Leak suggests Walmart will release an Onn 4K “Pro” streamer

A new unreleased Google TV streaming device from Walmart called the “Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device” has appeared in a Bluetooth regulatory filing. First spotted by 91mobiles, the listing suggests Walmart is close to releasing its next streaming device, and the “Pro” in the name suggests it will be better than its existing Onn 4K Streaming Box, which debuted last year. While the current Onn 4K box is a great bargain, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of advanced features. While nothing is known about the specs of the upcoming Onn 4K Pro, I don’t expect it to be on par with top-tier devices like the Fire TV Cube and Shield TV, but, hopefully, it ends up being a decent alternative to something like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

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New unreleased Chromecast model makes its first appearance

Many people feel the Google Chromecast with Google TV, which was released in 2020, is long overdue for an update. It seems like Google may agree because 9to5Google has found evidence of a new unreleased model referenced in Google’s Home app. Read more ›

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Google TV home screen update makes your apps more accessible

Google has announced a small but welcomed update to its Google TV home screen. The biggest change is the switch from rectangular to circular icons for the home screen’s “Your apps” row. While aesthetically differentiating app icons from the rectangular content icons, it also has the added benefit of increasing the number of visible apps from seven on the old design to nine on the new design. Comparatively, Fire TVs only show six app icons on the home screen. Read more ›

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Google TV devices now have full-screen autoplaying video ads like Fire TVs

Google TV devices have long had autoplaying full-screen video ads on their home screen, far before Amazon added them to Fire TV devices last year. However, those ads have always been for various TV shows and movies. Google has now crossed a new line of annoying by including full-length video ads for products and physical goods unrelated to streaming TV. As Reddit users thevincentasteroid and MMD3_ discovered, turning on a Google TV Chromecast device now blasts you with autoplaying video ads for fast food. Read more ›

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2023 Onn 1080p Stick and 2023 Onn 4K Box Benchmarks — Compared to all Fire TV Sticks, 2021 Onn Models, Chromecast, Shield TV, and more

Walmart just released its all-new 2nd-generation Onn Streaming Stick for 2023 as the successor to the first stick it released in 2021. Earlier this year, the retailer updated its first 4K streamer with the release of its new 2nd-gen Onn 4K Box, but that device disappointed many with worse performance than the 2021 model it replaced. Here is a rundown of benchmark scores for both of Walmart’s new 2023 streaming devices to see how they stack up against the devices they replace and all Amazon Firesticks, Google Chromecasts, Nvidia Shield TVs, and other streaming devices running Fire OS, Android TV, and Google TV. Read more ›

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Android TV devices gain new built-in ‘Free TV Channels’ app from Google

Google is taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook by adding a new “Free TV Channels” app to the favorite app list of Android TV devices, as spotted by 9to5Google. Amazon often adds new shortcut and hub apps to the Fire TV’s app list that lead to collections of streaming content. The new “Free TV Channels” app on Android TV devices isn’t actually a stand-alone app, but, rather, it just takes users to the Live tab where they can find the over 100 free channels that Google built into Android TV earlier this year. This new shortcut will appear on Android TV devices, like the Nvidia Shield TV, in the US and not on Google TV devices, like the Google Chromecast. Thankfully, the new shortcut app can be hidden or removed.

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Google tosses meritless DMCA takedown request and restores my Downloader app in the Google Play Store

My Downloader app is once again available in the Google Play Store after being suspended earlier this week due to a frivolous DMCA takedown request submitted by MarkScan in India which represents Warner Bros. Discovery. It appears as though, after another review, Google has come to its senses by recognizing that the DMCA takedown request it received against my app was senseless. Read more ›

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Walmart releases new 2023 Onn 1080p Streaming Stick running Google TV for just $14.88

Walmart has unceremoniously released its 2nd-generation Onn Streaming Stick with a staggeringly low price of $14.88. This new 1080p streamer is a replacement to the first Onn Streaming Stick which debuted in 2021 for just under $25 but quickly dropped to just under $15, which is where it spent most of its availability. While the Onn 4K Streaming Box for $19.88 released earlier this year is certainly the better buy for not much more money, the new Onn Streaming Stick is a worthy upgrade over the previous model. Read more ›

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Google guides the asthetic of future streaming apps with new Android TV design language

Google heald it’s annuale Google I/O developer conference today. While there wasn’t any new streaming hardware annouced or new Google/Android TV software features revealed, Google did release new development tools and design guidelines that could shape the streaming app landscape for years to come. Read more ›

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Walmart releases new Onn 4K Streaming Box with Google TV for $19.88

Walmart has just released its new Onn 4K Streaming Box with Google TV. This is the successor to its first Onn 4K streamer released in 2021. The new model looks identical to the old one on the outside but comes with some internal improvements and maintains its killer pricing of $19.88. Read more ›

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