Prime Video Channel subscribers get to dodge HBO Max price hike for 3 months

Last month, HBO Max returned as a Prime Video Channel subscription. For the same $14.99/month price as subscribing through HBO directly, Prime members could once again bundle HBO Max with other streaming subscriptions with some small advantages. This week, HBO announced it will be increasing the regular subscription price to $15.99/month, effective immediately. However, if you managed to subscribe through the Prime Video Channel offering before the price increase was announced, you’ll be given a three-month grace period where you’ll continue to pay $14.99/month before the price increases to $15.99/month. Your first billing date after April 11th will be the first time you’re charged the increased price.

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HBO Max premiere of ‘House of the Dragon’ has major issues on Fire TV devices — How to fix it if it happens again

Last night was the premiere of HBO’s highly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, on HBO Max. As millions of people tuned in to watch the first episode, those using Fire TV devices, specifically, had the most issues. Social media is full of posts from people reporting that the HBO Max app crashes after the initial pre-roll ad plays and the most common device mentioned is a Fire TV Stick or Firestick. The issue wasn’t related to the large number of people trying to stream simultaneously, as you might expect, but rather, it seems to be related to how the app handles user profiles and/or subtitles. The solution to the issue for most people was to simply create a new user profile within the app and use the new profile instead. So, if you have issues watching the second episode this Sunday, or issues watching any content in the HBO Max app for that matter, on a Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Smart TV, try creating a new profile within HBO’s app and switching to that profile. Another solution that worked for many was to start playing something else, turn off subtitles, and then start playing the show that was having issues.

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HBO Max subscriptions are currently 20% off for a full year — Starting at $7.99 per month

HBO Max is having a rare sale on its subscription plans. The regular ad-free plan, which normally costs $14.99 per month, is on sale right now for $11.99 per month. The ad-supported plan, which normally costs $9.99 per month, is on sale for $7.99 per month. If you sign up, you’ll receive this discounted rate for the next 12 months. That saves you $36 for the year with the regular plan and $24 if you go with the ad-supported plan. Be careful not to choose the annual payment option because that is not currently discounted. This sale will end on January 25th.

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Get these deals on HBO Max, Showtime, and Plex Pass subscriptions before they expire

There are currently a few notable deals on streaming services available. The ad-free plan for HBO Max is on sale for $7.49/month for the first 6 months. That’s 50% off the regular price of $14.99. This offer is likely an attempt to keep all the Prime Video Channel customers subscribed, since they just lost service earlier this week. The deal is for new or returning subscribers, but cannot be used by existing subscribers, and it ends Sept. 26. If you’re a Prime member, you can get 2 months of Showtime for $0.99/month through Prime Video Channels. That’s 90% off the regular price of $10.99/month. That offer ends on Sept. 19. Alternatively, you can subscribe through Showtime directly to get 6 months for $4.99/month when you use promocode MMANUTS when you sign up. Lastly, Plex is offering 20% off a Lifetime Plex Pass when you use promocode PLEXLIKEAPRO. That brings the one-time cost down from $119.99 to $95.99. This deal ends tonight at midnight.

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HBO Max’s cheaper Ad-Supported plan launches today but there are more downsides than just seeing ads

As promised last month, HBO Max has launched their cheaper ad-support subscription plan for $9.99 per month, which is a $5 discount compared to the regular $14.99 per month ad-free plan. Before you make the switch to save some money or sign up as a new subscriber, there are some important limitations to the add-supported plan that you should know about. Read more ›

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HBO Max is launching a cheaper ad-supported plan and making its content available on TNT and TBS

HBO has announced that a less expensive ad-supported subscription option for HBO Max will be available starting the first week of June for $9.99 per month. That’s $5 less expensive than the $14.99 ad-free plan that is currently available. Notably, a subscription to HBO Max with ads will not include access to the day-and-date Warner Bros. movie premieres that were promised to be available on HBO Max throughout 2021. HBO says that the ad-supported plan will have the “lightest ad load in the industry” and that HBO original programming will not have any commercials, regardless of which plan you’re subscribed to. Read more ›

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HBO Max app is coming to Roku and Apple TV app is coming to Chromecast/Android TV

‘Tis the season for streaming services to make deals with streaming device manufacturers. Roku has announced that they’ve finally made an agreement with HBO to bring the HBO Max app to Roku devices. The app will arrive in the Roku Channel Store tomorrow, Dec 17. Similarly, Google has announced that an Apple TV app will be coming to the Chromecast with Google TV “early next year.” They also said that “more devices powered by Android TV” will be getting the app “in the future.” Now, if only Amazon would cut a deal with NBC to bring the Peacock TV app to Fire TV devices.

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Why Fire TV owners should subscribe to HBO Max through Prime Video Channels instead of directly through HBO

HBO has long been an entertainment juggernaut. With the recent announcement that all new Warner Bros. movies in 2021 will be available at no extra charge through HBO Max on the same day as their theatrical release, you might be considering subscribing to HBO Max. The fact that HBO is finally going to be streaming content in 4K, starting with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 this Christmas, makes the streaming service more enticing than ever. If you’re a Prime member and you do decide to subscribe, as a Fire TV owner you are much better off subscribing to HBO Max through Prime Video Channels than directly through HBO. Here are several reasons why. Read more ›

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All new Warner Bros. movies in 2021 will be released simultaneously on HBO Max

Warner Bros. has announced that they will be releasing all of their new films in 2021 both in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day. All films will be available in 4K, starting with Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas day. This hybrid release model is set to last for just the one year. Read more ›

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Wonder Woman 1984’s release on Christmas will be HBO Max’s first 4K title

HBO Max has some of the most compelling content of any streaming service, but it all caps out at 1080p. That finally changes this Christmas with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 on December 25th. The movie is coming to both theaters and the streaming service on the same day and it will be HBO Max’s first title available in 4K. The movie will also stream in Dolby Vision, HDR10, and with Dolby Atmos audio. HBO explicitly mentions that this “premium viewing experience” will be available on the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K, and 4K Fire TV Edition televisions. We’ll have to wait and see if other Fire TV models will also have access to the improved resolution and formats.

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