Last day to save on Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, and accessories — UPDATE: Sale Extended

Today is the last day to get in on Black Friday deals on Fire TV devices and accessories. Amazon says this sale will end on December 5th, so that likely means these great deals will end tonight at midnight. All Fire TV models are currently on sale at the lowest prices they have ever been, with some, like the Fire TV Stick for $19.99 and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $34.99, dropping lower than they ever have in the past. The deals start with the Fire TV Stick Lite for $17.99 and top off with the Fire TV Cube for $79.99 and the Fire TV Recast for $129.99. See the full list of discounted Fire TVs and accessories below.

Update Dec 6:

While the sale did technically end, as Amazon said it would, a new sale started immediately after with most devices increasing by $5. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max remains at $34.99, but the Fire TV Stick Lite increased to $19.99, the Fire TV Stick increased to $24.99, the Fire TV Stick 4K increased to $29.99, and the Fire TV Cube increased to $84.99.

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Full list of all Fire TV Black Friday deals on Streamers, Smart TVs, Accessories, and more — UPDATED 11/27

Amazon was impatient this year and launched Black Friday deals on all Fire TV devices early. I’ve posted individually about all the best deals, like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max on sale for the first time ever at $34.99, but here is a roundup of every Fire TV related deal that is currently live. The huge list includes all Fire TVs, Firesticks, Fire TV Cubes, and a massive number of Fire TV Smart TVs. There are also numerous accessories on sale, like the Fire TV Recast, IR Blaster, remote covers, remote holders, and more. For everything on sale, I’ve indicated whether it’s a new all-time low price, it’s matching the previous all-time low price, or how much more the current price is compared to the lowest it has been in the past. Read more ›

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These are all the Amazon Device Black Friday Deals that are cheaper than they have ever been in the past

Everyone knows that the best time to buy Amazon devices is during major sales like Prime Day and Black Friday, especially when the device is at its lowest price ever. However, the best deals on Amazon devices are always when a product drops further than it has ever been in the past. For example, while the Fire TV Stick 4K’s current sale price of $24.99 is a good deal because it has never been lower, it has been bouncing down to that same price for the last 2 years. The Fire TV Stick 3 on sale for $19.99, on the other hand, has never been that low before, so it’s a more significant discount. This is why I diligently keep track of all Amazon device sale prices and always post about deals in the context of previous sales so that you know when’s the best time to buy. Here’s a full list that I’ve put together of all the significant Black Friday deals on Amazon devices that are currently lower than they have ever been in the past, which includes Fire TVs, Fire TV Smart TVs, Echos, Fire Tablets, Blink Cameras, Eero Routers, and much more. Read more ›

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Fire TV Stick 4K Max is down to $34.99 in First Ever Sale — Full Black Friday Prices are Live!

Amazon has kicked off its full Black Friday Prices for Fire TV devices and easily the best deal is the brand new Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $34.99. At 36% off its regular price of $54.99, this is the first time that the newest Firestick has ever been on sale. It’s certainly early for Black Friday, but make no mistake that this is Amazon’s Black Friday price and it will not drop any lower than this when actual Black Friday rolls around. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max outperforms all other Fire TV models except for the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube, which is also on sale for $79.99. If you’re cross-shopping the Max and the regular Fire TV Stick 4K, which is on sale for $24.99, take a look at this comparison between the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Go here to see all of the live Black Friday deals on Amazon’s devices.

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