Amazon’s 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube will ship with Fire OS 7, not Fire OS 8

Amazon revealed the much anticipated 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube earlier today and there is a lot to like about the new device. However, one surprising omission is a new version of Fire OS. Even though Fire OS 8, based on Android 11, was introduced on the new Fire 7 tablet earlier this year, the new Fire TV Cube will, unfortunately, be shipping with Fire OS 7, based on Android 9, when it’s released next month. Read more ›

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Amazon will debut Fire OS 8 based on Android 11 next month

Along with the announcement of the all-new Fire 7 tablet, Amazon has quietly revealed that the next major version of Fire OS, its in-house flavor of Android, will debut in June on the new tablet, as Liliputing first spotted. Fire OS 8 will be based on Android 11, which is a significant move up from Fire OS 7, which is based on Android 9. Read more ›

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Android TV 12 has officially launched and nobody cares

When a new version of Android launches, it’s usually a big deal, at least when it comes to phones. That’s not the case with Android TV as version 12 has now officially launched but it doesn’t matter to anyone but developers since the only device that it’s available on is the ADT-3 Developer Kit. Google’s own flagship Andoird TV device, the 2020 Chromecast, is still running Android TV 10 with no indication that it will be updated. Similarly, the newest Amazon Fire TVs are based on Android 9 and have also shown no indication of being updated. Read more ›

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Fire TV Stick 4K is not getting Fire OS 7 with the New Interface Update

Many Fire TV Stick 4K owners were holding out hope that the new Fire TV interface update that started rolling out to their devices last week would bring with it an update from Fire OS 6 to Fire OS 7. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. When the new interface arrives on a Fire TV Stick 4K, it moves it from software version to version, which keeps it on Fire OS 6. Read more ›

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New Amazon Fire HD 8 to be the first Fire tablet to run Fire OS 6

Amazon announced a new Fire HD 8 tablet yesterday that will be released in about a month. The tablet is identical in many ways to the model it’s replacing, but a key difference that isn’t mentioned in the announcement or on the product page is that the new Fire HD 8 will be the first Amazon tablet to run Fire OS 6, Amazon’s newest operating system. While an update to Fire OS 6 is preferred, it could cause app incompatibility issues at launch. Read more ›

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Amazon says it is “unknown/undecided” if existing Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks will be updated to Fire OS 6

With confirmation that Fire OS 6 will debut next month when the new 4K HDR Fire TV 3 ships and indication that it will bring with it new features, the question many of you have is if your existing Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks will also receive the new operating system. Amazon is not ready to commit to saying yes or no right now. Read more ›

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Fire OS 6 on the Fire TV 3 will support Picture-in-Picture, Video Time-Shifting, and Content Recording

The all-new Amazon Fire TV 3 will be the first device to run Fire OS 6 when it’s released next month. It’s probably safe to say that the updated OS will add some new features to the Fire TV that aren’t available today. Amazon says Fire OS 6 will be in parity with Android TV Nougat and specifically says it will support Picture in Picture, Video Time Shifting, and Content Recording. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Fire OS 6 will debut on the 3rd-gen Fire TV in October

One relatively small but significant announcement, that might have been missed during Amazon’s new hardware announcements yesterday, is that the new 3rd generation Fire TV will be released with Fire OS 6. This will be the first product to run Amazon’s new operating system, since all other devices, including the soon to be released Fire HD 10 tablet, run Fire OS 5. Read more ›

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Fire OS 7 likelihood on existing Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models

Now that we know a new Fire TV model with an Android 7 based operating system is being worked on by Amazon, the question many Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners have is will their device receive the updated operating system? Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure at this point, and I don’t expect Amazon to announce anything regarding the topic anytime soon. So, let’s take a look at what Amazon has done historically with the Fire TV specifically, and also their other Android-based devices, to try to predict the future. Read more ›

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Developer preview announced for Android 5.0 Lollipop based Fire OS 5

Amazon has announced the next generation of Fire OS which is the operation system that powers their various Fire devices, including the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The new version, dubbed Fire OS 5, is based on Android 5 Lollipop, which is the latest version of Android. Starting today, developers may sign up for early access to the new OS. The developer preview is currently only available for the Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 tablets. Amazon has also announced a limited time offer which gives developers $50 off up to two Fire HD 7 tablets. With the Fire HD 7 currently on sale for $99, that’s a heck of a deal if the two promotions overlap. Read more ›

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