How to add External USB OTG Storage and Move Apps on the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 3, and Fire TV Cube

In Amazon’s current lineup of Fire TV models, the 2020 Fire TV Stick Lite, 2020 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, and the Fire TV Cube (both 1st and 2nd-gen) support expanding their internal storage through the use of an external USB drive. Doing so allows you to move supported apps onto the external storage device to free up space on the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube’s internal storage space. The Fire TV Stick 4K, while it does support external USB devices to some extent, does not currently support moving apps to external storage. Here are what accessories you need for external storage, instucritions for how to configure your Fire TV device correctly, and how to move apps off of the internal storage. Read more ›

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Fire TV Edition televisions use the SD Card for longer live TV recordings

One of the main benefits of Amazon’s Fire TV Edition television, over a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, is the built-in TV tuner. With it you have access to free over-the-air channels right from the Fire TV interface. While watching live TV, the Fire TV Edition television automatically records what you’re watching so that you can pause live TV and rewind at will. By default, the television will only record 5 minutes of live TV, but if you insert an SD card into the device, the operating system will use the available storage on the card to record live TV for much longer. Read more ›

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Fire TV Edition televisions can access SD Card and USB Drive simultaneously, but not two USB Drives

The SD Card slot on the Element Fire TV Edition televisions is treated as the primary port for external storage, since it’s the only one that can be used to store apps, however, a USB drive connected to the USB port is just as accessible from within 3rd-party apps. The only catch is that you cannot have a USB Drive connected to each of the two USB ports simultaneously. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions use SD Cards for external app storage — Not USB drives

The Element Fire TV Edition televisions have a full-sized SD card slot, as well as a pair of USB ports, where one is USB 2.0 and the other is USB 3.0 speeds. It was expected that only the SD card slot would be used for external app storage, since that’s the way the Fire TV 2 works with its microSD card slot. I can confirm that only the SD card slot on the television is available for external app storage. The television does recognize when you connect USB drives, but warns you that they cannot be used to store apps, like the Fire TV 1 can do. Files can be accessed through either the SD card or a USB drive via 3rd-party apps, like media players (e.g., Kodi, MrMC, SPMC, VLC, etc..) or file managers, but only the former can store apps to augment the Fire TV Edition televisions 16GB of internal storage.

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Samsung 64GB microSD card capable of fast 100MB/s speeds for $22.99 [Expired]

Amazon is selling the Samsung 64GB microSD card for $22.99. This is a good deal considering the blazing fast 100 MB/s read speeds this card is capable of. I don’t know if the improved speeds that this UHS 3 rated card is capable of would make a difference on the Fire TV 2, compared to an average microSD card, but if you’re storing apps on external storage, it’s always best to use as fast of a card as you can to reduce load times and improve app responsiveness. That’s why Amazon recommends USB 3.0 drives for the Fire TV, even though it only has a USB 2.0 port. This microSD card also comes in a 128GB version for $44.99, but those are in very high demand so are backordered for 1 to 2 months. If you’re interested in the 64GB version, get your order in quick before they too get backordered.

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How to play videos from external microSD or USB drives on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick were primarily designed to stream media over the internet, but they can also be used to play local video files. Many users access their local video files over their home network, but if setting up a shared network folder seems too daunting of a task, it’s probably easier to just play video files off of a microSD or USB drive connected directly to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know to play video files from an attached external microSD card or USB drive. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 supports USB Storage, Keyboards/Mice, and Ethernet Adapters via USB OTG without Root


Believe it or not, the setup you see in the above picture works. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 supports OTG USB cables out of the box without needing to root the device or change any configuration settings. What’s even more astonishing is that USB keyboards, USB mice, USB hubs, USB ethernet adapters, and even USB external storage all work perfectly with no extra effort or configuration whatsoever. Read more ›

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PNY MicroSD cards are on sale for Prime Day — 128GB for $27.99 and 64GB for $13.99 [Expired]


If you picked up a discounted Amazon Fire TV today, or a Fire Tablet, or any other device with a microSD card slot that was on sale today, you may want to pick up a microSD card while they’re on sale, to supplement your device’s internals storage. The new PNY Elite microSD cards are on sale today for Prime Day. The 128GB card is $27.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB card is $13.99, which is down from $17.99. If you prefer your external storage in a USB form factor, the PNY Elite USB flash drives are also on sale. The 256GB drive is $52.99, which is down from $69.99, the 128GB drive is $26.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB drive is $13.99, which is down from $19.99. Just remember that, with the Fire TV 2, you can only move apps onto a microSD card. The Fire TV 1 is the one that can store apps on USB drives, but both devices can read media and files off of a USB drive. Note that, like with the Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard deal, the discounted Prime Day price will not appear until you begin the checkout process.

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Sony 32GB MicroSD Card on sale for $7.49 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


The Sony 32GB microSD card is currently on sale for $7.49 on Amazon with free shipping. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for a 32GB microSD card. The card is a class 10 card with up to 70 MB/s read speeds which makes it perfect for use as external storage in a 2nd-gen Fire TV.

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SanDisk external storage USB Flash Drives and MicroSD Cards on sale today only [Expired]


Amazon currently has SanDisk external memory on sale for up to 70% off. If you’re looking to expand your Fire TVs internal storage, now is a good time. Class 10 microSD cards are currently $9.99 for 32GB, $17.99 for 64GB, $34.99 for 128GB, and $59.99 for 200GB. For those who want USB drives, the SanDisk USB 2.0 drives are $9.99 for 32GB, $12.79 for 64GB, and $21.99 for 128GB. The higher speed and physically smaller USB 3.0 drives are $11.99 for 32GB, $13.99 for 64GB, and $24.99 for 128GB. The sale and these prices are only good for today only.

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