire TV Smart TV for $299.99, which is a full $70 less than it has ever been in the past, and the 75in Insignia 4K Fire TV for $599.99, which is the first time a 75 inch Fire TV has dropped below $600. Here is the full list of Fire TV Smart TV deals that are now live, with each deal compared to its lowest previous price. Read more ›

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[SOLD OUT] 32″ Insignia 720p Fire TV Smart TV is on sale for $49.99 — Lightning deal will sell out fast!

The 32-inch Insignia 720p F20 Series Fire TV is now on sale for $49.99 as a Prime Day lightning deal. This is a “doorbuster” deal that will surely sell out fast, so if you’re at all interested in this TV, stop reading and go place your order! This ridiculously low price is 72% off the regular price of $179.99. This TV originally dropped to $99.99 when early Prime Day deals kicked off a few weeks ago, which was the lowest it had ever been prior to this current sale. It’s worth noting that this TV is a 2018 model, which just means it is likely running Fire OS 6, but at this price that is hardly a reason not to buy it if you can.


As expected, this lightning deal sold out quickly. The deal went live at 6:00 AM PT and 50% of the TVs were claimed in the first 10 minutes. The remaining available TVs took another 15 minutes to sell and the entire deal was over less than 25 minutes after it started. Congrats to anyone that was able to buy one. For those that missed out, you can try again (likely, tommorrow) when the lightning deal for the 50-inch 4K Amazon Fire TV Smart TV for $99.99 goes live. Of course, I’ll post as soon as it goes live.

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Breaking down how good Prime Day Fire TV Smart TV Prices will be this year

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2022 will be on July 12 & 13. Along with the announcement, Amazon has revealed a few of the Fire TV Smart TV deals that we’ll see this year for Prime Day. Some of these TV deals are quite impressive and are significantly lower than these TVs have ever been in the past. However, some of the TVs in the revealed deal list have actually been cheaper in the past. Here is a breakdown of each Fire TV Smart TV deal revealed for Prime Day and how it compares to past deals. Read more ›

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Insignia releases its first 75-inch budget 4K Fire TV Smart TV

A new Insignia 75-inch F30 Series Fire TV Smart TV has just made an appearance on Best Buy’s website. The F30 Series of Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs were first released in the middle of 2021 with several sizes that topped off at 55 inches. Insignia later released 58-inch, 65-inch, and 70-inch Fire TV Smart TVs in the same line, but has now pushed the size even further with this new 75-inch TV. The F30 Series is Insignia’s least expensive line of Fire TV Smart TVs, while its F50 Series TVs are its premium TVs, thanks to their QLED panels. Read more ›

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This Insignia 55-inch 4K HDR10 TV for $299.99 is hands-down the best Fire TV Smart TV deal for Black Friday

The best Fire TV Smart TV deal that is currently live for Black Friday is, without a doubt, the Insignia 55in 4K F30 Seris TV for $299.99 from either Amazon (Update: Sold out at Amazon) or from Best Buy. This TV started off at a list price of $549.99 when it was introduced earlier this year. The current sale has dropped it a full $70 lower than it has ever been in the past. To put this deal into further context, this 55-inch Fire TV Smart TV is currently priced at or lower than all 50-inch Fire TV Smart TVs, most of which are currently at all-time low prices. This is a no-frills basic 4K TV, but if you value screen size over high-end features like Dolby Vision or Quantum dot QLEDs, (which you need to pay $100 more to get in a 55″ Fire TV Smart TV) this is the TV deal for you. This 4K TV supports HDR10 and has 3 HDMI ports (1 is eARC), a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a USB port, optical audio, composite video, a headphone jack, and a built-in OTA tuner.

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Insignia releases new high-end quantum dot QLED 4K Fire TV Smart TVs for 2021

Amazon and Best Buy have announced an all-new series of high-end 2021 Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs for the US and Canada. What sets these apart from past Fire TV Smart TVs, and make them the new best models with regard to picture quality, is the use of quantum dot QLED technology, which is a first for any Fire TV Smart TV. These 4K TVs, available in 50″, 55″, 65″, and 70″ sizes, also support Dolby Vision HDR, which, while has been available on Toshiba Fire TVs, is a first for an Insignia model. Read more ›

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Insignia releases new 2021 Fire TV Edition televisions with larger screens & increased resolution for non-4K models

Insignia, which is Best Buy’s house brand, has released a new batch of Fire TV Edition televisions as 2021 models. Like their predecessors, these new TVs run Amazon Fire TV operating system by default, which provides all the same features as a standalone Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, but with extra perks, like integrated over-the-air channels via the built-in tuner. Similar to Toshiba’s new 2021 Fire TV Edition models, which change very little over Toshiba’s 2020 models, these new Insignia TVs are very similar to Insignia’s models from last year but change even less than the Toshiba TVs. In fact, Insignia’s new 4K TVs are identical to previous models. Insignia’s biggest changes this year are found in its non-4K TVs which, finally, replace all 720p panels found in past models with 1080p screens across all sizes, even in the smallest 24-inch TVs. Insignia also increasd the screen size of its largest non-4K TV to 42-inches from 39-inches. Read more ›

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