Chip in to buy Rbox a Fire TV Stick if you’d like

Now that the Fire TV Stick has been rooted, I’ve been helping rbox figure out if TWRP and pre-rooted ROMs are possible for the Fire TV Stick, since he doesn’t own one. It looks like it’s very likely he’ll be able to create custom recovery and pre-rooted images for the Fire TV Stick, so I’ve sent him $55 to buy a new Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote for himself. Just as the AFTVnews community chipped in to buy rbox a Fire TV 2 when it was first rooted, you’re welcome to chip in and help with his Fire TV Stick expense. Once $55 in donations is reached, I’ll remove the donation button and refund any excess donations.


That didn’t take long at all! Brian C. rushed in with a $50 donation with Kevin L. and Brad H. rounding off the last bit needed. Thanks James F. for your $5, but I’ve refunded it. If anyone would still like to contribute, general donations are always welcome. You may donate to rbox or to myself.

Brian C. $50 ($48.25 donation – $1.75 PayPal fee)
Kevin L. $5 ($4.55 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)
Brad H. $5 ($4.55 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)

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I bought rbox a 2nd-gen Fire TV — Chip in if you’d like

Those with a rooted Fire TV are surely familiar with the name rbox. He’s the one who creates the pre-rooted ROMs for the 1st-gen Fire TV that allow rooted Fire TV owners to continue updating to the latest software version without losing root. Without him, all rooted Fire TVs would be stuck on software version, which is nearly 18 months old now. After AFTVnews reader roligov learned that rbox did not own a 2nd-gen Fire TV, he contacted me asking if I would set up a donation campaign to get the Fire TV community to buy him one in return for all that he has done for us (and to encourage him to get interested in the new device). After verifying that rbox was okay with such a campaign, I looked into the various crowd funding services available. I’ve decided it’s not worth the effort to set up a campaign through a crowd funding service, so I sent rbox $110 myself to buy a 2nd-gen Fire TV. He has done enough for this website and its community for me to front the money myself. If you’d like to contribute to the purchase, you can chip in through the PayPal button below. If donations surpass $110, I’ll immediately remove the PayPal button from this post and refund any excess donations. Please use the button in this post to contribute to rbox’s 2nd-gen Fire TV and not the one on my donation page so that I can track/refund donations correctly. Note that, while rbox will be using his new 2nd-gen Fire TV to experiment with rooting and custom recovery methods, contributing to this donation fund does not guarantee he will successfully root the 2nd-gen Fire TV.


Donations have reached $110 so the donation button has been removed. You guys are awesome. If you are feeling generous and would still like to contribute, you may donate to rbox directly or myself directly. Big thanks to the following people for their contributions:

James P. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Robert N. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Curtis R. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Carlos B. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Nathan S. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Eric K. $9.41 ($10 donation – $0.59 PayPal fee)
Larry S. $9.31 ($10 donation – $0.69 PayPal fee)
Marius G. $9.31 ($10 donation – $0.69 PayPal fee)
Alvaro A. $5.00 ($5 donation – $0.00 PayPal fee)
Dave W. $4.55 ($5 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)
Jack M. $4.55 ($5 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)
Tony D. $4.55 ($5 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)
Driessle B. $4.50 ($5 donation – $0.50 PayPal fee)
Rick B. $2.61 ($3 donation – $0.39 PayPal fee)
Omar M. $2.61 ($3 donation – $0.39 PayPal fee)
William H. $2.61 ($3 donation – $0.39 PayPal fee)
Christopher B. $1.62 ($2 donation – $0.38 PayPal fee)
Lukas K. $1.62 ($2 donation – $0.38 PayPal fee)

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