Fire TV Channels are now available on Echo Show devices

I’m not entirely sure when it started rolling out, but Fire TV Channels content can now be found on Echo Show devices, as Cord Cutters News has discovered. Amazon promised Fire TV Channels would come to its Echo Show 5, 8, 10, and 15 back in September and now you can stream the free ad-supported content on its smart displays. You can load the built-in app by saying “Open Fire TV Channels.” Recommended content will begin streaming immediately and you can tap the “All Channels” button on the screen to see genres and categories that you can pick from.

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Fire TV Channels app expands content with more sports and new ‘Favorites’ feature

A few months ago, Amazon consolidated its assortment of free ad-supported streaming content into a new Fire TV Channels app. That offering has now been expanded to include more sports content from the NBA, Big Ten, SEC, Big 12, Fox Sports, beIN Sports, and the Locked On Podcast Network. Additionally, Amazon has added the ability to favorite sports teams or individual channels in the Fire TV Channels app to make it easier to get to the content you’re most interested in. You’ll find the new ‘Favoirtes’ menu by selecting the heart icon in the navigation menu along the left side of the app. You can find the Fire TV Channels app preinstalled in your list of apps or in the Featured Apps row on the Free Screen.

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New-ish Fire TV Channels app consolidates all of Fire TV’s free streaming content in one place

You may have noticed it appearing throughout the month, but Amazon has now officially released its new-ish Fire TV Channels app on Fire TV devices. Over the past few years, Amazon has been adding free ad-supported content throughout the Fire TV home interface in the form of short clips and full-length videos across numerous categories like news, sports, entertainment, gaming, cooking, travel, and more. Earlier this year, Amazon branded all this built-in free content as “Fire TV Channels” with the promise that it would soon add “a single, easy-to-navigate” method to access this content. That method has now arrived in the form of the new Fire TV Channels app, which isn’t actually as new as it may seem. Read more ›

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Fire TV gains free NBC and Telemundo live local news channels in its News app

Amazon and NBCUniversal have struck a deal to bring NBC and Telemundo local news channels for free to the Fire TV News app. A total of fiften local channels in popular cities, eleven from NBC News and four from Telemundo, can now be selected and streamed in the built-in News app on Fire TV devices. NBC news streams from the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, South Florida, and Washington, D.C., as well as Telemundo channels for California, Florida, Texas, and Noreste (the northeast) are included. When Amazon first brought local news to the Fire TV’s News app in 2021, ABC and CBS channels were onboard, with FOX channels being added about a year later. The addition of NBC channels now rounds out the app with all four major US broadcast networks.

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Amazon rebrands Fire TV’s free ad-supported content as “Fire TV Channels” and expands the offering

Amazon has been sprinkling its own free ad-supported TV (FAST) content throughout the Fire TV interface for several years. It started with free live and on-demand news and has more recently expanded to include cooking, sports, and music videos. Amazon is now rebranding all of this FAST content under a new umbrella called Fire TV Channels. Additionally, the content selection is expanding today with a promise of even more new content this summer. Read more ›

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Amazon adds free Music Videos and more free News topics to all Fire TVs

Amazon has expanded the free ad-supported content that is available on Fire TVs. It has worked with XITE to release a new Music Videos on Fire TV app that will stream an endless supply of music videos with personalized recommendations, playlists, and unlimited skips. Amazon has also added new free news categories, including business, finance, entertainment, gaming, and esports. Read more ›

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Fire TV gains free Sports News & Highlights, Movie Trailers, and Cooking Videos in main interface

Amazon has added some new built-in free content to Fire TV devices. In various areas of the main Fire TV interface, you’ll now find new rows of videos labeled “Sports News & Highlights,” Food & Cooking From Fire TV,” and “Trending Trailers From IMDb.” The videos presented are ad-supported and range from short clips that are under a minute long to full-length TV episodes. Read more ›

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