All Echo speakers on sale for Black Friday — Echo Pop drops to $17.99 and comes with a smart bulb for the first time

Amazon has all Echo Pop, Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Studio smart speakers on sale for Black Friday. Among the best deals is the Echo Pop w/ Free Color Smart Bulb for $17.99. While the Echo Pop has been at this record-low price of $17.99 in the past, it has never been bundled with a free bulb until now, which makes this a new all-time low. All other Echo models also come with free smart bulbs and nearly all match or come very close to their record low prices, including the Echo Dot for $22.99, Echo Dot w/ Clock for $34.99, Echo for $54.99, and Echo Studio for $154.99. Read more ›

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Fire TVs and Echos are on sale for Prime Day prices at Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, Home Depot, and more

Numerous retailers that sell Amazon devices are currently holding a sale that matches Amazon’s Prime Day prices. This one-day sale happens every year a few weeks after Prime Day and today is the day. You can get the Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $24.99, the Fire TV Cube for $109.99, and the Fire TV Pro Remote for $27.99. This sale also extends to Amazon smart speakers which means the Echo Pop is $17.99, the Echo Dot is $22.99, the Echo Show 15 is $149.99, and more. If you didn’t get a chance to pick something up during Prime Day or just aren’t a Prime member, here’s your chance to get these devices at their best prices of the year. Read more ›

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Prime Day Deals on Echo speakers are live — Echo Pop is $17.99, Echo Dot is $22.99, Echo is $54.99, & Echo Studio is $154.99

The majority of Amazon device deals for Prime Day are already live and that includes all the Echo smart speakers. There are tons of different bundle deals, which are all listed below, but the main deals include the Echo Spot on sale for $17.99, which is 55% off its regular price of $39.99. This was just released a few weeks ago and is the first time it has been on sale. Next is the Echo Dot with a Free Smart Bulb on sale for $22.99, which is 54% off the Dot’s regular price of $49.99. That’s the new lowest price the 5th-gen Dot has ever been. Stepping up to actual good sounding devices will get you the Echo with a Free Smart Bulb for $54.99, which is 45% off the regular price of $99.99. For the best sound you’ll want to get the Echo Studio with a Free Smart bulb on sale for $154.99, which is 23% off the regular price of $199.99. Both of those have been $5 cheaper in the past. Read on for a list of all the different variants and bundle deals for Echo smart speakers. Read more ›

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Echo Studio drops to new low of $154.99 in rare sale for Black Friday — Includes Free Color Hue Smart Bulb

The flagship smart speaker from Amazon is on sale for Black Friday. You can get the Echo Studio for $154.99 and it includes a free Color Philips Hue smart bulb. Amazon rarely puts the Echo Studio on sale. There was a very short-lived price mistake last year that dropped it down to $115 and it was $149.99 with two free bulbs for Prime Day 2020, which was the lowest normal price it has ever reached. At just $5 above that all-time low regular price, if you want the best-sounding Echo speaker at a discount, don’t hesitate to pick this deal up. As a reminder, a pair of Echo Studio speakers can be linked to a Fire TV and used for Dolby Atmos playback, thanks to the upward-firing speaker on top of the Echo Studio.

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Price Mistake! Get an Echo Studio for $114.98 before the price is corrected

Amazon has incorrectly listed the Echo Studio with a Smart Bulb for $114.98. The title of the listing says “Echo (4th Gen)” which explains the low price, but when you add the bundle to your cart, an Echo Studio gets added instead without changing the price. The Echo Studio alone normally costs $199.99 and the lowest price it has ever been is $149.99 during Prime Day last year. This price mistake saves you $85 off the regular price and $35 off the lowest price that the Echo Studio has ever been, without even factoring in that you get a free smart bulb with the deal. Be sure to checkout fast because this will surely be corrected very soon. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Studio is on sale for $169.99

The Amazon Echo Studio has just gone on sale for $169.99, which is $30 off of the regular price of $199.99. This sale price is $20 higher than the Echo Studio’s all-time lowest price of $149.99, which we saw during the recent holiday sales. The Echo Studio is Amazon’s flagship smart speaker and has the best audio quality of any Echo that Amazon has ever released. You can pair one or two Echo Studio speakers to a Fire TV Cube (1st or 2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4K, or Fire TV 3 (pendant) for Dolby Atmos audio, thanks to the Echo Studio’s upward-firing speaker.

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Huge list of Amazon Device Cyber Monday Deals — Fire TV, Echo, Fire Tablet, Kindle, Ring, Blink, and more!

Here’s a list of all the main Amazon Cyber Monday Deals on their devices, including Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Edition TVs & Soundbars, Echo Dots, Echo Studios, Fire tablets, Ring & Blink cameras, Kindles, Eeero mesh WiFi routers, and a bunch more. Read more ›

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Huge list of every Amazon Device & Service Deal for Prime Day — Fire TV, Echo, Tablet, Kindle, Blink, Ring, Eero & more!

Here is a massive list of all of the Amazon devices currently on sale for Prime Day. If you just want to scroll through everything worth considering and all the various bundles and configurations available, this is the list for you.


10/14/20 I’ve gone through and added new deals that have recently popped up and marked the old deals that have ended.

Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Studio w/ 2 Free Hue Smart Bulbs is on sale for $149.99 for Prime Day — New Lowest Price Ever

Get this Echo Studio Deal
Amazon has gone live with several of their Prime Day sales, including the Amazon Echo Studio is on sale for $149.99. This is the new lowest price that the flagship Echo smart speaker has ever been, beating out the last best deal by $20. Making the deal even better is the inclusion of 2 Philips Hue smart bulbs for Free. Since the Echo Studio has a smart home hub built-in, you don’t need the Philips Hue hub to use the included smart bulbs with the Echo Studio. The Echo Studio is Amazon’s best-sounding smart speaker, thanks to its 2 side-firring speakers, 1 up-firing speaker, 1 front-firing speaker, and 1 down-firing woofer. This assortment of speakers is also why a pair of Echo Studios can be wirelessly paired to a Fire TV to produce Dolby Atmos audio.

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Echo Studio + Echo Show 5 + Hue Smart Bulb bundle is just $169.99 total

Get this Echo Studio Deal

Best Buy is offering a fantastic deal that bundles Amazon’s top of the line Echo Studio with a Free Echo Show 5 smart display and a Free Philips Hue Smart Bulb all for just $169.99. Just add the Echo Studio for $169.99 to your cart and the Echo Show 5 and smart bulb will be added for free automatically at checkout. At a total retail price of $304.97, this deal is nearly half off. Best Buy was already offering the free Echo Show 5 and bulb with the Echo Studio for $199.99, but now that the Echo Studio has gone on sale for $169.99 this morning, it is an even better deal. It’s pretty unusual for a bundle deal like this to remain in effect when the main product goes on sale, so this might be a mistake and might not last long.

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