Amazon Echo is on sale for $69.00 — New Lowest Price Ever

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The full-sized Amazon Echo is on sale for $69.00. This is the new lowest price that the Amazon Echo has ever been, as it’s just slightly less during this year’s Black Friday Sale than it was during Prime Day earlier in the year. While the all-new Echo Dot, which is on sale for a staggeringly low $24, has significantly better sound quality than the old Echo Dot, it still doesn’t compare to the sound of the full-sized Amazon Echo. If you’re going to be using your smart speaker to listen to music, you really should get the Amazon Echo, instead of the Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo is available in Charcoal (black), Heather (gray), Sandstone (white), and a new limited edition Red fabric. For $20 more, you can also get the Echo in an Oak or Walnut finish. You can also save an extra $18 when you buy 2 Echos for $119.98 and you can get the Echo + Smart Plug bundle for $74.00.

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Amazon Echo 2-Pack bundle is on sale for $99.98 or less — New Lowest Price Ever

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A 2-pack of Amazon Echos is currently on sale for $99.98 as today’s special value at QVC. At half the regular price, this is the new lowest price that a pair of Echos has ever been. The lowest price that two Echos have ever been in the past is $119.99 during Prime Day. The Echo will be $69.99 during Black Friday later this month, which is the same price it was during Prime Day, so it’s likely that the 2-pack will also be $119.99 during Black Friday. That makes this deal much better than waiting for Black Friday. Two Amazon Echos can be used individually or as a stereo pair, where one acts as the right channel and the other acts as the left. Adding an optional Amazon Echo Sub turns the setup into a pretty great sound system for any room. If you’ve never ordered anything from QVC, you can use promo code FIVE4U to get an extra $5 off.

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Several Amazon devices are on sale in celebration of Alexa’s 4th birthday

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant turns 4 years old this week. To celebrate, Amazon has put several Alexa devices on sale. Most of Amazon’s devices are around $10 more expensive during this sale than they will be later this month during Amazon’s Black Friday sale, so be sure to compare prices with my Black Friday Preview post to determine whether it’s worth waiting. Here are all the items that currently on sale. Read more ›

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Refurbished original 1st-gen Amazon Echo is on sale for $49.99 — New Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

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Amazon’s Alexa has come a long way since the 1st-gen Amazon Echo was announced, but the original smart speaker is still a great device to this day. If you prefer the aesthetics of the original Echo, can’t live without a volume wheel, or just don’t want to pay twice as much for the Echo 2, the refurbished Amazon Echo just went on sale for $49.99. This is the first time the Echo 1 has ever been available at such a low price. The refurbished version has been listed at a regular price of $79.99 on Amazon since the start of the year. The only thing the Echo 1 doesn’t have that the Echo 2 has is an audio-out 3.5mm jack on the back. Otherwise, the two devices are identical in features. The newer Echo sounds a tiny bit richer with music, but the older Echo sounds better with spoken word content, like audiobooks and podcasts, thanks to its larger tweeter. Both the black and white Amazon Echo are available at this sale price.

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Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show are all on sale

Nearly all of Amazon’s Echo lineup have gone on sale today. The best deal of the bunch is easily the Echo Show for $129.99. This matches the lowest price that the Echo Show has ever been and is the same price that it was during Prime Day, but this sale is open to non-Prime members. The regular Amazon Echo is on sale for $84.99, which is a mediocre sale price since it has been as low as $69.99 in the past. If you buy two Echos the savings get much more impressive because Amazon will take another $30 off the already reduced priced. At $139.98 for a pair of Echos, that brings the price for each down the lowest the Echo has ever been individual. The Echo Dot is on sale for $39.99, which is also a mediocre sale price. If you buy 3 Echo Dots and use the promo code DOT3PACK, you’ll get an extra $45 off, which brings the individual price of each to $24.99. That’s a fantastic deal since the lowest price the Echo Dot has ever been on its own is $29.99. Lastly, the Echo Plus is on sale for $99.99 with a free Philips Hue smart light bulb included. That price matches the lowest price the Echo plus has ever been.

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All Amazon devices on sale for Prime Day prices at Best Buy, Target, Staples, B&H, and more [Expired]

As I predicted, 3rd-party retailers are currently having a sale on all of Amazon’s devices. Best Buy, Target, Staples, B&H, Office Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others are currently matching the prices that Amazon had during Prime Day. The Fire TV Stick is $19.99, the Fire TV is $34.99, and the Fire TV Cube is $89.99. The entire lineup of Amazon Echo models, Fire Tablet models, and Kindle models are also on sale, including the kindle Oasis for $199.99. Even Amazon’s Cloud Cam and Blink XT cameras can be had for the same prices as Prime Day. If you missed out on Prime Day or couldn’t buy anything because you’re not a Prime member, here’s your last chance to get in on what are likely the best prices we’ll see until Black Friday for Amazon devices. Here is the complete list of sales for each retailer, with direct links to each device. Read more ›

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Refurbished 1st-gen Amazon Echo on sale for $69.99

The Certified Refurbished 1st-gen Amazon Echo has just gone on sale for $69.99. While it has a laughable list price of $164.99, it normally sells for either $89.99 or $79.99. This newly discounted price is $5 more than the lowest it has ever been, which occurred during a Prime-only lightning deal back in May. Apart from not having an auxiliary audio out jack, the 1st-gen Echo has all the same functionality as the newer 2nd-gen Echo. The two perform and sound very similar. I personally find the 1st-gen Echo to have a slightly crisper sound, probably due to its larger tweeter, which makes it my preferred device for podcasts and news briefs, while the 2nd-gen has a slightly richer sound, which makes it a bit better for music. Overall, you really wouldn’t notice a difference between the two unless you heard them side-by-side. If you missed out on the Prime Day sales or just prefer the aesthetics and volume wheel of the original Echo, here’s your chance to get one at a great price.

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Amazon is giving a 6 month Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for Free with most Echo devices

Amazon is now bundling a free 6 month subscription of their music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, with the purchase of most Echo devices. You have to be a new customer to Amazon Music Unlimited to receive the free subscription and it will automatically renew at $7.99 per month after the free 6 months are over if you do not cancel. To receive this deal, you must specifically purchase one of the following Echo device listings, which are listed at the same Prime Day sale price as their regular counterparts: Amazon Echo for $69.99, Echo Dot for $29.99, Echo Spot for $99.99, or Echo Show for $129.99. If you’ve already purchased the solo device today, there doesn’t seem to be a way to receive the free 6 month music subscription afterwards, so you’ll need to either chat with customer support or try to cancel your original order and re-purchase it using the above links.

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Amazon Echo on sale for $69.99 or get 2 for $119.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

The Amazon Echo is on sale for $69.99 for Prime Day. This is the new lowest price it has ever been. It’s $30 off the regular price and beats the last best price by $10. Surprisingly, Amazon is continuing to offer an extra discount if you buy two at the same time. Add any two Echos, regardless of color, and you’ll receive an extra $10 off at checkout, for a total of $119.99 for the pair. That comes to $59.99 each and is a steal of a deal. While many people like to put an Echo Dot in each room, which is on sale for $29.99 right now, upgrading to an Echo in each room gives you a fantastic whole-home audio system, thanks to the multi-room music syncing feature of the Echos. To kick-off your home automation system, Amazon is also offering an Echo + TP Link Mini Smart Plug for $79.99. That low-profile smart plug has never been less than $19.99, so at just $10 to add it in, it’s a pretty great price. Most of Amazon’s devices are already on sale early for Prime Day.

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Get the Amazon Echo + Echo Dot Bundle on sale for $99.98 or the Echo alone for $79.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

As part of their Fathers Day Sale, Amazon has just put the Amazon Echo on sale for $79.99. This is a great price because it matches the lowest price the Echo has ever been. An even better is the Echo + Echo Dot bundle for $99.98. This is the first time that this bundle has ever been this low. Essentially, you’re buying the Echo at regular price and getting an Echo Dot thrown in for free. Or you can think of it as getting an Echo at its all-time lowest price and getting an Echo Dot for just $20. No matter how you see it, it’s a killer deal and the best that has ever been offered. If you’re not interested in the full-sized Echo, you can still get a pair of Echo Dots for $59.98 by just adding two to your cart at the discounted $39.99 price and getting $20 off automatically at checkout.

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