USB port on the Fire TV Cube 3 has been updated to now remain powered while asleep

One issue with the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube that was causing a bit of headache among enthusiasts was Amazon’s decision to cut power to the device’s USB port when the Cube went to sleep. Among other issues, this prevented the use of faster external Ethernet adapters to remain functional while the Fire TV Cube was not being used. Amazon has now informed me that this issue has been corrected through a recent software update. I tested it and, sure enough, the USB port on the Fire TV Cube 3 now remains powered while the device is asleep.

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USB port on the Fire TV Cube 3 loses power when the device is alseep, causing issues with external Gigabit Ethernet adapters and more

One great change with the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube, compared to both previous models, is the inclusion of a full-sized USB-A port whereas the old models used a micro USB port. This eliminates the need to use an OTG cable for connecting the vast majority of USB drives and peripherals. The other change Amazon has done with the new Cube’s USB port, which is unlike the past models, is cutting off all power to the port when the Fire TV Cube goes to sleep, whereas the older Cube models kept the port powered all the time. This change can be beneficial to some for automatically turning off external devices when the Fire TV Cube isn’t being used, but it’s proving to be an annoyance for others, such as those using external Gigabit Ethernet adapters for additional wired network speed. Read more ›

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Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Sticks and Fire TVs is on sale for $10.99 — First Sale Ever

Get this Ethernet Adapter Deal

Amazon has just put the official Ethernet Adapter for Fire TVs on sale for $10.99. If my memory is correct, this is the first time that it has ever been on sale. Amazon has offered it at a discount in the past when buying it along with a Fire TV device, but I don’t believe it has ever been on sale on its own. The Amazon Ethernet Adapter is compatible with the current 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Stick 4K, the 3rd-gen Fire TV (Pendant), and the Fire TV Cube. It plugs into the micro USB port on those devices to provide a wired internet connection so that you don’t have to rely on WiFi. Read more ›

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Get upto 30% off UGREEN Ethernet Adapters for the Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2 — Exclusive for AFTVnews readers [Expired]

The people at UGREEN, who make ethernet adapters that are compatible with the Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2, reached out to thank me for my articles and offered to give AFTVnews readers an exclusive discount on the two adapters that I’ve been recommending. The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter w/ built-in USB Hub can be purchased for 20% off using promocode AFTVDEAL at checkout. That brings the price down from $13.99 to $11.19. This is the adapter that I personally recommend over Amazon’s official Fire TV Ethernet Adapter because it gives you 3 USB ports in addition to an ethernet port. It works for both the new Fire TV 3 and the Fire TV Stick 2, but you will need to also use an OTG adapter, like this standard one or this mini one. The other discount is 30% off of the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter using promocode AFTVNEWS, which brings the price down from $17.99 to $12.59. This is the adapter I used to recommend before Amazon released their own official adapter. It doesn’t offer much over the official adapter, although its long cables do give you more flexibility with your positioning than with Amazon’s adapter. Both of these promocodes will expire tomorrow.


Some people have had trouble getting these adapters to work with Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. Myself and others haven’t had any trouble. I’m not sure why this is, so be warned that there seems to be some unknown variable that causes these adapters to not be recognized.

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This Ethernet Adapter w/ USB Hub for the Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2 is cheaper and better than Amazon’s official adapter

Along with the new 3rd generation Fire TV, Amazon has released their own official Fire TV Ethernet Adapter that also works with the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick. It’s a fine adapter if all you want is to add Ethernet capabilities to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, but most people will be much better off buying this UGREEN Ethernet Adapter w/ USB Hub along with an OTG Adapter. Read more ›

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This all-in-one adapter is the easiest way to add Ethernet to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

A little-known feature of the 2nd-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick, which Amazon has never advertised, is that it supports USB OTG by default. This allows you to connect much more than a power cord to the device’s micro USB port, like wired keyboards, mice, hubs, and external storage, but by far the most common use is to connect an Ethernet adapter in order to get a fast and stable internet connection to the Fire TV Stick. If all you want to do is connect the Fire TV Stick to Ethernet, this all-in-one Ethernet adapter by UGREEN is by far the easiest way to go. Read more ›

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