HBO NOW app will become ‘HBO’ and HBO GO app will be removed on Fire TVs

Just a day after posting about the possibilities of what will become of the HBO apps on Fire TV devices, we now have some definitive answers. Amazon and HBO have still not reached an agreement to bring the new HBO MAX app to Fire TV devices, but they have reached an agreement to keep some kind of HBO app access on the device. On August 1st, the existing HBO NOW app will remain on Fire TV devices, but it will be renamed to simply ‘HBO.’ At the same time, the HBO GO app will be removed with no replacement app. Read more ›

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HBO GO and HBO NOW apps will likely be removed from Amazon Fire TVs on Aug 1

HBO and Amazon have not been able to reach an agreement to bring the new HBO MAX app, which is supposed to replace both HBO GO and HBO NOW apps, to Fire TV devices. According to Variety, the existing arrangement between HBO and Amazon is set to expire on July 31st, which means that, come August 1st, one or both of HBO’s apps may be removed from Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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HBO Now requires latest Fire TV & Fire TV Stick updates


In order to use the new HBO Now app, your Fire TV and Fire Tv Stick will need to be running the latest software version. For the Fire TV, that’s version and for the Fire TV Stick, that’s version You can download and install HBO Now on Fire TVs running older software, but once launched, you’ll be greeted with a message informing you that a software update is required before you can use HBO Now. Rooted Fire TV owners will be relieved to hear that a pre-rooted ROM of this latest software version was just released last night.

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HBO Now released for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The HBO Now app has just been released for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Last month, Amazon announced the new a-la-cart service from HBO would be coming to Fire TV devices in the “coming weeks” and today they’ve made good on that promise. For $14.99 per month, with no commitment or contract, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners can access HBO’s entire library without the need of a cable subscription. New customers qualify for a 30-day free trial, which you can start right from the app.

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HBO Now lands on Fire TV & Fire TV Stick in “coming weeks”

Amazon has just announced that HBO Now is officially coming to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in the “coming weeks.” The latest generation of Fire tablets will have access to the new HBO Now app starting today.

HBO Now is HBO’s new stand-alone streaming service that gives you full access to HBO’s content without the need of a cable subscription. The service first launched back in April exclusively on Apple devices. HBO Now costs $14.99 per month, but the company has been hinting at the idea of offering discounted subscriptions for longer commitments.

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HBO Now officially announced for Android and Chromecast

HBO Now is currently only available on Apple devices due to an exclusivity deal between the two companies. Apple’s exclusivity deal is expected to end in about a month and, unsurprisingly, it looks like the Google Play Store will be the next platform to get the new service. The announcement was made during today’s big Google I/O keynote presentation. No specifics were given during the announcement, but HBO has said the service will arrive on Android “this summer” with support for casting to Chromecast devices. Interestingly, the announcement was made during the Chromecast portion of Google’s keynote, not during the brief Android TV portion. It wouldn’t surprise me if HBO Now was initially incompatible with Android TV when it arrives in the Google Play Store.

This announcement is good news for Fire TV users since it doesn’t take much to release a Fire TV version of the app once HBO finishes their Android version. We may even be able to sideload and use the Android version on Fire TV devices while we wait for official support from HBO.

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HBO Now may be less expensive when it arrives on the Fire TV and other devices

When Apple’s exclusivity agreement for HBO Now comes to an end in July, we can expect the service to quickly make its way to additional platforms like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. When that time comes, there may be additional pricing options to choose from, other than the current rate of $14.99 per month. HBO has been sending emails to customers opting to cancel their HBO Now subscription with surveys which hint that the company is considering offering discounts to those willing to pre-pay for the new service. The survey lists a three-month price of $29.99, a six-month price of $59.99, and a one-year price of $99.99. That one-year price would bring the service down to $8.34 a month, which is a considerable discount of over 44% off the current monthly price. Read more ›

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Cablevision bundles Web, Digital Antenna, and optional HBO Now in new “Cord Cutter” package

Cablevision, a cable and internet service provider in the greater New York area who operates under the Optimum brand, has debuted two new packages targeted towards new media. The first bundle, officially called the “Cord Cutter” package, combines 50 Mbps internet service, a complimentary over-the-air digital antenna, and wifi hotspot access for $45 per month. The second “Everyday Low Price” package combines the same digital antenna and wifi hotspot access with slower 5Mbps internet service and a VOIP-based phone service for $35 per month. Subscribing to either plan grants you the option to add HBO Now for $15 per month. Being an Optimum internet subscriber is currently the only way to sign up for HBO Now outside of Apple’s current exclusivity deal.

These new bundles aren’t groundbreaking, but it is the first time an internet service provider like Cablevision has ever handed out digital antennas to their customers. With Sling TV gaining in popularity and Verizon offering semi-a-la-carte programming earlier this month, expect to see more interesting ways for traditional content providers to appeal to cord-cutters and cord-omg-lmao-yolo-ers.


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Apple’s HBO Now exclusivity to end in July

The just announced standalone HBO subscription service, HBO Now, will be exclusive to Apple devices when it launches next month. We’ve learned now that Apple’s exclusivity will only last 3 months, so expect the service to land on other devices like the Fire TV as early as July. Interestingly though, subscribers will also be able to access HBO’s programming on their website from the beginning. This means Apple’s hold on the service isn’t as tight as it first appeared since it seems any computer, including Windows devices, will also be able to watch via HBO’s website. We’ll have to wait and see whether signing up for the service will require an iOS device or not.

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HBO Now launching exclusively on Apple TV in April for $14.99 per month


HBO’s CEO, Richard Plepler, just took the stage at Apple’s watch event to announce that HBO’s stand-alone streaming service, HBO Now, will be launching this April. The service, which does not require a cable subscription, will initially be exclusive to Apple TV devices and will cost $14.99 per month. A launch date was not given, but Plepler did say the service would launch in time to watch Game of Throne’s season 5 premier on April 12th. Apple has also announced that the 2 year old Apple TV will finally be receiving a price reduction from $99 to $69.

Seeing how the announcement came at an Apple event, it’s no surprise that no word was given on when the service would make its way to other devices. Considering Amazon has a tight relationship with HBO, it’s safe to say the service will eventually make its way to the Fire TV. We’ll just have to wait and see when that will be.

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