Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is $36.99 at Woot [Expired]


Woot currently has the Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote bundle for $36.99. Amazon sells this refurbished bundle for $44.99, so it’s a nice savings if you’re looking to save a bit by purchasing a refurbished device. The remote in this bundle alone sells for $29.99, so you’re getting the Stick for not much more.

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Refurbished Amazon Echo is $119.99 and Refurbished Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote is $29.99 [Expired]


If you’re still on the fence about buying an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick today, perhaps an extra $5 to $10 savings will help you decide. As an alternative to the new devices that are on sale today, you can also get a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo for $119.99 and a Certified Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $29.99. That’s $10 and $5 less than their new counterparts, respectively.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote on sale for $34.99 [Expired]


The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is now on sale for $34.99 at Amazon for their Black Friday event. This is the first time this new bundled Fire TV Stick has ever gone on sale. This Fire TV Stick comes with Fire OS 5 pre-installed, so you wont have to wait until next year to use new features like Alexa. If you’re in the market for a voice remote for your Fire TV Gaming Edition, then this is a great buy since it comes with the new wifi-based voice remote which normally sells for $29.99 on its own.

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Software update for Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote improves thermal and power management


A new software update for the Fire TV Sticks with Voice Remote bundle is upon us. This update does not appear to be arriving on older Fire TV Sticks that were sold with non-voice remotes, since Amazon is still updating these two bundles separately. There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in the version numbering of this software update. Amazon’s source code page lists this update as, yet the Fire TV Stick interface shows it to be version number, just like the previous version. Both the source code page and the device list the new “user” number as 535062420. Regardless of which version number is correct, this new update brings no new features. My source at Amazon tells me this update fixes a few minor bugs with Fire OS 5 on the Fire TV Stick and focuses primarily on improving thermal and power management. No word yet on when older Fire TV Sticks and the 1st-gen Fire TV will receive the upcoming update to Fire OS 5, but I’m told a 5.0.4 update is currently scheduled for early December, so hopefully that will go out to all Fire TV models.

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Amazon to sell Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $34.99 during Black Friday event [Expired]


We already know that Amazon will be selling the non-voice Fire TV Stick on November 26th for $24.99, but thanks to their Black Friday preview from this morning, we now know they’ll also be discounting the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote bundle down to $34.99. We don’t know when exactly this deal will start, but there’s a pretty good chance it will be on November 26th. This will be the first time the new voice remote bundled Fire TV Stick will have ever dropped below its regular price of $49.99. The Fire TV Stick included in this new voice bundle is identical to the one in the original non-voice bundle. Amazon sells the Fire TV voice remote for $29.99 on its own, so if you’re in the market for a voice remote, say to use with your Gaming Edition Fire TV, you might as well try to grab this deal when it goes live and get a Fire TV Stick for just $5 more than you’d be paying for just the remote.

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