Many Fire TVs, Fire Tablets, Echos, and Kindles have gone on sale — Ranking how all these deals stack up to past discounts

Amazon has just put a bunch of their Fire TV, Echo, Fire Tablet, and Kindle devices on sale for Mothers Day. Some of the deals are great, like the Echo Show 10 for $199.99, which is the lowest price it has ever been. Some deals are just good, like the Fire TV Stick 4K for $37.99, since that’s a decent discount but it will likely drop to at least $29.99 for Prime Day. Some deals are just okay, like the Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99, since it has been lower recently and will be lower for Prime Day. And some deals are pretty bad, like the Fire TV Stick Lite for $24.99, which has been $17.99 numerous times this year. Here is a list of all the significant deals and how they compare to discounts we’ve seen in the past. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Show 10 w/ Free Smart Bulb is on sale for $199.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

The all-new Echo Show 10 is on sale for $199.99 and includes a free Ring Smart Bulb that normally costs $14.99 on its own. This is the first time that the new Echo Show 10 has been this low, which is $50 off its regular price of $249.99. This new model, released just a few weeks ago, has a motorized base that swivels the screen to face you so that what is displayed is always in view. While on voice calls, the Echo Show 10 also tracks your movements in the room so that you can always see who you’re talking to and the people you’re calling will always see you.

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Amazon’s motorized Echo Show 10 is on sale for the first time along with other Echo models

As part of a Spring Devices Sale, Amazon has put the all-new Echo Show 10 on sale for $209.99. At $40 off its regular price of $249.99, this is the first time the new motorized Echo Show that keeps the screen within view has ever been on sale. For just $5 more, you can get it bundeled with a Blink Mini security camera. Numerous other Echo models are also on sale, including the new 4th-gen Echo Dot for $34.99, the new 4th-gen Echo Dot w/ Clock for $44.99 and the new 4th-gen Echo for $79.99. Read on for a full list of Echo models and bundles that are on sale. Read more ›

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Huge sale on Amazon Devices for Alexa’s Birthday — Full list of everything on sale

It’s Alexa’s Birthday and Amazon is having a huge sale on Amazon devices to celebrate. The majority of their devices are on sale for the same prices we saw during Prime Day, so, if you’re not a Prime member, this is your chance to pick up these devices at a great price. Some items are on sale today that weren’t on sale during Prime Day, like the Fire TV Stick Lite for $17.99. There are even a few items on sale for less than they were during Prime Day, like the Insignia 32-inch Fire TV Edition TV for $99.99. Other top deals include the Echo Dot 3 for $18.99, the Echo Flex for $9.99, the Fire TV Stick 4K for $29.99, and the Fire TV Cube for $79.99. I’ve combed through all of Amazon’s devices and have listed everything on sale in one huge list. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Show 10 is on sale for $149.99 — Includes 2 Free Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Get this Echo Show 10 Deal

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is on sale for $149.99 for Prime Day and comes with 2 Philips Hue Smart bulbs for free. At $109.99 off of the regular price of $229.99, this matches the lowest price that Amazon’s largest smart display has ever been. If you factor in the 2 free bulb offer, which has always been just 1 free bulb in the past, this is the best deal for the Echo Show 10 that we’ve ever seen. If the Echo Show’s 10.1-inch screen is too large, there is also the Echo Show 5 on sale for $44.99 and the Echo Show 8 on sale for $64.99, both of which are all-time lowest prices.

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Huge sale on most Fire TVs, Echos, Tablets, Kindles, & Ring/Blink Cameras — Many at All Time Low Prices

Amazon is currently having a massive sale on the majority of their devices. These deals span all categories, including Fire TV, Fire TV Edition televisions, Echo, Echo Show, Fire Tablets, Kindle E-readers, Ring Cameras, Ring Security Systems, and Blink Cameras. This sale feels a bit like a substitute for what would have been their Prime Day sale, with several items at their lowest ever prices. The huge list of devices on sale is all listed here and I’ve marked each deal with price history info so that you know just how good of a deal that you’re getting. Read more ›

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