‘Unbroken Soul’ action platformer game for Fire TV is on sale for $0.99

The Fire TV game Unbroken Soul is currently on sale for $0.99, which is 80% off its regular price of $3.99. This game has been available since 2019 but this is the first time it has ever been on sale. It’s described as a “retro style action platformer” and has nine regions to explore, each with a unique boss. If you still have some Amazon Coins collecting dust or some No-Rush Reward credits that are expiring soon and want a new game to play, give Unbroken Soul a try. The game is compatible with all Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Smart TV models, as far as I can tell, but it goes require a game controller to play.

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The best Fire TV puzzle-adventure game, Machinarium, is on sale for $0.99 — Down from $4.99

The puzzle-adventure game Machinarium is on sale for $0.99. This is easily my favorite puzzle game for Fire TV devices and one of my favorite Fire TV games overall. The game normally costs $4.99 and this sale matches the lowest it has ever been. Machinarium is similar to “escape” games, where you need to figure out the correct combination of items to find and tasks to complete in a given space to progress to the next area of the game. It’s perfect for casual players and even those that have never tried a Fire TV game before because it moves at your own pace with simple controls. Those basic controls allow it to work with the Fire TV remote, so you don’t need to have a game controller to play. The game is compatible with every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Smart TV model. Other Fire TV games that are currently on sale include all Jackbox party games, all Final Fantasy games, and the Monster RPG games.

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All Jackbox games for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are currently on sale

All of the Jackbox Party Games for Fire TV devices have gone on sale. These games are primarily designed to be played with 2 to 8 people, where everyone’s phones are used as controllers to interact with the game. If you’ve never tried a Jackbox game before, your best bet is to start with the Jackbox Party Pack 1, which includes 5 of the best games for $13.74. Remeber, you can use Amazon Coins or Digital Reward Credits to pay for these games. Read more ›

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These are the Free Prime Member Games and New Amazon Lune Games for September

If you’re a Prime member and play PC games, head on over to Prime Gaming to claim this months batch of free games. Up for grabs is Knockout City, which is normally free-to-play until level 25 but claiming the game allows you to play all levels for free. Also available for free are Tools Up!, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Puzzle Agent, Candleman, Unmemory, and Secret Files 2. If you’re subscribed to the Luna+ channel through Amazon Luna cloud gaming, a few new games will be made available in September. Those games include Dice Legacy, Enter the Gungeon, and Olija. The games Hokko Life and Open Country, which were originally supposed to arrive last month, are now slated to arrive in September as well.

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RetroArch game emulator frontend is now officially available on Fire TV devices

RetroArch, the very popular front-end app for emulators, is now available in the Amazon Appstore for all Fire TV devices, including Firesticks, Fire TV Cubes, and Fire TV Smart TVs, as spotted by Liliputing and XDA. RetroArch is not an emulator on its own, but it allows you to install numerous game engines, called cores, that can then emulate consoles such as NES, SNES, PlayStation, GameCube, Wii, and much more. While there are many standalone emulators that can be sideloaded, the benefit of RetroArch is that it provides a unified interface for all emulators in order to simplify the process of setting up and using multiple emulators.

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Get 25 Classic SEGA games on Fire TV for $6.99 or less — Sonic, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and many more

As part of the ongoing Prime Day deals you can get the SEGA Classics game bundle for $6.99. This Fire TV app is officially published by Sega of America and includes 25 different games. It normally costs $14.99 so this sale saves you 53% off the regular price. While this bundle of games has been as low as $4.99 in the past, it hasn’t been on sale for over a year so it’s rare to catch it on sale. While you can pay $6.99 outright for the game bundle, you can save a bit more by first buying Amazon Coins at a discount and then using them to buy the game. The simplest option is to buy 1,000 Amazon Coins for $9.00, use 699 to buy the Sega bundle, and have 301 coins left for a future purchase. If you have Amazon No-Rush credit, that will automatically be used when buying this game as well. Read more ›

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Jackbox has put all of their Fire TV games on sale — Up to 50% off

All of the Jackbox games and party packs for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices have gone on sale. These are some of the best multiplayer party games available on the Fire TV. You don’t need any additional remotes or controllers to play these games with a group of people because the games let you use any smartphone as an input device. If you’ve never tried a Jackbox game before, your best bet is to start with the Jackbox Party Pack 1, which is 50% off at $12.49 and includes 5 of their best games. Read more ›

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These paid Fire TV games have gone Free or are On Sale

A few Fire TV games that normally cost money to buy are currently available for free and even more paid games have gone on sale. Whether you want a game to try on the new Fire TV that you got for Christmas or you’ve just got some downtime to fill before the new year rolls in, here is a list of Fire TV games that are currently discounted. If you have digital credit from selecting no-rush shipping, they will automatically be used when purchasing apps. Go here to check your no-rush credit balance and see when the credit expires. Read more ›

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PJ Masks Racing Heroes game for Fire TV is currently FREE — Normally $3.99

Get this Free Fire TV Game

The Fire TV game PJ Masks: Racing Heroes has just gone Free for a limited time. This game normally costs $3.99 so if you have young kids around, here’s your chance to give them a bit of racing fun at no cost. It’s compatible with all Fire TV models except the 1st-gen Fire TV and 1st-gen Fire TV Stick. It can be played using the regular Fire TV remote control so you do not need to have a gamepad to play, but it is compatible with game controllers as well if you have one. Since this is normally a paid game, it has no ads which is ideal for young kids. As a reminder, if you’re not currently near your Fire TV, you can click through the link above and “buy” the game for free through Amazon.com so that it is forever available from the cloud.

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Penguins on Ice is a great new free Fire TV game worth checking out

The new game Penguins on Ice has just been released for Amazon Fire TV devices and it’s a great free game for casual play. Inspired by the Turbo Tunnel level in the classic Battle Toads game for NES, you play as a penguin sliding down a course while avoiding obstacles and jumping over seals, gaps, and more. The game is easy to pick up and challenging to master, thanks to its gradual difficulty ramp up. If you’re looking for a casual game to fill those few minutes here and there when you have to pause what you’re watching while you wait for someone to refresh their drink or grab a snack, Penguins on Ice is worth a try. Read more ›

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