New lineup of HDHomeRun OTA network tuners add DVR capabilities and expand ATSC 3.0 support

SiliconDust has refreshed its lineup of HDHomeRun over-the-air (OTA) network tuners with three new models that gain DVR capabilities, ATSC 3.0 tuners, or both. Replacing the old CONNECT DUO and CONNECT QUATRO models are a new pair of devices called the HDHomeRun FLEX DUO and HDHomeRun FLEX 4K which both now have a USB port that allows you to connect an external hard drive for DVR capabilities, eliminating the need for a standalone DVR. As the new same suggests, the FLEX 4K also includes ATSC 3.0 tuners, which its predecessor lacked. The third new model is the HDHomeRun Scribe 4K which replaces the older SCRIBE QUATRO and also adds ATSC 3.0 tuners in the process. Read more ›

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HDHomeRun’s ATSC 3.0 4K tuner is now available for Pre-Order — Shipping now to early backers

As spotted by CordCuttersNews, HDHomeRun’s new CONNECT QUATRO 4K network OTA tuner with ATSC 3.0 support has started arriving to backers of their Kickstart campaign and is now available for pre-order by anyone. This is the first tuner of its kind to support the new ATSC 3.0 over-the-air broadcast standard which adds support for 4K video, HDR, and advanced surround sound formats. The new standard is still in early deployment across the US, so check if it’s available in your area before buying. The HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO 4K is $199.99 and features 2 ATSC 3.0/1.0 tuners and 2 ATSC 1.0 tuners, for 4 simultanious streams through their Fire TV app or numerous other platforms.

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HDHomeRun app for Fire TVs returns to the Amazon Appstore

The HDHomeRun app from SiliconDust has returned to the Amazon appstore for all Fire TV devices. The app was removed by Amazon last month because Omniverse, the company that supplied channels for the HDHomeRun Premium TV streaming service was being sued for not having sufficient rights to distribute the content they were selling. SiliconDust announced last week that they will be discontinuing the Premium TV service and have removed access to it from the Fire TV app. Customers who already have the app installed from prior to this debacle don’t need to do anything, since the returned app uses the same appstore listing as the old app. If you sideloaded the app while it was unavailable from Amazon, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it directly from the Amazon appstore.

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SiliconDust to discontinue HDHomerun Premium TV streaming service

SiliconDust, makes or the HDHomeRun line of networked OTA tuners, has announced that they will be ending the HDHomeRun Premium TV streaming service over the course of the next 30 days, as first reported by CordCuttersNews. The shutdown is likely a result of a pending lawsuit against Omniverse One World Television, which provides the streaming channels offered by the HDHomeRun Premium TV service. Read more ›

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How to install / sideload HDHomeRun on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

The HDHomeRun app by SiliconDust has been removed from the Fire TV appstore due to an issue with the channel provider for their HDHomeRun Premium TV service. The app will likely return to the appstore soon, but if you need the app before then, it’s easy to sideload it onto any Fire TV device. To do so, simply enable apps from unknown sources, install my Downloader app, and enter into the URL field within the Downloader app. This short URL downloads the app directly from SiliconDust themselves, so there’s absolutely no concern for the authenticity of the app. If you need more detailed instructions, follow this guide.

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Amazon removes HDHomeRun app from the Fire TV Appstore likely due to Omniverse lawsuit

The official HDHomeRun app for Fire TV devices has been removed from the Amazon Appstore, as first spotted by CordCuttersNews. It appears as though the app was removed by Amazon, since SiliconDust, makers of the HDHomeRun networked tuners, are still trying to figure out why it was removed. The likely reason for the app’s removal is an ongoing lawsuit against Omniverse, which is the company that provides the streaming TV channels for HDHomeRun Premium TV, SiliconDust’s paid TV service. Read more ›

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SiliconDust simplifies DVR service with two new HDHomeRun devices that store and serve recordings

SiliconDust, makers of the HDHomeRun line of network tuners, have announced a pair of new DVR devices at CES 2019 that give the Amazon Fire TV Recast and Tablo DVRs a serious run for their money. The all-new HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO is an all-in-one solution that combines a pair of over-the-air tuners with a 1 TB DVR hard drive for recordings. It merges all of SiliconDust’s existing OTA services and features into a single sleek device that will surely become the best first device to buy for anyone entering the HDHomeRun ecosystem of cord-cutting solutions, all while maintaining the flexibility that differentiates HDHomeRun from competing DVRs. For new or existing HDHomeRun users, SiliconDust has also announced the HDHomeRun SERVIO, which adds 2 TBs of DVR storage to any HDHomeRun setup, while simultaneously eliminating the need to have a PC or NAS as your DVR server. Read more ›

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HDHomeRun’s all-in-one Streaming+OTA+DVR cord cutter solution goes mainstream with updated apps

A few months ago, SiliconDust, makers of the very popular HDHomeRun networked tuners, got into the streaming TV business with a soft launch of their new HDHomeRun Premium TV service that provides access to 45 streaming network channels for $34.99 per month. Combined with their existing over-the-air tuners for local channels and their option DVR service, it amounts to one of the most compelling all-in-one cord cutting options. The company has learned a lot from their pool of 5,000 initial beta testers and is ready to go mainstream with improvements to both the service and app that go live today. Read more ›

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HDHomeRun network tuner and Fire TV Stick bundle is on sale for $79.99 — A savings of $60

Best Buy is currently selling the HDHomeRun Connect Duo bundled with a Fire TV Stick for $79.99. This deal is a combination of two separate promotions that combine to save you $60 off the retail price of these two devices. Until September 22, Best Buy is including a free Fire TV Stick with the purchase of any HDHomeRun Connect Duo or HDHomeRun Connect Quatro. That’s a great deal on its own, but the HDHomeRun Connect Duo is currently on sale for $20 off its regular price of $99.99, making the deal even sweeter. Simply add either HDHomeRun Connect model to your cart, and the Fire TV Stick will automatically be added for free. Read more ›

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HDHomeRun now offers 45 cable channels for $34.99 a month through their OTA tuner boxes

SiliconDust, makers of the various HDHomeRun networked tuner devices, have just announced a surprising new TV subscription service called HDHomeRun Premium TV. For $34.99 per month, the service gives you access to 45 cable TV networks including ESPN, USA, TNT, FX, TBS, and more. The service works through their existing HDHomeRun devices. While that does mean that at least one tuner box is required to access the service, it comes with the unique flexibility of being able to watch the channels through several apps and DVR solutions, such as Plex, Channels app, Emby, and even Kodi. Read more ›

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