FreeTime Parental Controls Excluded from Non-US Fire TV

FreeTime, the granular parental control feature, is excluded from German and UK Fire TVs. The feature was added to US Fire TVs back in June with the software update. It allows parents to create profiles for each child and control precisely which apps and videos the child may use on the Fire TV. Without FreeTime, UK and German Fire TV owners lose this granularity and only have the option to block access in an all-or-nothing manner. Read more ›

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Overview of Fire TV Software Update


Amazon Fire TVs are slowly receiving the devices second software update since launch. This update takes your Fire TV to version Amazon is releasing the update slowly, so it may be a few days before your Fire TV receives the update. The update can be downloaded here, but we haven’t yet found a way to manually apply the update. Read on for a full overview of what has changed with this new software version.  Read more ›

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Amazon Music and FreeTime Parental Controls added to Fire TV


We still haven’t seen confirmation of anyone getting the Fire TV software update expected to start trickling out this week, but Amazon isn’t wasting any time announcing the arrival of Amazon Music and FreeTime to the Fire TV. Both features, announced initially at the Fire TV reveal back in April, are now no longer listed as “Coming Soon” on the Fire TV product pageRead more ›

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Limited release of Amazon Fire TV software update

software-update-headerAmazon has, today, started releasing the next Fire TV software update to a small subset of devices. Wider availability is expected in the coming weeks. The update brings FreeTime, a feature promised at launch, to the Fire TV. We speculated this update would be coming soon when we spotted a mysterious “FreeTime Edition” app in the Fire TV Appstore. The update also includes a highly sought after feature which allows you to filter searches to only display content that comes free with an Amazon Prime subscription. No word yet on whether this update blocks the recently released root procedure. We haven’t received the update ourselves, but if you have, we’d love to hear your impressions in the comments. The update is definitely being kept under wraps as there is no mention of it on Amazon’s software update page, and the Fire TV product page still lists FreeTime as “coming this spring”. Read more ›

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Mystery app hints at upcoming release of FreeTime subscription service for Fire TV


FreeTime Unlimited is a content subscription service coming to the Fire TV which gives unlimited access to ebooks, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games aimed at 3-to-8-year-olds. The service was scheduled to arrive on the Fire TV in May and cost $2.99 per child or $6.99 per family (up to six kids) per month for Prime members; $4.99 per child or $9.99 per family per month for non-Prime members. The release date has since been changed from May to “this Spring“. A new app has appeared in the Fire TV app menu, named Buddy & Me (FreeTime Unlimited Edition), hinting at an eminent release of the FreeTime Unlimited service.  Read more ›

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