Exclusive: Fire TVs may soon uninstall your apps for you to free up storage space

A common issue many Fire TV users run into is running out of internal storage space for their apps and games. Even though it has been nine years since the first Fire TV debuted with 8GB of internal storage, nearly all Fire TV models, including all Fire TV Sticks, still only come with that same 8GB of storage. Worse yet, as Fire OS has increased in size over the years and the number of pre-installed system apps have ballooned in both size and quantity as well, there is now less than 4GB of free space on most Fire TV models out of the box. One solution to the problem that Amazon is working on is simply automatically removing apps you don’t use much, but, thankfully, it seems like it won’t be as ridiculous of a solution as it may initially sound. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon is working on a Fire TV feature for apps to explicitly share your viewing activity with Amazon

Amazon Fire TVs have always had dedicated home screen rows to keep track of what users have recently watched, but they’ve always been pretty useless for tracking and displaying watched content in 3rd-party (i.e., non-Amazon) apps. If you select 3rd-party content through the main Fire TV interface then it usually shows up in the Fire TV’s universal “Recently Watched” row on the home screen, but the Fire TV has always been blind to anything selected within 3rd-party apps so the recently watched content listed on the home screen quickly becomes inaccurate. That’s soon going to change because Amazon is working on a way for any app to explicitly share your viewing activity in the app with the Fire TV so that a truly accurate and universal watchlist, and more, can be displayed. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon is working on a 3rd-Gen Fire TV Cube code named Gazelle

Amazon’s current flagship Fire TV model, the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube, was released in late 2019. While it’s still the best-performing Fire TV model and is holding its own among other premium streaming devices, at nearly 3 years old, it’s due for an update. It’ll probably come as no surprise, but I’ve found solid evidence that Amazon is currently working on a 3rd-generation Fire TV Cube under the code name Gazelle. Read more ›

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Ring appears to be preparing a dedicated Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro device

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth shared network for devices like trackers and motion sensors to be able to connect to the internet without needing full-fledged Wi-Fi or cellular connections. The connection is intended to emanate from devices you already own, like Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras, which is why it is a bit surprising that Ring appears to be working on a standalone dedicated “Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro” device that just appeared in a new Bluetooth regulatory filing last week. Read more ›

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Amazon appears to be preparing to launch Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan

While looking for more information about the unreleased “Pico” Fire TV remote that recently received FCC approval, I stumbled on a regulatory filing in Japan for a new Fire TV Smart TV remote with Japanese text on its buttons. Since Amazon does not yet sell Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan, the existence of this remote seems to suggest that Japan will soon be among the next new markets for Amazon’s line of smart TVs. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon Silk and Firefox browsers are coming to the Amazon Echo Show

It appears as though Amazon is working on bringing not one, but two fully functional web browsers to their touchscreen-equipped Echo Show smart speaker. A member of a Facebook Group has posted images of new browser options that have appeared in the device settings of their Echo Show. I have also individually discovered code in a recent release of Amazon Silk for Fire TV devices that suggests that support for Amazon Echo devices is being built into the browser. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Best Buy to release 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions that range from 24 to 55 inches

Amazon and Best Buy announced a collaboration earlier this year that would facilitate the release of “more than 10” new Fire TV Edition televisions from Toshiba and Insignia. Toshiba has since released 6 new Fire TV Edition televisions this year, but no Fire TV Edition televisions from Best Buy’s house brand Insignia have been released. New information that I’ve discovered indicates that Best Buy will very likely be releasing 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions in the coming months. They appear to have screen sizes of 24, 32, 39, 43, 50, and 55 inches and consist of 720p, 1080p, and 4K UHD resolutions. Read more ›

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Amazon’s intended Fire TV lineup restored as Fire TV Cube pre-orders more than double those of the Fire TV 3

There appears to be much more interest in the announcement of the new Fire TV Cube than Amazon’s announcement of their last new streaming media player, the Fire TV 3. To confirm this, I went through my logs to compare initial pre-order trends of both devices. According to my stats, during the first two days after the devices were announced, pre-orders for the Fire TV Cube are more than double those seen for the Fire TV 3. Obviously, my figures are not an accurate depiction of overall sales, since my data only represents visitors of this site, and there are other factors to consider when comparing sales figures of the two devices, such as the Prime member discount that was only offered for the Fire TV Cube. However, it does confirm what I’ve been seeing in the site comments here and other discussions around the web, which is that initial impressions of the Fire TV Cube are vastly better than those of the Fire TV 3. The reason for this has a lot to do with the state of the Fire TV lineup as a whole and its timing. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon acknowledges next-gen ‘Fire TV Cube’ with new information signup page

Amazon has, for the first time, acknowledged the existence of the next-generation Fire TV that leaked last year. I’ve just discovered a new information mailing list page where customers can sign up to learn more about the “Fire TV Cube”. The page says details are coming soon but does not yet reveal new information about Amazon’s next streaming device. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon is working on 2nd Gen Fire TV Edition televisions

Amazon is currently working on the next generation of televisions running their Fire TV operating system. The first Fire TV Edition televisions, made by Element and Westinghouse, were announced nearly a year ago at CES 2017 and began shipping to customers around the middle of this year. With CES 2018 just around the corner, it looks like we might see a new set of TVs running Amazon’s Fire OS. Read more ›

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