New Amazon Fire tablet goes through FCC approval

A new tablet that appears to be made by Amazon has just gone through FCC approval with model number and FCC ID 2AWRO-8768, as spotted by TabletMonkeys via Liliputing. Of course, there is nothing explicitly labeling this as a Fire tablet, but it certainly has all the usual signs of being one. While the Fire 7 tablet is the oldest one in Amazon’s linup and the most likely model that will be updated next, there is actually compelling evidence that this is actually a new Fire HD 10, even though one was just released last year. Read more ›

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New Alexa Voice Remote Lite for Fire TV passes through regulatory filings

2nd-gen Alexa Voice Remote (left) and 1st-gen Alexa Voice Remote Lite (right)

A new Alexa Voice Remote Lite, which is what Amazon calls the remote that comes with the Fire TV Stick Lite, has just gone through regulatory approval. This remote, which is the only Fire TV remote that does not have buttons to control TV power and volume, was released just over a year ago, yet it seems that Amazon is already gearing up to replace it with a newer version. Read more ›

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Amazon appears to be preparing to launch Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan

While looking for more information about the unreleased “Pico” Fire TV remote that recently received FCC approval, I stumbled on a regulatory filing in Japan for a new Fire TV Smart TV remote with Japanese text on its buttons. Since Amazon does not yet sell Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan, the existence of this remote seems to suggest that Japan will soon be among the next new markets for Amazon’s line of smart TVs. Read more ›

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New Amazon Fire TV remote passes through FCC approval

A couple of months ago, a new Amazon remote passed through regulatory filings with Brazil and the Bluetooth organization, carrying model number P4C6EN. That same remote has now passed through FCC approval in the US, under FCC ID 2AYT9-7426. While there is still no definitive evidence that this is a Fire TV remote, that does seem to be the most likely scenario. Read more ›

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A new FCC filing from Google is likely not a new Chromecast and here’s why

A new device from Google just passed through the FCC yesterday, as spotted by Liliputing, MySmartPrice, and many others. The new device, carrying FCC ID A4RGJQ9T and a matching model number of GJQ9T, is labeled as a “Wireless Streaming Device” which has understandably lead most news outlets to conclude that it is the next generation Google Chromecast. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re right and here’s why. Read more ›

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New Amazon Remote passes through regulatory approval

A new remote from Amazon has just passed through regulatory approval in Brazil, first spotted by Brazilian blogger Everton Favretto who let me know about about the find. I was then able to find the Bluetooth declaration listing for the same remote, which was published yesterday. While neither listing specifically labels this remote as a Fire TV remote, the information listed does match the specifications of existing Fire TV remotes. Read more ›

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Apparent new Amazon Fire TV remote receives FCC approval

A remote that closely resembles the one currently included with Fire TV devices has just popped up in a new FCC filing. Janko Roettgers, a reporter at Protocol, first spotted the remote’s FCC listing and determined it to be a Fire TV remote. Brazilian blogger Everton Favretto actually spotted the same remote in a filling with the Brazilian regulatory office at the end of last year. It wasn’t until earlier this month that he found the same remote in a listing with Japan’s regulatory office, found here, which included the image seen above. Read more ›

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FCC filing indicates Walmart will release a streaming stick using its house brand Onn

A new FCC filing has appeared, first spotted by @AndroidTV_Rumor on Twitter, for a new streaming stick using Walmart’s Onn house brand. Walmart sells Android powered tablets and Roku powered TVs/soundbars under the Onn brand, but this appears to be their first stand-alone streaming device. The Onn streaming stick looks to be a 1080p device that will run Android 10. Read more ›

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Caavo receives FCC approval for a New Remote Control

An FCC filing for a new remote control from Caavo has just popped up. If that name isn’t familiar to you, the company released the Caavo Control Center which acted as a very ambitious universal remote that could control Fire TVs, Rokus, Apple TVs, Nvidia Shield TVs and more through an elaborate combination of machine vision, Bluetooth, network protocols, and on-device companion apps. Apart from changes to its pricing model, Caavo hasn’t done much since the release of its first product in early 2019. This upcoming new remote could be an indication that the company may be working on a new product. Read more ›

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FCC filing suggests Sonos is working on a new TV sound bar with Alexa voice control

Sonos has just received FCC approval for a new “Home Theater Speaker” that was first spotted by Variety. The upcoming product is described as “a high-performance all-in-one home theater smart speaker,” which suggests it is the successor to the Sonos PLAYBAR. A diagram in the filing shows that the home theater speaker has a microphone, which is a good indication that it will have hands-free Alexa capabilities, like Sonos’ latest smart speaker, the Sonos One. Unlike Sonos’ existing PLAYBAR, which connects through an optical audio port, the new home theater speaker appears to use an HDMI port for its audio connection.

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