Exclusive: Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant coming to Amazon Fire TV


The Amazon Fire TV is about to gain a lot of functionality. Alexa, the voice assistant in the Amazon Echo speaker will be making its way to the Amazon Fire TV. Soon you’ll be able to use your Fire TV voice remote to do everything the Echo does, right on your Fire TV. With Alexa on the Fire TV, you can listen to Audible and Kindle Unlimited audiobooks, check your Google Calendar, reorder items from Amazon, play music, get traffic conditions, and a whole lot more. These new features will essentially turn your TV into an Amazon Echo, minus the always listening feature. Read more ›

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Amazon’s next-generation Fire TV is codenamed “Sloane” — New Fire TV Stick is unlikely

Tech companies love giving their devices themed codenames and Amazon is no exception. While Google has stuck with desserts as it’s Android codename theme, Amazon has used movie characters for all of their Fire TV related codenames. The 1st-gen Amazon Fire TV is codenamed “BUELLER”, named after Ferris Bueller, the lead character in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After spending a few hours digging around in the source code of the developer preview of Fire OS 5, I’ve discovered that the codename for the next-generation Fire TV is “SLOANE”, named after Sloane Peterson, Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This now further confirms that the mysterious “Amazon AFTS” device which leaked a couple months ago is in fact the next generation Fire TV, and also reaffirms that there will not be a new Fire TV Stick released alongside the new Fire TV. Read more ›

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Next-gen Amazon Fire TV Remote and Game Controller likely use WiFi instead of Bluetooth


Earlier today, a mysterious streaming media device believed to be the next generation Fire TV surfaced in a new FCC filing. That assumption has been strengthened with the discovery of a new remote control (FCC ID: 2ADU9-3876, Model: DR49WK) and a new game controller (FCC ID:2ADU7-5487, Model:DE38UR) that have also appeared in new FCC filings on the same day. As you would expect, confidentiality requests are keeping the most revealing documents hidden, but one interesting piece of information can be determined from the available FCC documents. Both the new remote and the new game controller connect to the new Fire TV via WiFi and not via bluetooth like the current generation peripherals. Could it be due to the inclusion of onboard 3.5mm audio jacks? Read more ›

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Possible next-gen 4K Fire TV surfaces in FCC filing

An FCC filing for a new media streaming device that is likely the next generation Amazon Fire TV has just surfaced. Huge thanks to Dave Zatz from ZatzNotFunny, who has a keen eye for uncovering FCC filings, for bringing this to my attention. The mystery device, which has a good chance of being the next generation Fire TV first seen in leaked benchmarks a couple months ago, features 4K streaming capabilities. Other improvements over the current generation Fire TV include a MicroSD card slot, 802.11ac wireless, and Bluetooth 4.1. You’ll be happy to hear that the device also still includes an RJ-45 ethernet port and a USB port which appears to support expandable storage via a USB flash drive. Read more ›

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