Black Friday Deals on Echos and Echo Dots (3rd & 4th Gen) are now live — Most include Free Smart Bulbs

Amazon has kicked off the remainder of its Black Friday Deals this morning on its devices and all the various Echo models and bundles have now gone on sale. The least expensive is the Echo Dot 3rd-gen w/ Free Bulb for $19.99. This is $1 more than its lowest previous price, but it included just a white bulb, not a color bulb, last time. Next is the newer Echo Dot 4th-gen w/ Free Bulb for $29.99. This was $5 cheaper during Prime Day this year. The Echo Dot 4th-gen with Clock is $34.99 and aslo includes a free blub. That’s a great buy because it has never been cheaper. The Echo Dot Kids is also $34.99, which matches it’s lowest price too. Lastly, the full sized 4th-gen Echo w/ Free bulb is $59.99 which matches its lowest price ever. There are numerous Echo and Echo Dot bundles on sale as well, which I’ll list below. Read more ›

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Latest Echo Show 5 drops to new all-time low of $44.99 in Early Black Friday sale

Amazon is continuing to trickle out Early Black Friday deals on its devices. All Fire TV models are still on sale at all-time low prices and this morning the Echo Show 5 went on sale for $44.99 to match. This is the latest 2nd-gen model that was just released earlier this year. At 47% off its regular price of $84.99, this deal is the new lowest price the latest Echo Show 5 has ever been, beating out its previous record low by $10. For just $5 more, you can get a Blink Mini camera with the Echo Show 5 for $49.99, making this an even better bargain. Also going on sale this morning is the 4th-gen Echo with a Free Smart Bulb for $59.99. While that too is the lowest it has ever been, it’s a price that we’ve seen in the past but I don’t expect it or the Echo Show 5 to drop any further when actual Black Friday rolls around.

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Even More Amazon Device Deals added for Alexa’s Birthday and Early Black Friday — See the Full List

Amazon kicked off a large sale on its devices at the start of the week, but now Amazon has added even more devices to the sale and lowered the price of a few things to celebrate Alexa’s upcoming birthday. Most Fire TV devices are still on sale, including the Fire TV Stick 4K for $24.99 which is the lowest it has ever been with the new remote. Another great deal is the Insignia 55-inch 4K QLED Fire TV Smart TV for $399.99, which is the first time it has ever been this low and $50 less than the already good sale price at the start of the week. There are many Fire TV Smart TVs on sale right now, but these QLED models provide the best image quality thanks to superior contrast and Dolby Vision support. Another TV that dropped a bit more between the start of the week and today is the Toshiba 65-inch 4K Dolby Vision Fire TV Smart TV for $509.99, which is also the lowest it has ever been. Both of those TVs are the best and newest 2021 models from Insignia and Toshiba. Fire tablets weren’t on sale at the start of the week, but now a few have been added including the Fire HD 8 for $44.99 and Fire HD 10 Kids for $119.99 which are both all-time low prices. There are plenty more Fire TVs, Fire tablets, Echos, Echo Shows, Kindles, and more on sale so read on for the full updated list of discounted Amazon devices. Read more ›

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Amazon launches huge sale on Fire TVs, Echos, Cameras, Kindles, and more

Amazon has just kicked off a large sale on most of its devices. Discounted items include nearly all Fire TV modes, most Fire TV Smart TVs, Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart displays, Blink security cameras, Kindle e-readers, and more. Some of these prices are the lowest they have ever been and others are on sale for the first time ever, so this sale is definitely worth checking out. Read on for the full list of discounted Amazon devices. Read more ›

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Great deals on 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, 1st-gen Echo, and Amazon Smart Plug at Woot — New Lowest Price Ever

Woot currently has some great deals on Amazon devices. The 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick is available for $21.99 if you’re a Prime member and $24.99 if you are not. This is for the latest Firestick that was released in 2020. The only catch is it comes with the older remote that doesn’t have a guide button or app shortcut buttons, which many people actually prefer to the newer remote. This is the lowest price that a new 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick has ever been, as it’s $1 less than this year’s Prime Day price. If you don’t need 4K playback, you should jump on this deal before it sells out. Also available is a used 1st-gen Amazon Echo for $19.99 and a used Amazon Smart Plug for $11.99. If you buy both the Echo and the Smart Plug together, you’ll get an additional $6.99 off, making the bundle just $24.99.

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Nearly all Echo and Echo Show models are on sale at pretty good prices

Amazon has just put the majority of Echo devices on sale. While these aren’t as good as Prime Day and Black Friday deals, they’re pretty good. At the low end is the 3rd-gen Echo Dot for $29.99, which is about $10 higher than its all-time low. The 4th-gen Echo Dot is $34.99 which is also $10 above its lowest price. Not as good of a deal is the 4th-gen Echo for $79.99 with a free smart bulb, since it has been $59.99 in the past. As for Echo Shows, the Echo Show 5 is $44.99 for the 1st-gen and $54.99 for the 2nd-gen. Since the main difference between the two is a slightly better camera on the newer model, I’d go with the older model. The Echo Show 8 is $79.99 for the 1st-gen and $99.99 for the 2nd-gen. In that case I would recommend the newer model because the processor and camera on the newer model are significantly better than the old one. Lastly are the Echo Auto on sale for $19.99, the 2nd-gen Echo Buds on sale for $89.99, and the 2nd-gen Echo Frames on sale for $179.99.

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Amazon Echo w/Free Smart Bulb is on sale for $59.99 — First time ever at this price

For Prime Day, Amazon has the full-sized Echo with a Free Ring smart bulb for $59.99. Free bulb aside, this is the first time that the 4th-gen Amazon Echo has ever been available for this low, since Amazon only dropped it to $69.99 during Black Friday last year. The included Ring bulb sells for $14.99 on its own and normally requires the Ring Bridge (hub) but the Echo has a built-in Zigbee hub so it can directly control lights from Ring, Philips Hue, and others directly without needing a separate hub. Instead of the free blub, you can choose to get the Echo with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free for the same price. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo pair on sale for $119.98 and Echo Dot pair on sale for $49.98 — New Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has some great deals on a pair of Echos or a pair of Echo Dots for Prime members. Buying two Amazon Echos with promo code ECHOPRIME will drop the total price to $119.98. At $59.99 each, that would be the new lowest price that the Echo has ever been. I’m expecting a single Echo to be $69.99 during Prime Day next week, which is the lowest the Echo has been in the past. Similarly, buying two Echo Dots with promo code PDDOT2PK will drop them to $49.98 total. At $24.99 each, that is also the new lowest price for the Echo Dot. The lowest the Echo Dot has ever been in the past is $28.99, which is likely the price we’ll see for it during Prime Day. Echos and Echo Dots can both be grouped together to create a stereo pair if you’re planning to place them in the same room. Both the Echo and the Echo Dot can also be paired with Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks (2017 or newer) to create a home theater speaker system.

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Amazon Echos, Echo Dots, and more are on sale at Amazon for Memorial Day

Amazon has put several Echo devices and accessories on sale for Memorial Day. Most of these deals are the lowest prices you’ll see outside of Black Friday and Prime Day. So, if you can’t wait for the next major sales event, then this is a good time to pick some of these up. Read on for the full list of deals and see my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to know how these sale prices stack up to past and future discounts. Read more ›

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Many Fire TVs, Fire Tablets, Echos, and Kindles have gone on sale — Ranking how all these deals stack up to past discounts

Amazon has just put a bunch of their Fire TV, Echo, Fire Tablet, and Kindle devices on sale for Mothers Day. Some of the deals are great, like the Echo Show 10 for $199.99, which is the lowest price it has ever been. Some deals are just good, like the Fire TV Stick 4K for $37.99, since that’s a decent discount but it will likely drop to at least $29.99 for Prime Day. Some deals are just okay, like the Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99, since it has been lower recently and will be lower for Prime Day. And some deals are pretty bad, like the Fire TV Stick Lite for $24.99, which has been $17.99 numerous times this year. Here is a list of all the significant deals and how they compare to discounts we’ve seen in the past. Read more ›

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