Amazon slightly shrinks the full-screen auto-playing ad on the Fire TV’s home screen

Amazon has updated the size of the full-screen auto-playing video ads that appear on the Fire TV home screen when you first power on the device. The change, which was first spotted by Cord Cutters News, reduces the size of the ad slightly to keep the navigation bar and your app row visible at the bottom of the screen. Read more ›

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Fire TV home screen replacement is possible again with new Launcher Manager Mini release

The tug-of-war between Amazon and the Fire TV modding community continues and the modders just pulled ahead again. If you’ve been keeping track, Amazon recently blacklisted a popular app used to replace the Fire TV home screen and, more significantly, followed up by blocking a long-running Fire TV local ADB capability that the app used to bypass Amazon’s ad-ridden Fire TV home screen. Blocking that local ADB capability royally upset a huge swathe of Fire TV users, making many abandon the platform altogether, and it was all pointless in the end because the latest version of the Launcher Manager app achieves the same outcome without using local ADB at all. Read more ›

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Amazon blocks long-running Fire TV capability — Breaking popular apps with no warning and giving developers the runaround

Amazon’s recent streak of unpopular Fire TV changes continues, and its latest change is a doozy. The most recent Fire TV software update has blocked a Fire TV capability that has been present since the original model’s release in 2014. This is a basic Android capability that, to my knowledge, no other Android-based device manufacturer has ever had issues with, let alone blocked. This change has rendered popular Fire TV apps, which have been in Amazon’s own Appstore for years, useless. Worse yet, Amazon seems to have been careless in implementing this change without even a courtesy email to the affected app developers, all under the, seemingly false, guise of enhanced security. Read more ›

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Recently Used Apps row returns to all Fire TVs — Amazon says its removal was caused by an issue that has been fixed

Earlier this week, Fire TV users began noticing that the “Recently Used Apps” row had been removed from their Fire TV home screen. Amazon has just informed me that the removal was not intentional and was caused by a “temporary issue” that affected Fire TV customers in North America. I’m told that the issue has now been fixed and that those who saw the “Recently Used Apps” go missing should now see it restored to their home screens.

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Recently Used App row goes missing on some Fire TVs

Some people are finding that the “Recently Used Apps” row on the Fire TV home screen has been removed. Several users on Reddit and Cord Cutters News are seeing this change across numerous Fire TV models including the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and Fire TV Smart TVs. While Amazon has been making positive changes to the Fire TV home screen recently, like the recent addition of a Continue Watching row, this change is upsetting a lot of customers. Read more ›

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FiredTV Launcher is a Homescreen Replacement for Fire TV


Homescreen replacement apps (i.e., launchers) are very common in the Android world. They allow you to change one of the fundamental aspects of an Android device by replacing what your device displays when you hit the home button. FiredTV Launcher is the first homescreen replacement app for the Fire TV. It’s purpose is to get you quicker access to your sideloaded apps.  Read more ›

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